2017 happen new year

        online Joseph Chengdu has gathered more than 210 online games companies, nearly 30 thousand employees, overnight in Li Xiuzhong staged a series of just accept an interview with reporters, Yuan Xu also busy meeting room, reception of the Chengdu hi tech Zone Director Han Chunlin tuneJoseph

online games

Chengdu has gathered more than 210 online games companies,, nearly 30 thousand employees, staged a series of

in the night

Li Xiuzhong

has just accepted the reporter’s interview, Yuan Xu and busy layout meeting room, reception of Chengdu hi tech Zone, director of the CMC Han Chunlin.

since the first financial daily reported on it, Yuan Xu was quickly focused, and then also get the focus of the Chengdu high tech zone.

fast travel online accelerator 2010 Chengdu online game industry entrepreneurial team, the emergence of a large number of employees nearly 30 thousand _ Xinmin, President of the 1984 birth of the fast travel network technology company with Bill Gates’s experience: Yuan Xu in college computer professional read a year after school to return to Chengdu to establish online service company. After several years of development, fast travel in the industry has emerged, and get VCs favor.

Yuan Xu said he was very lucky, but in Chengdu, such a success story has been "good luck" copy.


Chengdu high tech Zone,, director of the soft push Yin Zhaoyin told the first Financial Daily reporters, Chengdu online game industry, the emergence of a large number of entrepreneurial team. As of the end of 2009, the local online game industry practitioners to reach more than 10000 people, to achieve sales income of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan.


in the gaming industry, the upstart wealth staged a series, a young man of 80 entrepreneurial impulse, they dream of becoming Chen Tianqiao, Shi Yuzhu. And Chen Tianqiao have put their eyes on this group, the giant online games in Chengdu to acquire online products, online games team, mergers and start-up companies incorporated, rich also staged here.

26 years old, 100 million yuan investment

in Chengdu to engage in online games are mostly young people after 80, they may be a game player, or very interested in online games. Yuan Xu and partner is known through online games, common interests and hobbies in Guangzhou and Hangzhou to partner together to start a business in Chengdu. Www.biao168.> 2017 happen new year

Summer is the most ideal season for wedding. So you are going to getting married. You try your best to make everything look perfect for your wedding-the flower,, the dresses, the invites-but perhaps nothing is more important than your wedding hairstyles. The wedding hairstyle is the most vital part of your total package. As a bride,, you are the center of attention and your wedding hairstyle must be perfect. But between the heat and humidity, summer may be one of the worst times of the year for hair. So, to become a perfect bride, you may need to know some wedding hairstyles for this hot summer in advance.

Summer is just the right time for ponytails and it can be one of the wonderful wedding hairstyles for a bride. The ponytails for your wedding should be extremely smooth and flawless and of course should be done by a professional. The ponytails should be as smooth as silk so as to provide you with an elegant appearance. To achieve such hairstyle, first, you should backcomb the crown of the hair before the tresses are smoothed over the top with light pomade for a perfectly sleek look which also has a touch of lift off the crown. Second, wrap a small part of your nearby hair to cover the elastic band. Third, you can make your hair appear more beautiful and attractive by making use of hair ornament such as a fresh flower and a small spray of white feathers.

Another excellent wedding hairstyles for summer can be the braid which is suitable for any type of hair, Braids are a fantastic way to keep summer hair appearing pretty and under control. Another great thing is that braids can be made according to the natural texture of the bride’,;s hair. A classic hairdo is to create some small braids and then twisted them into a low bun and this kind of hairstyle can withstand any type of summer weather elegantly.

Above are the two popular wedding hairstyles excellent for this hot summer. With careful consideration, you can have the most unforgettable wedding hairstyle you ever imagined!

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Wedding Tips, Wedding Makeup Tip – Every woman wants the glamorous look at her big day. Makeup art can not be skipped from the life. The general makeup is carried by every woman in routine but the wedding make demands some extra care in each and every thing. To make the make up of the big day most memorable and most glamorous there is the need of certain tips to be adopted at least three months before the actual big day.

The finding of the professional is also important and should be done at least six months before the day so that he or she get acquainted with the bride” skin type and her personality and have time to prepare the bride according to the demands of the occasion .

1, The soft smooth and glowing skin is the needs of the best make up. So first of all deal with the skin of the bride. If there is some flaw as pimples or the spots or any other unusual marks or the complexion is not fair then the strategy is taken to eliminate all such unusual things and make the radiant glow for the bridal makeup.
2. The cosmetic products to be selected for bridal make up are checked by the beautician and their allergy test to the skin are noticed before the actual day. The brands of the cosmetic products are used as the bride use before. No new formulas are to be chosen so that any annoying situation can not be faced.
3. Foundation for the base make up is taken of such quality which gives the glowing appearance to the skin.
4. The eye shadows and the other eye makeup are also done complementary to the wedding outfits.
5. The make up selected for the bride is water proof and with glossy touch.
6. The blusher used for bride always is in nice shades and give the natural look.
7. The eyes of the bride draw the special attention in makeup. The false eye lashes with mascara, eye liner and eye shades used in very decent way and according to the trends.
8. The lip make up is such that the lips become fuller, pouts and kissable.

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Wedding dresses are obviously among top considerations when preparing for a wedding. Many brides are fond of modest wedding dresses. There are different flavor, class, visual demand and comfort in modest wedding dresses created for all. Given the bewildering range of modest wedding dresses to choose from,, it can be a little difficult to make a final decision. The secrets about finding modest wedding dresses may help you on your hunt for the perfect modest wedding dress.

When looking for modest wedding dresses, you should know what matter a lot about their modest look. The color,hublot watches for sale, length and neckline have something to do with the modesty of a wedding dress. The basic principles of looking for modest wedding dresses are: Avoid wedding dresses with dark colors as they do not create a good and warm feeling or impression; Avoid mini length wedding dress but choose the one with floor length or tea length; Avoid any wedding dress with a plunging neckline.

When shopping for modest wedding dresses, you should consider about your physical features such as your body type. The best modest wedding dresses should help you to cover the weakness of your body and in the process highlight the best parts of the body. If you are not confident about your small bust line, but have a lovely back,, you can go for a modest wedding dress with a high neckline in the front and a dramatic low dropped waist in the back.

How to get modest wedding dresses inspiration? Finding a good modest wedding dress might take a bit effort, but the end result will be something fabulous. You can get inspiration from some related movies, books and videos. For example, in the movie ‘The Sound of Music’, you may find Maria’s satin, long trained gown was absolutely gorgeous! You can also learn from women who have made history by walking down the aisle in a stunning gown such as Jaclyn Kennedy, Princess Grace, and English princesses. Traveling in a different countries or visiting antique shops,Replica Watches, or even museums may guarantee you chances to get modest wedding dresses.

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Shandong college entrance examination in 2011 published the topic the world needs you

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2011 throughout the college entrance essay topic summary Guangdong "back to basics"; "good faith"; Shandong "walking"; Jiangsu "mediocre"; Anhui "blooming"; Jiangxi "hug"; Shanghai "and the nature of the whispering", Chongqing "adhere to dream"; Zhejiang

2011 national college entrance essay topic summary

sleep tops

< p > Guangdong "back to basics"; "good faith"; Shandong "walking"; Jiangsu "mediocre"; Anhui "blooming"; Jiangxi "hug"; Shanghai "and the nature of the whispering", Chongqing "hold fast to dreams"; Hubei Zhejiang "my time": "old"; National Volume I: "expect to grow"; Liaoning: "how to look Gao Xiaosong wine driving case."

sleep tops

2011 Shandong college entrance examination language composition topic announced: this world needs you in June 15,, 2011,         2011 Jiangsu college entrance essay entitled "mediocre". In the title, not to avoid the ordinary, can not be mediocre, can not be mediocre, mediocre will not create, no development, no progress. Life can not be mediocre, therefore,hublot mp 05 ferrari, must have a principle, a forensics, a stick. No less than 800 words, in addition to poetry foreign body is not limited.

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2011 Guangdong college entrance essay topic: "back to the origin"

sleep tops

2011 college entrance essay title text: read the following text, according to the requirements of the composition (60 points) "origin". "Origin" can is the starting point of the road, can be the source of the river, but the coordinates of the center, is the fundamental things… Please to "back to basics" as the title,breitling watch, life experience and understanding to write an article, custom style, not less than 800 words (including punctuation).

sleep tops

2011 Shandong college entrance essay topic announced: the world needs you

sleep tops

  2011 Jiangxi provincial college entrance essay topic: embrace sleep tops

blog said: Jiangsu relatively good writing, inspirational articles, not easy to score. Guangdong should pay attention to the "origin" of the connotation, Shandong, to write their own,, Jiangxi is relatively difficult to write, embrace, write the situation. These four are all written life attitude and life.

sleep tops

2011 Hunan college entrance essay topic across the country essay topic summary

sleep tops

2011 college entrance examination in Hunan

Ng Cheuk Hai buy Photo support Aimee Chan Zhang Xinyu long hair styling less natural

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; wuzhuoxi yesterday and yoyo, Aimee Chan, Chen Zhanpeng and Li Siqi etc., attended the radio drama "ATF anti-terrorism" shape. Refer to the scandal girlfriend Zhang Xinyu launched a photo album? Ng Cheuk Hai said: "do not know! (will you buy one?) If you shoot a good will buy, as a friend

Ng Cheuk Hai, Aimee Chan, Chen Zhanpeng and Yoyo Mung yesterday and Li Siqi,sleep tops, attended the drama "ATF" on other wireless. Refer to the scandal girlfriend Zhang Xinyu launched a photo album? Ng Cheuk Hai said: "do not know! (will you buy one?) If you shoot a good will buy, as a friend will support. (there is still contact?) Yes, but not in regular contact."< p > Oriental Daily May 27 reported wuzhuoxi yesterday yoyo, Chen Zhangxinyu Aimee, Chen Zhanpeng and Li Siqi etc. attend radio drama "ATF anti-terrorism" shape. Although Ng Cheuk Hai refers to the drama of anti-terrorism, but not many terrorism scenes,, but the plot approximate movie "running out of time". As for the emotional line in the play? Ng Cheuk Hai said: "I and Chen Zhanpeng as the two brothers, but at the same time fall in love with Aimee Chan, a lot of misunderstanding between." Refer to the scandal girlfriend Zhang Xinyu launched a photo album? Ng Cheuk Hai said: "do not know! (will you buy one?) If you shoot a good will buy, as a friend will support. (there is still contact?) Yes, but not in regular contact."

Aimee Chan long hair styling less natural

Aimee Chan yesterday with a long hair styling debut, but it does not look natural. She said that still in the test, because of the role of the past to play too many short hair, want to give the audience a new feeling. Yoyo this time to head about filming radio drama. She was too excited thanks to producer Amy Wong, because the characters have many male with, "I played in the drama of the reporter, overtly or covertly do spy work, prior to buy some small props help performance,, such as possession of the sword of the pen and iron branch gloves, but the producer too,luxury swiss watches, the abandoned the props." Yoyo Mung said with a smile and Chen Zhanpeng emotional drama, the other is the vicissitudes of life, on the contrary Ng Cheuk Hai is not suitable for their own.

(source: Oriental Daily)

Intelligent terminal the crisis of cultural entertainment industry and transfer Download power

        intelligent terminal: the crisis of cultural entertainment industry and the turning point? Download movie Kung Fu Panda 2, cultural and entertainment industry technology, is to surrender to the technology? Or dance with the technology? The researchers chunqiangshezhan, controversial, but the market has given the answer. Early in the last century

intelligent terminal: cultural and entertainment industry crisis and turn for the better? Download movie Kung Fu Panda 2, cultural and entertainment industry technology, is to surrender to the technology? Or dance with the technology? The researchers chunqiangshezhan, controversial, but the market has given the answer. In the early 50’s of last century, the film industry has had a TV appearance and popularization by business observers once sentenced to death, they think, at your fingertips, rich and colorful TV programs will let people no longer need to go to the cinema. And Cameron’s "Afanda" because of 3D technology and the application of IMAX, the people once again into the cinema,, creating a stunning 2 billion 700 million dollars at the box office. Film Institute Professor Chen Xiaoyun think, "Afanda" will be the audience back to the film’s childhood, the kind of technology brought by the collective view of the impact of the shock experience, once again realized. June of this year, "Kung Fu Panda 2" "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" and a series of 3D films will be landing in the Chinese market. In anticipation of the shock viewing experience of 3D cinema, a new technology that pays more attention to experience and sharing, to provide more application platform and value-added point, which is the intelligent terminal for the 3D film as the representative of the cultural entertainment industry. Culture and entertainment "smart border show" only a short while ago printing technology for us, and for the application of radio products as cheerful as a lark, and excited, because of the popularity of the Internet and filled with a thousand regrets. But when we really live in the construction technology in the world, scholars began to reflect the relationship between culture and technology, the issue of "technology and culture". The emergence of intelligent terminals to ease the contradiction between culture and technology, so that the cultural entertainment industry has a wider world. At the 2011 CES show, Samsung Electronics pioneered the wisdom of life (SmarterLife) strategy, and launched a series of home entertainment products sharing platform: smart TV, smart tablet, smart phone…… The listing of these smart terminals, so that entertainment products to achieve a multi platform sharing, set off a smart cross-border show". With the help of SMG, Sina and other partners to provide content resources, consumers to share entertainment products through a variety of smart home equipment heart, that is to say, the limitations of content sharing between devices is broken,longines watches, all kinds of intelligent terminal wireless connected together. Whatever the content, no matter what the preservation of electronic devices, users can easily search and browse the smart terminal,, which also created a broader imagination for the smart cross-border show. This trend to appreciate the cultural entertainment products on a multi platform, creating a more diversified entertainment channels for consumers,, but also for the cultural and recreational products to expand the broader way, thereby promoting the popularity of cultural entertainment products. After solving the problem of interconnection between the terminals, the device is no longer just focus on the challenges of production

Kung Fu Panda 2 was resisted by Zhao Bandi said the film is too (Figure – the movie Kung Fu Bear

        the sound is also mixed with different opinions. Pioneer artist Zhao Bandi recently to the cinema manager issued a letter about boycott Kung Fu Panda 2 "the into public view. In the letter, Zhao Bandi think "Kung Fu Panda 2" is a misappropriation of Chinese elements, in order to

‘s voice is also mixed with different views. Pioneer artist Zhao Bandi recently to the cinema manager issued a letter about boycott Kung Fu Panda 2 "the into public view. In the letter, Zhao Bandi believes that the "Kung Fu Panda 2" is a diversion of Chinese elements, in order to love the name of Chinese culture to tease the Chinese people’s film.

replica watches for sale< p > Kung Fu Panda 2 "was to resist Zhao Bandi said the movie too (Figure – the film Kung Fu Panda 2 download, & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; however, users on the move but said, many people said is difficult to understand, think Zhao Bandi too extreme, even netizens think this may be counter productive, so that the original does not know kung fu panda 2 release or do not intend to go to see a friend walked into the cinema.

replica watches for sale


;     for the "Kung Fu Panda" series of films are familiar to the audience, perhaps Zhao Bandi is no stranger to. In 2008, when the "Kung Fu Panda" was released, Zhao Bandi had resisted the release of the Hollywood. This time, "Kung Fu Panda 2" is shown, as Zhao Bandi, the artist’s behavior, once again issued a voice, in part of the advertising, to resist the film from Hollywood. For Zhao Bandi to resist the "Kung Fu Panda 2" behavior, the response is not a,, in Zhao Bandi blog, support for Zhao Bandi, but there are also many users refer to Zhao Bandi but is in the hype, but will stimulate more viewers into the theater to watch the movie. And in the domestic theater manager of the QQ group,, many theater managers are cheering: Thank you Zhao Bandi for our hype."

replica watches for sale< p > & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the audience: I’ve been to Hollywood grudge, 08 years to see the "Kung Fu Panda", Americans feel ridiculed in Chinese culture, original the representative image of China and the cultural connotation of the panda and Kung Fu, have become people laugh entertainment music elements of the, after reading, the feeling is just with a Chinese symbol to the packaging of the Hollywood or consistent shallow, for "Kung Fu Panda 2", I am not to see.

replica watches for sale

movie Kung Fu Panda 2 download      ;   the audience: I feel this film is very good, in the continuation of a sense of humor,, funny,, but also added a lot of delicate emotional elements. Inside a lot of detail done very solid, like the erhu, Tai Chi, shadow play, Sichuan hot pot, god horse, a cloud ah let a person feel this is >

Watch Bai Fumei four beautiful women watch [figure] recommended _ watch _ famous shopping guide _ fa


J12 series H0967 watch

< p > a brief review on watch: Chanel j12 watch series of beauty can say there is much controversy, which from since listing can see and famous clock and watch people Conway Kay collection a Chanel j12 watch, its Pingjiapogao. This is a watch with the table body design of pure white,, represents pure romantic. On the table, the table is covered with diamonds,
topwatchbest, the standard Bai Fumei.

watch series: J12

movement type: quartz

material: ceramic diamond



case diameter: 33 mm

Happy Sport

277471-5001 watch series< p > a brief review on watch: Chopin in my impression has always been women than men to highlight, because… It is too beautiful. Take the above the a watch,, dial 7 teeth sliding diamond device, show women a bit naughty taste, want to how good a bijou must get to know a woman, Chopin in the Bijou is very successful of.

watch series: Happy Sport series

movement type: quartz

18K rose gold case material:



domestic price: $90000 here have replica watches sale


Several methods of

in the repair of

< p > know watch knowledge rarely, because this watch repaired by fraud thing is not very fresh things, customer complaints are also quite a number. Of course,, the table is broken, in order to achieve a satisfactory repair and reasonable price. How to prevent a sudden introduction below in the table is black cheated several methods:

: a way to examine and repair the Qing overweight,, must repair master table on a good price, then the table and handed it to him.

Several methods to avoid being cheated in the repair of

< p > 2: do not repair, don’t trust what promise "Lidengkequ", due to check Yankan and walked carefully check is an indispensable link in the watch repair, may not not through the study on the reliability of watch lucky, immediately delivered to the customer.

three: try to choose those good credit or table stores in large stores, large stores have a control on the individual’s repair shop.

approach four: be sure not to easily believe that the advertising table shop, check their repair table equipment and table oil,, you can let him take out the table oil to see, not a 4~5 kind of oil above you do not in his.