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        many people are in for a Chinese New Year gift to worry about,, in fact, in addition to the IT products, the Zhongguancun market is still a lot of appropriate gift options. At present, a Casio in sales, the market price is as high as 699 yuan, while the village of […]

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        thus we draw a conclusion: if the main man will watch worn on the left hand, regardless of the strap is what material, gold, silver, plastic or leather,, Armani watches ∞ Casio country affect the heart’s general task,, while women then draw a conclusion: if the main man will watch worn […]

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        this period planning: to wear brand-name civilian Planner: Ni ten yuan bag, hundreds of thousands of yuan of fur, about one hundred thousand yuan a watch…… Since the 2008 financial crisis, more and more people will invest into the luxury as a means of saving wealth. Recently,, remember this period planning: […]

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        the Altipano 40 mm rose gold diamond watch the plateau series 43mm platinum gem watch called peerless treasures; surface is inlaid with 88 diamonds (weighing about 0.8 karats), can not help but give people aesthetic enjoyment, highlighted exquisite mosaic. This watch is a multilayer dial             […]

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20% discount

        Wen / reporter Chang Ting watch brand logo image map / chief reporter Li Chuanbao yesterday afternoon, Dalian Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision in Jinzhou District of Dalian city life garbage discharge field focus on a number of fake and shoddy goods. The commodity value of 10 yuan, mostly […]

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