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The complex function of gift eight Patek Philippe rare treasures _ watch _ auction _ fashio

< p > luxury distinguished Patek Philippe is also the auction the whirlwind of the watch brand, the following editorial we introduced eight rare Patek Philippe auction treasures with complex functions, each a watch virtuosity can make you breathless.

Patek Philippe 5002 model, with certificates and boxes, 2006.

< p > Hide point of very important and rare, 18K white gold double dial watch, with 12 complex functions, including: three questions, tourbillon, pe

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2000000 euros worth of Hublot Big Bang Pierre _ watch watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pac


value of 2000000 euros Hublot Big Bang watch Pierre

< p > 638 single side drill,
Tag Heuer Watches, more than 140 carats, crown inlaid rose cut diamonds, Vendome Tourbillon movement to attract more professional perspective, 2 million euros for Big Bang’s R & D is a mysterious project. The burst of inspiration to let & middot; Claude & middot; Mr. beaver in Basel last year Hublot Pavilio

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