Rolex watches on the small table what is the use of my Rolex Watch

        my Rolex watch has three small table I don’t know how to use! Please tell me that’s fine to 5 mark ~! ~ can also points this version does not support the translation function, if necessary, please purchase the paid version should be Daytona. The motion table table two sets of timing system has three small tables in my Rolex watch I don’t know how to use! Please tell me that’s fine to 5 mark ~! ~ can also points this version does not support the translation function, if necessary,
breitling watches, please purchase the paid version should be Daytona sport watch. The table two sets of timing system. The six point is 60 seconds subdial ring,, exactly the same with ordinary watch second hand function,, and ordinary time constitute the central dial needle a normal indicator time. Three point and nine point two small central red dial with the longest arrow to form another system to calculate the time interval and indicate the average speed and unit workload. Ordinary movement or Swiss Movement? The two different kinds of movement function

Matters needing attention in use of waterproof watches

        matters needing attention in use of waterproof watches? Swiss watch brand,, brand watches,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch           (1) waterproof rubber ring is easy to deteriorate, should change regularly, or replaced in each repair. (2) the table glass damage can make watch waterproof performance affected, there is damage to the timely replacement. (3) not in the water or watch, watch handle head operation, in order to prevent the water into the table. (4) handle head after use to push the end,, buckle handle head should pay attention to lock in the watch, don’t leave space. (5) watch with water to dry. (6) prevent chemical substances contact watches, otherwise it will affect the case and a waterproof rubber ring, reducing waterproof performance. (7) watches don’t long time placed in high temperature (ten 60 C) and low temperature (-10 DEG C) environment. (8) if the water aerosol watch appeared in,, should be promptly removed, lest parts of rust.

Cortical watch how to maintain

        cortical watch how to maintain watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watchesWatch how to maintain


, with a toothbrush with a little soapy water scrub dirty place, quickly, and then a slightly damp cloth to wipe. In order to avoid soap water seeping into the cortex, the whole process is best done in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can put some oil in the strap of leather, leather oil has a protective effect on the strap, which can make the maintenance work is more complete.

two, when the Leather Watchband wearing long, in addition to produce peculiar smell, "hardening" is also common symptoms. If the band often is in damp environment will accelerate the rate of hardening it, sweat will be eroded cortex, let strap deformation, hardening and even rupture, be rather baffling to cause the watch lost or hurt. Therefore, in addition to the usual diligent maintenance, do not go in the strap hardening twists it, timely replacement strap is also absolutely necessary. With a little money for the beautiful and pleasant appearance, and can avoid the unnecessary loss, shoot two hawks with one arrow, what is there against it?

three, docile comfortable belts are the most attractive place, but the maintenance is not easy is a big trouble. Recommended that consumers in the winter to wear a belt, summer or after exercise are easy to sweat, can not wear is not worn, if really must wear will wipe the sweat to wear, to extend the period of use of leather strap. Belt material variety,, can generally be divided into alligator, lizard skin, ostrich skin, shark skin and small leather, no matter what kind of material wear a long time will produce odor, so do keep dry cleaning and maintenance of the belt is the only proper course to take. If the strap should be immediately with a cloth wet wipe, if there is dust should be brushed (if the wet cloth is needed to clean dry). In addition, if long time by the sun also causes strap metamorphism, also need to pay attention to the local. Belt table don’t always wear,tag heuer watch, such as two table above can replace the best. Cortical need to breathe, ventilation environment can prolong the service life of wear bracelet,, different tables (band), not only can reduce the risk of human injury, can make strap get sufficient rest. In addition, the belt surface wear itself is a continuous wear pulling process,IWC, if you don’t exercise every day, it can accompany you longer.

White Gold Diamond, wrong timing for Swiss watches

        platinum and diamond, wrong timing for Swiss watches watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,Audemars Piguet watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   CRAZY HOURS watch superb tabulation process, the fusion of FRANCK MULLER and unlimited creativity to another high. If it is not seen, thought FRANCKMULLER and numerous table fans make fun of! Because the Arabia digital CRAZY HOURS dial arrangement, the inherent law of the dial to completely break! Hidden tabulation artisans unique ingenuity. Crazy clock Crazy Hour when the first sight of the new table, also mistakenly think that Crazy Hour, purely because of surface random numbers to display, the period after it was discovered that the original clockwise actually can with the surface of the digital,, from 1 to 12 by beating mode! Its almost crazy ideas,Ap watches, people applaud. Although the dial Art Deco Arabia digital re ordering, reading time is completely without difficulty; the minute hand according to clockwise rotation, display minutes; and the key lies in the display flying back clockwise hours (Jumping Hour), Arabia digital just watching the clockwise refers to, can immediately know the hours time; such as in the photo to the clockwise – "10", that is ten; the view invariant, which is very; when the complete turn around ("8"), clockwise will immediately by "10" flying back to the general clock three position "11", which is immediately display eleven time. Using dial numbers occult arrangement, precision mechanism and Franck Muller have always been proud of, and ultimately to create this a precision watch, this spirit is really admirable. Crazy Hours radiation twist cable lines on the dial a polished multiple Art Deco Arabia digital pattern for embellishment, under different light and perspective, flickering, fantasy, make this watch is more interesting. Wrist Guanghua Lady ‘s Long Island 900 Franck Muller Long Island (Long Island) series of platinum and diamond watches, price is in 150000 to 6000 yuan. If I had one hundred and fifty thousand once upon a time, I think I will invest in the first layer of residential units,, but times have changed, and now even buy are not 100% value, but also to make the concept and discard. How to choose a good watch, at any time than buying their more practical, if you know all about the goods bought only increased potential for watches, second-hand price higher than the original price at any time, Franck Muller is one of great appreciation potential of the watch brand. Lady ‘s Long Island 900 to 18K White Gold Diamond rectangular watchcase silver dial with radiation pattern, general small bezel dial the central vertical placed the size of each one, and studded with dozens of glittering diamonds.

When the World Cup encounter Watch

        HelloKitty angels and Demons 2010 Football Theme especially series wrist watch N Wang Fanyu six or seven months, South Africa World Cup is every man the absolute protagonist in the mouth,Breitling, a sleepless night, watching television, is crazy. Through this four years to have a business opportunity, the surface

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angel and devil

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six or seven months, the world cup in South Africa is every man the absolute protagonist in the mouth, a sleepless night, watching television,Ap watches, is crazy. Through this four years to have a business, the business also with table football began, pushing a variety of World Cup theme watch. Love to watch collection fans can shot. Replica watches for sale

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HUBLOT became the 2010 and 2014 World Cup official timekeeper, this is also the history of the world cup for the first time appointment watch brand as its official timekeeper and official wrist watch. Zidane, Erwin, Messi and other famous star also poses special section of their cooperation with the watch brand and limited edition. Ball fans also unwillings to lag behind,Audemars Piguet watches, and their favourite team and cartoon characters celebrating the world cup. Replica watches for sale


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following the 2008 European Cup for Germany to design the pilot DFB special edition Chrono rattrapante, this session of World Cup, IWC again for the football team launched second official watch — large Engineer DFB special edition chronograph watch, for each in the world cup, German player army, build a number his jersey number the same watch, show the special status. Timing watches the DFB special edition, with double pawl on the original IWC manufacturing chain system, provide ample power reserves for the wrist watch. Appearance, with engineer series of the same typical tough watchcase, watchcase contrast to 45.5 mm in diameter. Dynamic and elegant temperament integration style, show > technology characteristics of the rise above the common herd

ST Dupont lighter

        ST Dupont lighter watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch Simon Tissot-Dupont founded ST Dupont in 1872, focused on the manufacture of high quality leather and bag. In 1920, he will ST Dupont to his two sons, Lucien and Andre, the senior travel box and accessories as the main product, the ST Dupont international reputation. But in the 40’s, due to the world wars, in order to solve the customer continuously reduced and material shortages,, Andre proposed to make gasoline lighter, lighter S.T.Dupont’s first patented in 1941,Replica watches, ST Dupont lighter quickly fame, lighter eventually become the leading product ST Dupont. Rectangular lighter beautiful shape, size design size fits the finger movements, when turned on will be issued a crisp " and " a sound, gradually become a status like syndrome, ST Dupont became the world famous lighter manufacturers. ST Dupont lighter started enamel on shell with a layer of very beautiful.

Leonardo in the starring blood diamond wearing a hundred years in the spirit of C

        Leonardo in the starring in "blood diamond" wearing a hundred years spirit following the 2003 CHRONO  AVENGER in the Jackie Chan film "Medallion" cut a striking figure in recently by Leonardo ,,   DiCaprio (  Leonardo; Dicaprio) drilling blood starring "" (Blood  Diamond) in he also chose,Replica watches free shipping, Breitling AEROMARINE sea series CHRONO  AVENGER chronograph watch. Whether it is air,, even harsh environment,   CHRONO  AVENGER will maintain its accuracy. Strong wear resistance,IWC, in the play whether go or not running all the way from Leonardo   Dicaprio’s wrist.

Cheng Yuan car disease will be the automotive industry to _ car

        into the process 近博 bar from the pages > > recently, the city administration of industry and Commerce announced, on righteousness, feudal emperors, worship, royal and other contents of the outdoor advertising to explicitly capture. Call it "start" restraint on luxury consumption, and guess which will is the national push

into the process 近博 bar from the pages > >

recently, the city administration of industry and Commerce announced, on righteousness, feudal emperors, worship, royal and other contents of the outdoor advertising to explicitly capture. Call it "start" restraint on luxury consumption, and guess the move will national promotion. finest watches for sale

advocates fashion [Forum] are not domestic popular today, more not only said it is advertising, not penetrate into the practical aspects of the social life, and of course advertising push wave to help Lan also "not a no power". Like last month’s Shanghai auto show, one of the most exciting topic, is a luxury car is a few times "Seckill". The inevitable sense, the Shanghai auto show is a big show flaunt wealth. finest watches for sale

Mido watch forum is the first day, global set limit to 77, $47000000 Aston · Martin One77,, "assigned" to foreign market 5 "quota", all without buying from; (Note: the luxury car will only supply! Paragraph three of the price of 5000000 yuan) above the Spyker cars on the same day to "sold out"; more than 4000000 yuan Bentley car, during the show sold over 60 units; Porsche April did not complete the annual sales mission, and Lamborghini orders once placed in 2012. That all is not, even without a bid 150000000 yuan gold lengthened Rolls-Royce "phantom [Forum]", is the booth appearance was soon a Zhejiang building contractor adopted. Exclaimed: always be foreigners as the high-end luxury car running, BMW, now to "indulge in self-admiration". In fact, the asking price of 150000000 yuan car female, play is still the "sell mooncakes tying red wine, tea" magic. Allegedly,, the car Rolls-Royce "phantom",IWC watches, as long as the 1/3 price, the shortage is tying jade 5 piece, comprising a bracelet, a pair of earrings enemy and a necklace, 1 double placenta official cabin a hermes bags and 15 days in the journey of life.

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Shanghai auto show luxury car show,, is in fact a foreign car city, and is the epitome of the foreign modern society. finest watches for sale

years without a sarcastic rich, "only buy the expensive, not to buy". Some foreign rich reward flaunt wealth, the gold powder is a dish, called: "gold feast"; or with carp Hu female do a dish, no more person put bills RMB when used in cigarette paper, so that, a is the million without. Later to Europe and the United States market "," the designer clothing, >

Vacheron Constantin launched the OVERSEAS series of gray edition watch (map)

        Vacheron Constantin launched OVERSEAS series grey edition watch (pictured) watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand,Hublot watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches this summer Vacheron Constantin OVERSEAS series to launch a full gray: from the dial to the belt by using monochromatic themes, full of vitality and elegant and concise. The watch a total of two watches, a basic function design, the one for the chronograph watch the Vacheron Constantin OVERSEAS series VACHERON CONSTANTIN OVERSEAS GRAY grey edition watch styles: paragraph 2 diameter: 42 mm 150 meters waterproof: function: classic, minutes, seconds, date window /30 clock (three o’clock), 12 hours timing (nine o’clock),, date window is large (12 point) (chronograph). Movement: 1226 core, 1137 core (Chronograph) band: gray alligator or black rubber.