Cartire (Cartier) launched a new senior jewelry watches series

        Cartire (Cartier) launched a new senior jewelry watches series brand watches,Replica IWC watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

Cartire (Cartier) launched a new senior jewelry watches series

      Cartire (Cartier) launched a new senior jewelry watches series, follows the usual extraordinary excellence, Art beats nature. and fine exquisite technology, the interpretation of a mysterious, bright fashion. Cartire to describe the achievements of fantasy charm colors and Art beats nature. have no equal in this world of art treasures.

Eagle Decoration senior jewelry watches

Le cirque animalier de Cartier

Eagle Decoration senior jewelry watchesCartire (Cartier)

inheritance brilliant proud history tabulation, meta process extraordinary design, exquisite, classic watch series form the senior watch the launch and limited works, vivid but day horse space set foot on Le cirque animalier de Cartier wrist watch series of fantasy stage: raccoons, crocodile and the eagle modeling a moment of love; Cartire (Cartier) again to complex functional movement in independent research and development highlights the unremitting research on tab mechanical process and future ambition.

cheetah Decorative High jewellery www,IWC INGENIEUR

Le cirque animalier de Cartier the cheetah Decorative High jewellery


(Cartier) beautiful watch match square and decorated with sun radiation pattern of the dial plate,IWC PORTOFINO WATCHES, garnish with dense with a white cheetah styling drill. Shining above the leopard face with tourmaline eyes, black paint markings and a time display and show or hide the mobile cover. A gold watch jewelry can change two styles,Replica watches for sale, both rare and fascinating.

raccoon Decorative High jewellery

Le cirque ani>

Longines table flag series of classic return

        Longines flag series of classic return to watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Longines table classic flag series since its launch in 1957, its unique elegant and exquisite watchmaking technology, has been praised by people around the world favor. The re launch of the flag series, retains all traditional characteristic, also added a more diverse selection: men and women dress watch, leather or metal bracelet, quartz, automatic or highly accurate calendar movement etc.. Return flag series will be able to meet the pursuit of elegant watch watch enthusiasts. Since its launch in 1957, Longines table flag series soon won attention from all over the world, as was the fashion index. Its delicate beautiful case with a Longines watch the famous L30 manual winding mechanical movement and L380 automatic winding movement, both of which can affect bear strong impact and shock and resist the magnetic field. Return flag series, not only uphold the fine tradition of the past, also opened a tide clock in the future, was really exciting. Add a new element, make the new flag series more in line with the customer’s taste in twenty-first Century. Longines watch design talent and test the duo Tiangong clock technology get confirm again. The merits of slender bright flag series uses the stainless steel manufacture, bright is dazzing. Table frame design uphold classical design flag series, round table surface of the groove on the detailed, table back engraved with the sail flag pattern or show the automatic mixing mechanical movement of the transparent crystal surface, is also very pleasant surprise,IWC INGENIEUR WATCHES, love. A white,Breitling watches, grey or black three kinds of color producing surface decorated with unique moment,Replica Vacheron constantin watches, even has a large two pin or three pin options. In addition, the mini type styles all models are equipped with a calendar display window. A wide variety of flag series, can meet different people all over the world taste. The flag series has mini to men’s chronograph watch 5 different sizes and styles, unisex. Watch with leather strap or bright strip two choices,Replica watches for sale, and with three folding type spring clasp, the consolidation of security. In the technical aspects of the flag series also rise above the common herd, except quartz movement or automatic mixing mechanical movement, more rarely introduced automatic mixing models of women, will be for the hobby watches ladies welcome. The flag series and more particularly to create automatic mixing chronograph watch, watch the home to meet fans and enthusiastic pursuit of the traditional classic timepiece. Longines excel technology confirmed: highly accurate movement convergence excel and advanced technology, Longines created using highly accurate quartz movement to flag series above, temperature compensation function very exquisite plus (Thermo-compensation) system, every eight seconds automatically compensate temperature regulation, make the clock accuracy is greatly improved. Highly accurate movement (Very High Precision) can provide up to 1 years less than the time of 10 seconds, to ensure the accuracy of the time. Men’s highly accurate model even has a calendar function, can automatically adjust the leap year day until 2099. With the accumulation of rich experience in international markets and the banner system.

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        how will the invisible time cutting extremely accurate? How will not touch time luxury? In 150 years of luxury, TAG Heuer legends to answer. Since its inception in 1860, TAG Heuer always lead the Swiss precision watchmaking paradigm, constantly challenging time limit, in the

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        written 150 years luxury, TAG Heuer legends to answer. Since its inception in 1860, TAG Heuer always lead the Swiss precision watchmaking paradigm, constantly challenge the time limit in the watch industry, wrote many great history, one of the world’s four biggest watch brand. luxury shop sale

        from the 1887 first swing gear, gear transmission to replace the traditional mechanical transmission to drive belt V4 Monaco concept table,IWC Ingenieur Watches, TAG Heuer continued to work to show the world the extraordinary creativity. To celebrate the 150 anniversary of the grand launch of TAG Heuer TAG Heuer more, Pendulum concept table, without a first mechanical escapement, again leads the world. The industry break the myth of the world’s first non clockwork movement oscillator, without additional parts, namely, to achieve timing very precise. luxury shop sale

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[Pendulum]   TAG Heuer concept table display in the Westgate Plaza;     [table] luxury shop sale

TAG Heuer Pendulum concept

        and a time of praise, do not remain in the time itself.

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        after 5 years of creative ingenuity, TAG Heuer MERIDIIST mobile phone from birth, given the communication and luxury watches and proud heritage of commitment. Name from across the meridian (Meridian) meaning and extended meaning connection to the sky, and all regions of the earth. As the Swiss watchmaker has ever created the first communication tools, MERIDIIST is a true masterpiece of advanced engineering technology.

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