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electronic watch at a temperature of 25 ~ 28 DEG C, a circadian timing error within one second, when the temperature to 0 Deg. C or 50 degrees per day, will slow two seconds. At the same time when the temperature reaches 60 DEG C, the liquid crystal panel will turn black, the temperature dropped to 0 degrees below, a liquid crystal panel will lose the display effect, therefore to winter, electronic watches can only be worn on the wrist, on body temperature to keep the normal timing of it. In addition,IWC, temperature and the temperature will also cause battery leakage, corrosion mechanism.

The new Rolex 18 karat gold men — you buy gold watch financial Ming

        because the Rolex Swiss gold watch liquidity strong buy, after a few years of re circulation may also earn appreciation, if not, will not lose money

by the financial crisis, the international economic downturn, the RMB is also facing the potential impact, in this situation, the purchase of gold and diamonds to finance is the most sensible. Buy gold watch words then recommended Rolex gold watch, the Swiss Rolex gold watch price is attractive, it is always one of the rapid flow of relative to watch all the table. Understand table knows, look at the overall quality gold watch, the key is to see its core, core Rolex gold watch is through ages of training talent showing itself, stable and accurate, enough to become collectors handed down the table. Replica watches for sale


a gold watch lovers from the Swiss watch supermarket bought an oyster perpetual calendar series, model for the new Rolex 18K Gold Mens, the gold price is only half the market price. He has bought a series of watches, but prefer classic Rolex Swiss gold watch. He did not think what than to buy a few pieces of gold or gold watch more value. Replica watches for sale

generally speaking, the price of several million gold watch,http://www.jp-shop4u.com, the second-hand price is about half of it,www.buyonfake.com, rather than buy a new table benefits many. And buy second-hand gold, many will consider in the future will not sell deficit, because Rolex Swiss gold watch,IWC, liquidity strong, bought after a few years of flowing again there may be made,luxury swiss, even if not rise, also won’t lose money. As this year the bank interest rate of 2.5 percentage points, Rolex has an annual growth rate of 5%, in a sense, from this several other, movement, famous historical point of view, Rolex gold watch these styles is the appreciation of the. Replica watches for sale

Hublot watches Global Limited Edition Polo Club

        Polo Club Global Limited Edition Hublot watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   has been actively integrate into the global top tycoons resort harbour life circle Hublot Hublot table, following the Monaco Yacht Club (Monaco Yacht Club) and Wally Yacht Association (Wally Yacht associations),http://www.brand-copy-jp.com, once again into the French resort of Saint Tropez (Saint-Tropez), except in the local open second branches,IWC, and issued a limited edition watch Saint Tropez Polo Club Polo Club watches, painted with "Polo Club Saint-Tropez" logo to identify, a symbol of the top leisure, taste and Hublot brand image more closely inseparable.                     Big Bang "Polo Cup Saint-Tropez" limited memorial table             stainless steel case, misty white ceramic bezel / HUB44 automatic movement / time, small seconds, date display / timing stopwatch function / "Polo Club Saint-Tropez" Logo is located at 9 position / limited 250 / timing buttons sandwich white natural rubber / table diameter 44.5mm / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / white natural rubber strap, otherwise generous lattice crocodile leather strap             the ultimate symbol of identity and taste             Hublot table in recent years since the launch of Big Bang series table section,http://www.watch-online-replica.com, as her momentum, not only won the Geneva Watch & clock design awards, and one after another in the Middle East, Japan won the professional table design awards, not only that, including design magazine, media choice professional managers, Hublot table and President of Biver are often list, 2007 directly across the foot path from Paris Saint honor he Lu (Rue Saint Honoré) opened its first branch, recently in Shengzhuo The old city center of PEZ luxury hotel (Byblos Hotel) in a point, and the Hublot "Big Bang Polo Cup Saint-Tropez" limited form, is in the last few years and the top leisure,www.timeonhere.com, taste the most closely watch brand symbol.       "Polo Club Saint-Trop;

Touch screen to lead the future Tissot grand listed

        touch screen to lead the future grand listed watch brand Tissot, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,Vacheron Constantin watches, sapphire watch Tissot touch screen watch heavy attack, scientific diving watch long re debut, Tissot potential wisdom series of summer listing. In the just concluded Basel international watch and Jewellery Show, a touch of orange Tissot attracted many people’s eyes, it is a new development this year Tissot breakthrough touchscreen diving watch – potential wisdom series. Summer season, potential wisdom watch finally with magical function more magic can come to the front of us. The important function of this series include: water depth measurement speed,IWC, diving, calendar, compass, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, digital and temperature measurement, all functions are controlled by touch screen technology, only a finger click table mirror, you can easily operate. As for the diving personnel development watch, potential Wisdom Series not only has the waterproof performance is enough, more in the underwater display and record the diving data. Back to the shore, the wearer can dive log function playback 60-200 logged dives,www.timeon24.com, review the diving. Super diving machine diving fans preferred potential Wisdom Series in accordance with the European EN13319 diving products regulations, the underwater brightness, shock resistance, anti magnetic, strap firmness, timing reliability are fully meet and exceed the strict regulations. Divers in the water depth of 200 meters under the pressure, to understand a number of diving information, for example: the water depth, dive speed etc.. At the same time, can also press the under water button, start a number of auxiliary functions, such as the compass, background light or thermometer. Potential wisdom series of data display mode is very user-friendly: when diving into the water 1.4 meters or less, the pointer will point to the nine o’clock position with. Once the divers continue to dive, watch immediately start measuring work: minute hand and clockwise rotate respectively, minute instructions and depth, clockwise indicating diving or floating rate (unit: M / min). High brightness fluorescent materials and backlight display the dial on the clear identification. In addition,breitling watches, the crown and the timing button Tissot potential wisdom series also uses patented technology, the use of rubber protection layer to strengthen waterproof, ensure that the watch can withstand 200 meters of depth of water pressure, and can start the compass, in the water under the background of light or the thermometer function. Wrist charm boutique building marine style submarine is always filled with lots of surprises and charm, deeply attracted the attention of diving. Potential wisdom series, with deep ocean atmosphere, also can bring friends surprises and charm. Steel bracelet, case and bezel with the edges of the powerful guardian of precious touch table movement mirror, complex and other components. The silver, black and orange dial violence activity are in harmony with the silver, white, orange scales, concise, bright and full of personality. With the crown and the timing button rubber protection device is mysterious and out of the ordinary. Imagine, wearing the watch, can display sports charm you infinite, but in playing touch function, especially your dive log presentation, how admirable. Vibrant orange exclusive charm vibrant orange has become the potential wisdom 0