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fashion brand failure how to repair

watch about weakness, balance sheet may be stopped, watch mainspring instability or spring deformation. Tighten the cover later watch does not go, remove the movement, and the normal walking,Chopard Watches, fault location may be: second high touch table glass, glass not impaction circle table, resulting in the second touch watch glass. Fault analysis of the watch,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, it is only possible to determine the location of the fault may occur. Where the failure occurred in which one or several parts, but also must be specific to the watch, to determine the final.

fashion watch brand failure how to repair

1, watch about weakness,Breitling Watches, balance sheet is stopped, the breakdown of where

?< p > watches failure may be: mainspring torque instability or spring deformation, prolapse of the box cover box of the gear tooth bending or break a handle shaft of small round rod is too long and scraping strip wheel box; a wheel box wall fracture or deformation of the spring is too wide, a box of lamp convex.