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        preview on May 28, 2009 (Thursday), Rome, famous table (BaumeMercier) market and communications director Jean-ChristopheSabatier CarolineGaudriault and Gé rard

scholar and satisfied to be a bystander,       as a watch company. But to make an active participation in

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(Baum & Mercier famous table; market and communications director Jean-Christoph Sabati and Carolin Gaudriault and G é rard Rancinan Italy Rome Exhibition (Palazzo Dell Esposizioni as a "photographer" exhibition,replica van cleef watch,       May 28, 2009 (Thursday) in Rome. Marks for this exhibition tour in second stages. Chanel watches

Chanel watches

the 2009 International Photography Awards and Giorgio Barrera through the window "exhibition of the works of Chanel watches


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Mimmo Jodic Nan Goldin including Don Mac Cullin. &nbsp,hublot watches for sale;     many of today’s world of photography in the field of high-profile masters a surprise in this unique night. Chanel watches

Chanel watches

scholar "photographer" Italy exhibition site,La Mini D de Dior Watches, photographer Mimmo Jodic of Jean-Christoph Sabati Mimmo marketing and communications director Mrs. Jodic, photographer G é rard Rancinan and Guiliano Matteucci photo. Chanel watches


ZENITH El Primerosm core forty anniversary, limited edition

        to the early ElPrimero chronograph watch as the theme of the pop art. The 40 anniversary of the classic core ElPrimero movement, is the wonderful synonyms tabulation process. It was the first to accurate

each part needs 5 to 50 procedures,       each El Primero movement needs time to make nine months. Meter bridge device is required 50 polishing procedure, also need at least 2

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In the original El

Primero chronograph watch as the theme of the pop art,CLASSIC FUSION ALL WHITE DIAMOND 581NE2010RW1104.

The 40 anniversary of the

classic movement

Wonderful synonyms

tabulation process. Chronograph movement first can only accurate timing to 1/10 seconds. In 1969,       El Primero mechanism. When the eyes of the world are on the TV screen, hold your breath witnessed when Armstrong landing on the moon, ZENITH El Primero 400 movement also was born in this year, it has been 40 years. Has created another peak of watchmaking industry, just as its name, in any place, El Primero spirit based on human and technology, excellence and delicate ZENITH tabulation process delivers. Focus on the professional field, adhere to any concessions without any tiny details, make the El Primero movement this extraordinary masterpiece. The perfect combination of the ultimate technology, micro space, both movement or any parts, must be absolutely stable and accurate.

The Origin chronograph watch replica watch

18K rose gold material / El Primero 469 automatic mixing machine / time, small seconds,Ballon Blue De Cartier, date display and chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / table diameter 40mm limited 250.

000 charm