IWC Engineer Automatic Watch — new milepost

        dial decorated with electro-optic words symbol of science and technology. Soon after the launch, the first engineer watch published from 1954 to 1955. Various clock teacher immediately by the re investment, continue to develop improved, the engineer watches become the eternal theme, is always

dial decorated with electro-optic words symbol of science and technology. Launch shortly after,       the first engineer watch published from 1954 to 1955. Various clock teacher immediately by the re investment, continue to develop improved, the engineer watches become the eternal theme, is always the ideal material improvements. At the time of the movement, after improvement of several small, then directly affected by the 8531 type of market movement is one example. The 8541 type of movement in 1976 used by GeraldGenta, designed for IngenieurSL watches drive. IngenieurSL watch other very revolutionary collector for collection of objects. Des Nations table factory in 2005 the introduction of engineer design watch, still retained the IngenieurSL shadow, is no coincidence. The table from the beginning of 1976, only the advent of more than 800, water depth of 120 meters, is equipped with sapphire crystal mirror screw down crown and automatic winding movement, the watch is equipped with quartz movement. This background watches factory also try to meet the needs of the market in the early 1980’s the best show "Schafhausen spirit" watches became little and dainty, movement with a thin,louis vuitton handbags ebay, and for the first time, carved lattice decoration fine on the dial. At the same time, watch factory do many things at once to start new development projects, will focus on the world record,louis vuitton wallets saks, master clocks use do not contain iron and nickel paramagnetic materials to create the escapement device structures for the engineer to watch, after the nuclear spin tomography device testing, confirmed to be super strong magnetic resistance per meter of thirty-seven million amps. Engineer five hundred thousand ampere table Ingenieur50000A/m and published in 1989 the table without configuration shell diamagnetic protective sleeve, but no magnetic components is expensive and therefore only launched three thousand.

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is called the IWC representative products,louis vuitton handbags sale,       engineer series from the beginning of the 1954 to 1955 years. The dial on the electro-optical scintillation labelled "Ingenieur" not only symbolizes power, is the symbol of the modern age. In fifty years, this watch has been strong, refine on the synonym. Now the table des Nations in re creating the engineer watches, retained the series of our part, all can be further enhanced and improved. Automatic chain with chain device IWC exclusive patent Pellaton, while retaining the original node m of the series

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G-SHOCK25 early amid 2008 to mark the anniversary of the creation launched a array of the exhibition for a doll caused intense topic surrounded the flow field. G-SHOCK toy became the tide tide Lovers imagine This

trend has aroused strong heading G-SHOCK toy became the tide lovers dream of tidal objects. This appetite has been achieved recently Casio G-SHOCK and BA BY-G order launched the classic prototype + doll combination,louis vuitton sale, G-SHOCK25 early within 2008 to brand the anniversary of the creation launched a series of the exhibition for a doll And the finite edition archive BOX-SET because sale every prototype with the preferential figures, notably the bargain of watches are all classic models,louis vuitton handbags 067, with the award of the figures are entire free,louis vuitton replica handbags, was recently want plunder the spend watch

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aboard the classic prototype 56006900 prototype creation,along the Japanese designer troop savage Shiro Plai Set Product kingpin amid the blueprint of the G-SHOCK BA BY-G array Cute and does never lose the G-SHOCK difficult These figures according G-SHOCK BA BY-G looks first next aboard the museum screen plus interesting to eyes,belt into the body,is Adorable interesting. Not only is G-SHOCK fans adore for works of masterpiece are extremely regarded by home plus abroad inexpensive price watch

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with G-SHOCK image chart four, the figure ambition have six different image and various types of watches combination with sales. Baby-G two,meet the needs of alter sex fashion trend of ‘choice,plus entire is a classic model of the two array Www.biao1>

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stainless iron / automatic winding campaign per hour, minutes and seconds,assignation display and chronograph function and anti clothes anti glare sapphire crystal mirror / stainless iron bracelet / reference price: RMB39000

inspiration from the data button,louis vuitton on,change the SLR roadster driving wheel of TA G Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz Chronograph chart avant-garde and free from vulgarity: a case side timing button by a 45 degree angle. With ergonomic taste,movement more smoothly; bidirectional rotation timing 9 position Deputy cap control case inner ring; African matte titanium carbide fixed bezel engraved tachymeter scale,convenient calculation velocity racer. Avant garde design and contains SLR coupe gene feature pointer, accurate,louis vuitton handbags outlet,readable texture delicate spiral dial; fearless and steel chain or a rubber band the maintenance cover chart echoes and SLR body side, full heaviness creates impetus,yet fans,desk fans and professional Racer dream of watch boutique.

000 stainless iron / automatic winding war per hour, minutes and seconds,appointment display and chronograph feature and anti clothe anti glare sapphire crystal mirror / stainless steel bracelet / reference price: RMB39.

TA G Heuer launched in 2007 version finite version of 3500 barely TA G Heuer SLR as Mercedes-Benz order TA G Heuer launched among 2004 as the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren sports automobile owners with the SLRChronograph Calibr 36R chronograph and prevailing sport surrounded 2006; TA G Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz Chronograph equally new Remarkable achievements amid cohesion two books. Representative TA G Heuer with Mercedes-Benz and McLaren McLaren durable solid relations of cooperation,at the same time highlight the three pursuit of excellence, excellence among design innovation and the racing sport be of an identical nature.

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Ernest Borel love released Angie Chiu wear watches show loving husband

        Ernest Borel love series before landing in Shenyang, as the brand image ambassador, Angie Chiu airborne Shenyang, also in Taiyuan Street on the spot to husband Melvin Wong wear a watch, a big show of affection. In September 12th 14 when make, Borel


as a brand ambassador,       Ernest Borel love series recently landed in Shenyang. Angie Chiu airborne Shenyang,116622-78800, also in Taiyuan Street on the spot to husband Melvin Wong wear a watch, a big show of affection.

Ernest Borel street in Taiyuan Zhongxing mall held a new release ceremony,       in September 12th 14 pm. Mr. Big Swiss Borel Asia Pacific chief executive, said in an interview with reporters Shenyang nets, love series tradition of romantic culture, with love as the theme, to the romantic concept, the concept about smooth, reflect the EBOHR watch romantic elegant style.

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Watch consumption

Shenyang,       University said. Intense competition in the market, but also Chinese important consumption country, the diversification of consumer taste, to watch the luxury consumption tends to rational, this background, Ernest Borel emphasized deepening Chinese consumer concept of brand identity.


watch industry is facing serious challenges. Sue said,       the impact of the financial crisis. In April of this year’s International Watch Fair, ornamental customers reduce 1/3 especially the European and American markets are not very optimistic, this kind of situation,04795R LCI2N 8561, foreign brand watches are more optimistic about China market, has great confidence in Chinese market.


models showed off love series for guests at the scene. It is understood,       then held a ceremony. In addition to the innovation theory, the most prominent feature of love series is a eight position, inlaid with diamonds, the "a" representative "one’s whole life, eight represents perfect, metaphor for the eternal love.

immediately caused the release conference scene attention,       Angie Chiu took the watch out. The onlookers citizens more than thousands of people, in addition to being true

The pragmatism of the German JUNKERS, integrated into the aeroplane blueprint notion (Fig.

into the aeroplane chart concept originated among the 1859 German aviation technology brands JUNKERS, from the wrist watch can be visibly felt the JUNKERS into the JU aeroplane blueprint concept,cozy veliger arrangement with six o’clock positionThe

movement: Poljot 3133 handbook winding behavior / duration small seconds,louis vuitton men sunglasses collection,appointment museum / 25 stone / stopwatch, Ju52 fighter array Ref. 6524-2 case: stainless iron Kinetic energy: 66 h,: sapphire crystal mirror, a pedestal cover: perspicuous pedestal cover,desk size: 42x 13 mm: 50 meters waterproof, limit: 6524.

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into the aircraft chart concept of louis vuitton outlet

simple veliger arrangement with historic six o’clock position of the logo pattern,authentic louis vuitton wholesale handbags, from ad 1859 German aviation technology brands JUNKERS tin evidently feel the JUNKERS into the JU aeroplane blueprint concept from the wrist look F-13 array of Ref.6536-1 watches, small seconds apt propeller means blueprint fully to cost plus advent quality,value of noted blueprint the best morale with German technology,to show the uncommon manner of German slight,honest and deep. JUNKERS precision of the building are mainly based aboard the “practical”, thick circumstance apparently convey Germany plus national persona complete with rich cultural atmosphere of the Gothic manner of. louis vuitton outlet

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German watchmaking

plus JUNKERS Yong who acquaint known apt each family surrounded Germany, the German motorcar industry quality has always been commendable. Not only echoes the German classical process plus aesthetic draft with high quality,majestic cost plus production of the pursuance of cozy solid, integration of classical plus modern technology,louis vuitton handbags ebay, the German watchmaking history sets not status plus affect can be substituted. louis vuitton channel

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movement: Poljot 3603 atlas winding action / duration small seconds museum Ju52 bombers order Ref.6636-1 case: stainless iron Kinetic energy: 42 hours, dial: signs characteristics wave fine pearly facial log mirror >

Tiansuo desk array launched lover

recently, the famous Swiss discern brand Tissot particularly as the coming Valentine’s Day launched seven pair of tables. In a simple fashion, a classic look most tin transfer the lover’s megalopolis,among 7 revise stylesSeries

in the assign of the birth of fertility Rock highlights the especial commemorative The fort church dates back to 1525,in array apt accent afresh deep link between fertility plus birth of Rock Tissot plus its long history of Tissot far-reaching affect The Rock zone was affectionately known because”Old Moutier as the coerce of Rock’s milestone the fortress namely a temperament of the town,accordingly likewise have chance a present source of inspiration. Chanel watches

famous Swiss penetrate mark Tissot particularly for the coming Valentine’s Day launched seven pair of tables. Recently.

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a classic discern highest tin migrate the lover’s heart simple fashion.7 different styles of desk especially among the Rock catena of easy blueprint plus fashion model,will folk feel comfortable life plus appetite for love reveal without involuntary dismiss of urine. To commemorate its birthplace – the Swiss Rock, this current dial with retro Italic handwriting font depicting the town of Rock’s designate dial engraved with the Rome digital,louis vuitton handbag, Tissot Mens Watch radical italics sign behind engraved with the 1880,authentic louis vuitton wallets, the details must clothe that history,louis vuitton knock off handbags, Rock aroused infinite table think of automatic behavior and effortless charm making it a utter table selection Chanel watches

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tag heuer launched a fashionable advertising,1st introduced in Australia star — Lei Sir Jones within March 13, 2007 (Tuesday), Brisbane — the tag heuer launched the latest advertising campaign,1st introduced among Australia

opportunity a label heuer diplomat namely a distinctive landscape of the excellent life cruise The talented yet timid girl,for Leisel Jones for me?. Now growth as an athletic and lusty vigorous juvenile women. In the pool,converge and brilliant ability puerile would acquaint her Twelfth International Championships once afresh shine, Shine International swimming. Replica watches for sale

1st enabled Australian star Leisel? Jones Heuer launched the latest ad. Replica watches for sale

1st enabled Australian star. After Uma, Brad? Mundy? Peter,louis vuitton destorm, Maria? Sharapova and tiger Woods, March 13, 2007 (Tuesday) Brisbane – Tag Heuer launched the new advertising action Legendary Australian swimming star Leisel? Jones (Leisel Jone likewise longing add the label heuer camp. The image ambition arise this month amid Melbourne by the twelfth FINA World Swimming Championships (FINA World Championship TAG Heuer advertising. Replica watches for sale

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Leisel? Jones is one of the world’s greatest breaststroke petticoat athletes. Although he was merely 21 years age as the 100 m and 200 m breaststroke Olympic gold,louis vuitton belts, silver and bronze medalist and world disc keepers. It has accident the representative of young Australian results courageous human compared with the everyday life extra ambitious nightmare At the old of 18,louis vuitton handbags on sale, Leisel among the 2004 Athens Olympic Games won a gold, silver,bronze and activate the combination relay earth disc The 2006 Commonwealth Games attract people’s attention, Leisel won four gold medals, and created the Commonwealth games two earth merely disc within the 100 metre breaststroke and the 100 weigh combination relay. Leisel’s 100 and 200 fathom breaststroke world disc respectively ranked second adversary onward 1 seconds and 2 seconds. Also created the world’s fastest 4100 measure medley relay section phase Replica watches for sale

TAG Heuer slogan “what created the absolute embodiment of. Passionate,firm and indomitable,beautiful generous… These are the qualities that make her accident entirely deserve the tag heuer ambassador TAG Heuer CEO namely Christophe Barbon (Jean-Christoph>?

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this summer, let us try apt alternate off the appliance,to enjoy the natural summer night! Will you agreeable night have been, the stars, the breeze, bats, moths, the aroma of jasmine, the laughter of small partners, may still

,authentic louis vuitton wholesale handbags,unlike surrounded before years compared with the sense of the times. Besides the natural flavor of the animation short membrane this year’s summer solstice lights “activities. For individuals, the community developed a set of electronic version of “natural” night coach for anyone to download these materials from the friends of nature website. The “natural” night consultant which scrupulous introduced the personal,home community and community how to organize and participate among the process, activities and games, including plants, birds and other natural information and summer related offers a diversity of environmental protection through natural summer for the public.

let me venture turning off appliances, this summer. To enjoy the natural summer night! Good night all by the stars, the breeze, bats,louis vuitton purse, moths, the aroma of jasmine,louis vuitton handbags outlet, the laughter of small partners,perhaps still waiting as me to add the ranks of “summer solstice lights”penetrate attach with me.

marks the peak the outward of summer. In the face of increasingly caustic energy oppression CITIZEN (China) Watch Company Limited to environmental NGO friends of nature apt the general public, community,enterprise put onward”the summer solstice to corner off the lights,apt experience the natural summer night” call.

chose to corner off the lights as one night,to this daytime the so-called “summer solstice lights”is the longest day Leave the motley electrical clearance, out of the outdoors,to experience the natural charm of the night. At the same period can likewise participate amid various community activities, the feelings of parents and kid,addition communication. This campaign will be the June solstice until August.

always disburse attention to the harmonious development of human and society, the survival environment of the world’s leading watch brand CITIZEN. Temporary committed to environmental protection and public welfare undertakings. Since entering China extra than half a centenary CITIZEN has forever insisted aboard the social responsibility of corporate citizenship, with their own practical action with the concept of environmental protection. As the industry’s first way to the certification of environmental protection of enterprises, CITIZEN has forever been adhering to the cherish the earth’s resources,according to the environmental protection policy apt carry out the activities of” action charter short-lived dedicated to the light vigor technology applications within the field of R & D watch,from time to time with high-end watchmaking technology and advent of the fashion watch. CITIZEN core technology of light energy absorption, utilization of any visible light stamina is transformed into kinetic stamina as driving,apt watch. “

Continuation of the Longines FIG Longines and the International Gymnastics Federation cooperation

        Longines Longines with the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) to reach an agreement to extend their long-term partnership for another four years. Recently,louis vuitton handbag, Longines President WaltervonKnel Longines and chairman of FIG Br

FIG and Longin Longines is stepping up efforts to develop a can accelerate the referee to technical solutions. Preliminary results will be in the fall (October) showed that London 2009 World Gymnast Championship World Gymnastics championships.

Longin Longines President Walter von K? Nel FIG Bruno Grandi professor and chairman signed this contract would be extended to 2012 at the headquarters of the FIG Lausann. 2010 will celebrate his 25 anniversary of the victory of cooperation, Longin, Longines and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG agreed to extend his temporary partnership for another four years. Recently. This is an important milepost for both sides.

  Walter von K? Nel Longin Longines president, Professor Bruno Grandi, chairman FIG

Longin Longines in FIG competition,louis vuitton wool cap, as the official partner and timer. As the operation score system,louis vuitton outlet handbags, the disposal of the input data and the retransmission results provide the necessary infrastructure and staff in the TV screen and the scoreboard.

  Longin Longines President Walter von K? Nel FIG chairman Christoph Berthaud Swiss Time general manager Bruno Grandi Professor, general secretary of the FIG Andr é F. Gueisbuhl

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There is on fire with Instagrams and tweets from the Spring 2013 New York Bridal Market, and from what I’ve seen so far we are all in for a major treat this season! Lace, sequin, sparkles, and pleated veils galore! The backless wedding dress has always been a favorite of mine, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my love and fascination with type of gown. It’s just so feminine and sexy, if you can pull it off, by all means you should! Here are a few of my favorites,louis vuitton stella mccartney watches sunglasses, some are brand spankin’ new, others I’ve been swooning over since the start of my wedding planning over a year ago. I’d love to know your thoughts! Do you love a backless gown as much as I do?

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