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The Breitling company was founded in 1884 by the original founder – Louis Breitling. Originally,louis vuitton patent leather handbags, the company produced the pocket watch and the count machines. The company didn’t start to offer the army watches with count second and night view functions until 1914. Breitling crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the plane named “Spirit of St Louis”. Willy, the grandson of Louis,louis vuitton wallets for women prices, had realized the huge demand for counting the airline and traffic, therefore, he began to produce the exact accessories for the plane. After that, the company gotten its way to make further development by doing business concerning airplane. And even now the Boeing company is still one of Breitling customers.

In 1979, Schneider took over the company. From then on, the company has become the best at producing the functional watches that are creative, unique and durable. This success should be owned to a series of unique designs. The experience of doing business witn the airplane industry helped the works from Breitling own its unique characters. As it always pays attention to the guide of the watch’s function, the company has made its watches more particular for specific areas such as airplane, ship, guiding and diving. That makes its watches perfectly combined with functional and usable characters. So the Breitling watch is not only a time counting machine but also a machine that is called airplane computer at the same time.

At the time that Breitling was searching new ways to satisfy different customers’ requirements, it contained four main series – “Navitimer”, “Chronoliner”, “Nightlight” and “Professinal”. Each series has its own direction of the certain customers that work for the certain industry. Now I will introduce you the series that is really suitable for ladies-B-class.

The nightlight series has a very high fame among ladies. And the new designs have enriched this series. As the supplement of the Wingslady and Allistion, Breitling has been made to be a kind of sport watch. Its appearance is supposed to disobey the traditional one and at the same time adopt new techniques and fine workmanship. The strong and uniqe design of the case,louis vuitton briefcase, bezel and bracelet is highlighted by subtle polish on the sides. The black dial is adorned with applied hour-makers. Its uniqueness makes it valuable for you to own.