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January 17, 2013, Li Bingbing attended the Lijiang Banboo Gucci series conference. A body tender yellow skirt foil Li Bingbing Jiaoqiao lovely, neck decorative flowers increased her sweet feeling, a pair of yellow ankle with high-heeled shoes and clothes collocation of right. Most attract sb.’s attention is undoubtedly the watch that Gucci specifically for Bamboo series Ladies Watch Li Bingbing Li Bingbing special design.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint

!< p > bamboo series Li Bingbing especially ladies watch with circular design style,, paired with dazzling light bamboo material bezel. In the code (35 mm) using stainless steel watch bracelet watches and bamboo material collocation,, horsebit logo of table Gucci. Dial with ivory, a color scheme of the whole watch creamy.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint


pattern design continues the simple style,replica iwc watches, using only a few Rome time standard to be decorated. The words "Gucci" logo and "Made Swiss" (Swiss made) were inscribed on the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions. Is that the cooperation between the two sides, the back engraved with the "Gucci case and Li Bingbing for Responsible Life".

Korean media on Asia’s most beautiful goddess Lim Yoona Fan Bingbing on the list all watch together

< p > really did not think Yoona is located in the first,, she really looks very beautiful, but her beauty have thin, petty, maybe after a period of time of experience, she will from inside to out all kind of mature woman intriguing beauty. And now she can only be considered beauty, can not be regarded as a goddess.

Yoona, the biggest feature is clear and natural, with people every twinkle and smile to melt strength. So the simple vest plus jeans for collocation’s most suited to her. PREMIERE watch design Chanel delicate, very suitable for small dial like Yoona girls wear.

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In depth evaluation Cartire collectors love watch _ time zone watch watch _ auction _ fashion watch

Calibre de Cartier

multi time zone Watch

travelers must – Cartire de Cartier Calibre for a long time zone watch

people have long realized that different regions of the sunrise and sunset time is not the same, for example, when Beijing is at noon 12,, London is the morning of 4. When the distance is no longer a problem of communication, the problem of time is highlighted. 1884, Washington held the international meridian conference, the world is officially divided into 24 time zones, countries from then on the use of world time. At the same time, the watch business launched a fierce competition, trying to develop a watch that can display time zone time. Cartire is no exception. A leader in the field of the twenty-first session of the Geneva Watch Fair debut of Calibre de Cartier called the multi time zone watch. This is a traveler must be worthy of the name watches, Cartire also gave the business travel gift. This watch a total of three major highlights:


is a legible multi time zone display.

Calibre de Cartier

for a long time zone watch, for travelers to provide all of the practical information, watch the center of the sun and moon symbol of the sun and moon symbol day and night, indicating the time of departure, the main indicator of the time to watch the destination.

second highlights is the side of the city’s city indicator.

you can zoom through the side of the magnifying glass to show that this design can avoid the inconvenience caused by the excessive number of dial indicator. Just press the switch button, you can read the time of the 24 cities in the time zone, each press the button to display the city and the corresponding time, as well as the corresponding time between the city and travel.

Finally, a

Calibre de Cartier innovation highlights the long watches have summer and winter time conversion function. Implemented daylight saving time in five months, only transitions between urban instruction disk read in different time can be implemented daylight saving time and winter.

< p > so convenient ingenious features are derived in calibre de cartier watches a strong core of 9909 MC type automatic winding mechanical movement. 9909 MC type of movement is entirely made by Cartire research and development and manufacturing,, is Cartire’s senior watch series with multiple time zone function of the movement, but also a design for the traveler’s movement, with multiple time zones,, city display, (starting) day / night and time difference indicator.

Strong > not only within the core,, calibre de Cartier multi watch appearance is unforgettable, it has cartier watches all the classic elements: Roman numerals, "minute track" scale, blue steel hands and Cabochon sapphires. 45 mm case very male just.

Tissot fault stopped analysis [figure] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s netwo

1, Tissot second hand touch glass table (1), the second is too high or the second. (2), the main plate center hole wear, this will cause the center of the tooth axis and the second axis of the tooth to reduce. The second hand rotates, ran a position and a sheet of glass together. This situation we must first solve the splint and the main plate of the center hole concentricity. Namely, the crowded main plate hole and diamond,Franck Muller Watches, second gear shaft concentricity are improved as well.

(3) table glass deformation. Table glass because of the long-term contact with the outside world, hot and cold, wet the glass aging, some fragmentation. Others, to form a concave heart,Movado Watches, so that the second hand touch. The gap in the second hand and the minute hand gap is large enough,, properly reduce the second hand and the minute hand gap, thereby increasing the second system and a watch glass. When it is not allowed to replace the new glass. (4) the second and second gear shaft with the loose tube.

Jaeger Le Coulter Deep Sea metal ceramic chronograph watch [figure] _ _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pa

Deep Sea metal ceramic chronograph

< p > Jijia deep sea series of retro time lines of the watch design continues the brand’s consistent style, highlight the outstanding prototype watch movement style. The case diameter is 40.5 mm,, with all that each function of the lovers palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. Its fixed table ring surrounds the black classic dial with the protection of the organic glass mirror. When Mark and central minute hand and an hour hand are coated with orange warm tone Superluminova super fluorescent coating, reminiscent of 1959 Memovox deep sea watch fluorescent coating color.

< p > split time measured by the timer is equipped with two gold Chronograph buttons, and the two are located at nine o’clock and at 3 o’clock hour and minute timing disk and a central second hand display. Stainless steel surface carved with the classic watch divers surrounded by bubble pattern. Made of embossed calfskin leather strap with the original paragraph There is not a fraction of difference.

Jaeger Le Coulter Deep Sea metal ceramic chronograph

< p > although Jijia retro chronograph watch watchcase design inspiration source in brand classic works of aesthetic features, which is equipped with Jijia 751G type automatic winding movement is a mixture of Jaeger LeCoultre, the latest research results, such as variable inertia balance and no need of lubrication oil can be a long run of ceramic ball bearing. Years of grinding? Highlight the Jaeger LeCoultre watch superior performance, durability and reliability, excellent quality cemented Jijia 100 meters waterproof watches the historical status. Therefore,
IWC watches, the workshop of the Ru Shangu (Vallé e de joux) of the new works will make Jijia legend wrist? Enthusiasts for dumping,, watch equipped with a new generation of Jaeger LeCoultre movement has superior comfort and reliability, showing Jijia in various fields persist in innovation has a long tradition.

In 1958 the Rolex Submariner reference 5512 was introduced as with Rolex nothing is absolute. This reference was produced from 1958 (I can substantiate that date 58 as I have seen a 2 line 5512 with a serial number 371,,xxx) and continued through 1978 with several calibers over the years. I am sure there will be some controversy but the 1030 may also have been used in the early years. However I have not hard facts just shifting information. The mainstay calibers included 1520, 1530, 1560 and 1570. I have seen several from 1961 / 62 that carried the 1560 caliber. The 5512 did not as a rule carry the C.O.S.C. certification for its entire production,, but it did have the chronometer certification in the last years of production.

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