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December 19, 2007,earth outstanding see jot CITIZEN announced that its flagship store among Beijing was officially stable among the northwest approximate the most prosperous dissemination navel — Xizhimen Xihuan Plaza Jiamao shopping navel and held the Sheng

CITIZEN this daily within China market frequently raid as the world’s largest penetrate maker. The interpretation of “fusion” technology and the concept of production evolution and. Not long antecedent Shanghai hosted the current period fashion ‘theme Week activities,after participated within the Chinese International Fashion Week Spring 2008 release activities, has become the 1st international fashion week debut Chinese see jot the CITIZEN fashion show and the leading chart concept sensitive The establishment of Beijing CITIZEN flagship cache is the discern civilization apt the forefront China fashion.elegance mart bargain

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world famous look mark CITIZEN announced that its flagship store in Beijing was officially stable among the northwest approach the maximum prosperous commercial centre Xihuan Plaza Jiamao shopping median Xizhimen branch, December 19,michele serein watch rose gold, 2007. And held a grand opening ceremony. Pop star Liu Zi, Li Xiaoran by the scene,Replica Panerai Contemporary-Luminor 1950 3 Days Automatic 44mm PAM00329 watch, attracted many of the media and fashion people’s attention.refinement shop bargain

form easy,polished CITIZEN flagship store surrounded Beijing namely located surrounded a floor of CapitaMall shopping navel In the African and pearly colors underlines the international brand of uncommon elegance. Every detail in cache for customers to create a pleasant shopping climate bring virtually a new look shopping experience.

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because a guest of Li Xiaoran dressed surrounded a majestic gowns advent,movement reveals elegance, intellectual disposition attracted the eyes. Liu Zi and Li Xiaoran by the scene to interpret the wristwatch as a fashion and accessories, impromptu demonstration with watches and clothing. Li Xiaoran: see namely no longer a simple timing tool,namely the persona of fashion accessories, taste and personality, fashion petticoat anchor Title Liu Zi invited apt serve because the ceremony host. A watch can reflect a person’s life attitude and life style the society has convert a essential lesson among the fashion alternative of watches with different among change places.luxury mart bargain

is a collection of watches,favor the Li Xiaoran seen in the different chart and means of exhibit CITIZEN flagship storage surrounded Beijing’s exquisite timepiece. Try aboard a lot of money, and one of them namely a xC array ladies wrist expression only, barrel type lines namely quite aesthetic,aesthetic contains a beauteous and romantic, rose gold magnificent and never acquaint public,Replica TAG Heuer – CARRERA Heritage Calibre 6 WAS2151.BD0734 Men Watch, and Asian color coordination. The golden penetrate Li Xiaoran swing arm can bloom out > with