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Expert weapon how to watch master Ni Siwen watch collection of watches _ watch _ auction _ fashio

watch identification master Ni Siwen weapon: how to collection of watches stunt watch repair master in Shanghai there is a famous watch repair evaluation master, said any watches are good or bad he just a pinch of a mold on the know, and as the only Shanghai watches Certified Expert, the relevant judicial departments involved […]

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The gold watch on the map [decryption component] _ _ watch watch small knowledge _ fashion watch _ P

Rolex oyster Series Gold strap machine’s < p > history, many of the alchemists, have tried to through some means to make synthetic gold cheaper to obtain profits, therefore has accumulated gold to add the different elements of different texture and color effect of experience. < p > and standard of 18K gold, the color […]

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Longines05 years of Valentine’s day, DolceVita affectionate series launched the hearts

        the lover’s heart, like the winter sun, brings to life the warmth; like a rainbow in the sky across the embellishment of life,Cartier CAPTIVE DE CARTIER Watches, as in color; Coffee sprinkled into the caramel, rich sweet; as Valentine’s day in February 14th where to buy Longines "have mutual affinity" Valentine’s […]

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