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Athens desk this learn the most amazing finding,nevertheless Is this the latest science plus technology special composition of diamond,can provide the best elastic gossamer parts. Diamond mutual impression namely brittle yet special ingredients acclimate in the diamond Athens is beyond the limit has eminent elasticity. The special drilling

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namely known for its innovative watchmaking craftsmanship plus technology in recent years Ulyss Nardin Athens desk while you watch circles generally depends on the Nivarox table plant production of spring. Its R & D crew has yet put the present spring stuff mutation a subversion of traditional: diamond. The chancellor Rolf Schnyder plus vice president Pierr Gygax because the crew this fulfilment favor take it for a peerless honour. This is regarded as the “Athens table altitude hidden project,acquaint the see industry was shocked. Other must rely aboard the Nivarox desk factory produced parts of the jot are leading the associated progress because the hidden weapon of the Athens table

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Ulyss Nardin ambition be studying the world’s most fine quality hard stuff concentrate: diamond. And, experts Germany ultrathin diamond layer splice alter from looking because iron alloy material current Athens desk R & D troop finally apt the hardest material to generate the most required diamond see escapement organ architecture amid Diamond Escapement plus a Diamond Balanc Spring and a Freak prototype machine flat completion test.

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