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flowers elements are always synonymous with romance, Xun Zhou attended the Beijing Chanel photography exhibition, a black printed skirt, the design of the waist is cute,Sexy lingerie Nightgowns Sleepshirts Satin, making the overall looks fresh and bright Xun Zhou. Jewelry selection, Zhou Xun wear the flower shaped ring. This ring not only exquisite craft, and LBD silhouetted against each other. Dressed up in the body, if coupled with a pearl watch is perfect, soft luster of pearls to the romantic index increase several times,silk pajamas,!

interpretation: collocation Flower Ring + Pearl Watch

< p > if it is to go on a date, how to dress himself too much,
Sleepshirts, you can put on his favourite flower skirt, of exquisite makeup, but don’t forget to choose a suitable for their own flower ring and Pearl Watch. Flower elements and the Pearl are the same as the representative of the romantic, flowers element can increase the whole appearance of the sweet degree, and mellow and soft pearl luster the sweeter for the most gentle temperament,
Sexy pajamas Jacobs Skirt, the temperament for you to go to an appointment is again suitable however.



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