TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) to the top designers Okuyama clear line

      &nbsp,Online shopping; Seventy-eighth session of Geneva International Automobile Exhibition (Geneva78thInternationalMotorshow) to create a top Japanese designers Okuyama Kiyoyuki with individual name of the first GT car veil piercing to the international media yesterday. He is the most

in April 3, 2008 opening of the Basel world watch exhibition Heuer avant-garde exhibition hall. Contemporary high-tech and mechanical watchmaking advanced design field, a new dashboard k.o 7 is equipped with integrated 2008 TAG Heuer dazzling concept timer. Further action will be unveiled in Basel..! luxury watches


Okuyama Kiyoyuki with the tag heuer close cooperation, the Seventy-eighth Geneva International Automobile Exhibition (Geneva 78th Internat Motorshow yesterday to the international media opened Japan’s top designers Okuyama Kiyoyuki personally invented the first GT car veil. The recently established company Ken Okuyama Car will work with Modi company production of the car. This car. The 2 TAG Heuer Grand Carrera 17 RS mechanical Chronograph integration into the invention of k.o 7 Spider aluminum panel,Rado Watches, the perfect embodiment of the advanced technology, now avant-garde design and technical value and philosophy.   the first contemporary GT car into the luxury Swiss mechanical timing elements in the instrument panel, in order to meet such high performance cars need time. The other car is equipped with a timer brands are using automatic quartz technology,Cartier Watches, it cannot completely meet the car dial design and branding needs. The dashboard speedometer and tachometer and other instruments and panels, and "C? Te de Gen è ve engine mold and disc, from the design of Grand Carrera TAG Heuer inspiration to a great extent, design in Grand Carrera Chronograph on the dial plate is a kind of. luxury watches

but for car adds fine data flavor, k.o 7 simple but strong lines from Katana Japanese sword practical modeling. This concept is a kind of "automobile Sushi (Sushi of Automobil concise incapable of further increase. Is fashion, concise and eternal. The lightweight car adopts space char, stamping aluminum panel and milling alloy fittings, with excellent performance, high efficiency, full of fun to drive, and due to its ultra light weight, impact on the environment is rather limited. Okuyama Kiyoyuki think: lightweight car driving pleasure is closely related to my future environment. This created a new era in modern GT car. luxury watches


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