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        kCASIO sponsor of the 2007 Xiamen International Marathon — GPR-100E for this contest "only designated training game with table" the morning of December 29th, construction of the 2007 Xiamen international marathon match press conference cum


CA SIO sponsor of the 2007 Xiamen International Marathon

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GPR-100E for this contest "only designated training and competition with the table" luxury shop sale

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12 on the morning of 29, construction of the 2007 Xiamen international marathon match press conference and signing ceremony was held in the people’s Hall of Xiamen. 2007 Xiamen International Marathon coincides with the 5 anniversary, the press conference, the organizing committee stick closely to the pattern given by invited 5 5 year old girl and two Xiamen local singer with the interpretation of the marathon song, especially to celebrate the Xiamen International Marathon ushered in the 5 anniversary celebration,patrimony traditionnelle small seconds reference: 82172/000p-9811, press conference, the Organizing Committee of the relevant person in charge the next marathon related preparations and to sponsor held the field for the signing ceremony, the 5 year old Xiamen International Marathon brand more mature, more abundant activities, sponsors more. luxury shop sale

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Casio (Guangzhou) deputy general manager of trade limited company address by Kimko Ryuichi luxury shop sale

many sponsors, CA SIO appears particularly attract sb.’s attention. As one of the world’s top manufacturer of sports timepiece, CA SIO 2007 Xiamen international marathon match news conference, introducing a special for the dash design sport watch GPR-100E this watch is the world’s built-in GPS device is minimum, the lightest of the top running equipment, can provide accurate position,hublot oceanographic 1000 replica, velocity, distance such as a full range of data support for running in the player, can provide great help for the marathon training, competition, and was the 2007 Xiamen International Marathon Organizing Committee designated for this contest "the only training and competition with the table" in addition, the SP-800 over the years has been running fitness enthusiasts love professional watch, also caused the attention of the organizing committee, the conference to the people from all walks of life introduced.

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and Xiamen radio and Television Group signed a cooperation agreement with luxury shop sale

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