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Lace Sleeves Are in this year.

When you think of lace and long sleeves on a wedding dress where does your mind go and what do you picture? Do you picture Kate Middleton’s wedding dress? Do you think of a Victorian style dress? I personally picture a romantic Chantilly lace border with soft folds flowing as a soft river into a beautiful pond of a train. I picture a matching Chantilly lace bordered floor length veil and soft delicate hands coming out from sleeves that come to a diamond tip hooking onto your middle finger on both hands and a vintage style wedding band probably a family heirloom on the bride’s left hand. Maybe some ivory colored closed toe heels peeking out from the folds and of course you will need pearls to make it all wrap up perfectly.

I think most women who are into the vintage style think of just this. It is a look that has outstood the times. Victorian vintage dresses have stood out to many brides since Queen Elizabeth married Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840 wearing a dress made with white lace she prized,Rado D-Original Men Watches. Women often fallowed the Queens trends and this gave birth to the Victorian lace style dress,Vacheron Constantin watches. Many brides believe that lace gives a soft romantic feel to their special day,Longines Conquest Watches. Many people have thought that white dresses were worn in history and still today because it was thought to be a color of purity and virginity but that is actually a myth. Wiki states that blue was actually the color of purity in history. White was not worn for weddings before Queen Elizabeth. Brides preferred bright colors and ornate fabrics.

With the history behind lacey Victorian style wedding dresses it’s no wonder it is going to be in style in 2012. There will never be anything wrong with opting for the classics. It has been chosen for over 100 years. This year lace sleeves is in style, I am very sure we will see plenty of brides opting for this trend it just may be the most popular of the season!

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