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Rojdu his single button key timing table

about manufacturing in 1990,Tudor watches, 18K rose gold case, single button chronograph, the observatory, RD65 movement, case diameter 40 mm.

forecast price: 120000 – 80000 Hong Kong dollars

including commission price: 118750 Hong Kong dollars

Roger Du Pi a lot of not only in the form of a very good design,, the function is also very idea. For example the one button chronograph, although a single timed button is also not what epoch, but the match rogeris of the design looks comfortable. 30 minutes total time disc and single bond is very take tone, in fact, to me said the world has entered a completely electronic and information technology, mechanical watches on the timing function is really so important?, no, in fact, is a play, a state of mind, a hobby.

Rojdu his single button key timing table

< p > so Roger Du Pi Alfonso Xing put this table is designed to go against the classical,
Graham Watches, red gold watchcase, black dial, stereo Hongjin scale, the Arabic numerals is cursive, and not too much of a luminous display. The results a whole table fight together really is such thing. Of course rogeris is not only playing the appearance of the brand, the movement of RD65 simply by the Swiss Observatory of COSC attestation and across the board movement won the Geneva seal certification.

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Collection watches price

        German Haas has recently signed a new sponsorship deal, he and radar after signing the contract, is the list of the new spokesperson. Radar is a limited edition watch for haste, and was named TommyHaasRAD

and in the table back,Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Collection watches,       Haas’s limited edition watches produced a total of 150 pieces of. And Haas’s signature.

signing and radar,       German Haas has recently signed a new sponsorship contract. Is the watch the new spokesperson. Radar is a limited edition watch for haste, and was named Tommi Haa RA DO Sintra Tenni Chronograph

because Haas had in the last century 90’s is a member of the team of radar. This is his special limited edition watch dial with 0153040 digital,       it should also be a kind of regression. To symbolize the tennis scoring.

Haas is so good and attractive. The vice president said Kaiser radar. &nbsp,Rado Watches;     I’m very glad to be a top player and such cooperation. www,longiness l2.

TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) to the top designers Okuyama clear line

      &nbsp,Online shopping; Seventy-eighth session of Geneva International Automobile Exhibition (Geneva78thInternationalMotorshow) to create a top Japanese designers Okuyama Kiyoyuki with individual name of the first GT car veil piercing to the international media yesterday. He is the most

in April 3, 2008 opening of the Basel world watch exhibition Heuer avant-garde exhibition hall. Contemporary high-tech and mechanical watchmaking advanced design field, a new dashboard k.o 7 is equipped with integrated 2008 TAG Heuer dazzling concept timer. Further action will be unveiled in Basel..! luxury watches


Okuyama Kiyoyuki with the tag heuer close cooperation, the Seventy-eighth Geneva International Automobile Exhibition (Geneva 78th Internat Motorshow yesterday to the international media opened Japan’s top designers Okuyama Kiyoyuki personally invented the first GT car veil. The recently established company Ken Okuyama Car will work with Modi company production of the car. This car. The 2 TAG Heuer Grand Carrera 17 RS mechanical Chronograph integration into the invention of k.o 7 Spider aluminum panel,Rado Watches, the perfect embodiment of the advanced technology, now avant-garde design and technical value and philosophy.   the first contemporary GT car into the luxury Swiss mechanical timing elements in the instrument panel, in order to meet such high performance cars need time. The other car is equipped with a timer brands are using automatic quartz technology,Cartier Watches, it cannot completely meet the car dial design and branding needs. The dashboard speedometer and tachometer and other instruments and panels, and "C? Te de Gen è ve engine mold and disc, from the design of Grand Carrera TAG Heuer inspiration to a great extent, design in Grand Carrera Chronograph on the dial plate is a kind of. luxury watches

but for car adds fine data flavor, k.o 7 simple but strong lines from Katana Japanese sword practical modeling. This concept is a kind of "automobile Sushi (Sushi of Automobil concise incapable of further increase. Is fashion, concise and eternal. The lightweight car adopts space char, stamping aluminum panel and milling alloy fittings, with excellent performance, high efficiency, full of fun to drive, and due to its ultra light weight, impact on the environment is rather limited. Okuyama Kiyoyuki think: lightweight car driving pleasure is closely related to my future environment. This created a new era in modern GT car. luxury watches


Seiko Corporation of Japan and Shanghai oil painting & Sculpture Institute cooperate to complete the

        by the Japanese Seiko Corporation and Shanghai oil painting & Sculpture Institute cooperate to complete the sculpture of 5.5 meters high, 6 meters wide, double design, both sides each have three clock display some of the main city of the time in the world, and

&nbsp,watches;     instructions: Shanghai oil painting & Sculpture Institute of Shanghai Bureau of culture is the art of management unit. luxury shop sale

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6 meters wide,Rado Watches,       by the Japanese Seiko Corporation and Shanghai oil painting & Sculpture Institute cooperate to complete the sculpture of 5.5 meters high. Double design, both sides each have three clock display some of the main city of world time, and a countdown clock, display from now the opening of the Shanghai World Expo time. luxury shop sale

  luxury shop sale

every second beat,       the countdown display system clock with orange digital LED. Can accurately display the number of days and time of the opening of the Shanghai World Expo. luxury shop sale

allows visitors to the Bund can understand the world time. The top sculpture with photoreceptor,       world clock provides the main village – the five continents, Paris Beijing,Replica watches, New York, Sydney and Cairo each local time. LCD display screen in the lamp can automatically switch according to the day or night, so that no matter the day can remote clearly see the countdown clock digital. luxury shop sale

each hour can receive signals and time efficiency, GPS global satellite positioning system       countdown clock, world clock are equipped with automatic advanced device. To insist on the accuracy of the time.

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SEIKO approached 2010 countdown sculpture will and Shanghai people together,       Shanghai World Expo in May 1, 2010 before the opening ceremony. Everything in good order and well arranged for the Expo preparations, common witness to meet every important moment in world expo.

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  luxury shop sale

Luxury shop online shopping

Longines watch brand in Shanghai held a presentation event, is proud to announce the selection of this event out of the factory the oldest 20 watch, Treats, Zhao Ziqi, Jia Zhangke, Kong Xiangdong and other elite aristocrats invited to attend as guests and accept gifts watches, and watches the scene for the first time media sites Jia Zhangke

Last weekend, Longines watch brand in Shanghai held a presentation event, is proud to announce the selection of this event out of the factory the oldest 20 watch, Treats, Zhao Ziqi, Jia Zhangke, Kong Xiangdong and other elite aristocrats as guests invited to attend and to accept watches gift to share with the media scene legendary history and elegance of Longines brand attitude.

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top brand watch is worn Treats

As a world-renowned, who is also the Oscar judges, and other members of the Hollywood Writers Guild of multiple identities gold playwright, Treats that time itself is particularly interesting, it is an investment goods, but also the consumer. In people with limited lifetime, there is a mutual exclusion effect, you get much time to produce it while also occupy your spending time. If the effective period of time, as much as possible to do a professional thing, with persistent, focused approach to treatment, we may get a lot of money, and we can save a lot of time. And those savings time, equivalent to a return on investment, we can come up with to spend,Luxury shop, you can go on vacation travel, you can go to painting, to satisfy personal interests. Treats also revealed that in 1982 his first royalties received when, who have bought a Longines watches, meaning reminding myself to spend your time well and enjoy life. replica watches

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Zhao Ziqi show will receive a watch

along, Zhao Ziqi is known for its elegant and intelligent image and become fashion, an example of showbiz’s most perfect woman. Tiger at the beginning, Zhao Ziqi and Treats boarded “Vogue Fashion and Beauty”, “Bazaar Bazaar” and all first-tier fashion magazines, commercial value index also soared. Zhao Ziqi’s eyes, the charm of the time it is not just limited to simple functions, but also because that loss to the world of agglutination with virtuosity and extraordinary creativity. Really good table, close to the skin with an instant, can be felt: This is an invisible, silent emotional communication,Rado Watches, only exists in between the table and the master, as if the soul were guarding a home in the private silent in listening to the flow of time. A few years ago, Zhao Ziqi who elect themselves and had one pair of lovers watch …… When emotions come to an end, the time is still ahead, leaving the other with their eternal companions, deepest love and recollections prefer to work with more people to share, so her figure more and more in charity events scene. By the end of 2009, Zhao Ziqi children through the I Do Foundation for the horizon elementary individual donations 100,000, becoming the dawn, Zhou Xun,Breguet Type-XX-Type-XXI Watches, after the third I Do Love Angels Children’s Fund. replica watches

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Chopard Imperiale Watches swiss luxury

altitude Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot HUBLOT attach the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment MONSTER Monster, Watch Fair within Basel, Switzerland world premiere of “inspiration Hublot” noise-canceling headphones. This namely a solution as the high-definition audio with traditional Swiss watchmaking craft and the perfect mixture of high-tech materials to make convey unprecedented sound quality and elegance quality of life.
Hublot jointly with the wizardry sound cooperation from either sides marble pursuance of musical quality, cutting-edge diagram,dividend materials and ultimate sound passion. Light as wings, and rock-solid material made of carbon fiber “inspiration TM Hublot” headphones,ambition be held this summer within Hublot retail counters and stores worldwide public offering.
Monster author Lee St. (Noel Lee) spoke about:” Today favor HUBLOT Hublot watches have transform accessory perfected so favored along modern man, especially the pursuit of quality of life of those folk HUBLOT Hublot watch is a senior actuator in the field, so the magic sound cooperation with the Hublot manufacture the world’s maximum standards of elegance headphones logical it devoted a absolute of either artistic standards and the famous Hublot sophisticated traditional watchmaking. Customers Hublot is likewise Philharmonic person, willing to express their passion for song inspired TM Headphones debut Hublot refinement headset experience will be an important milestone. “
notable rapper, co-owner of the sorcery sound and the Advisory Committee Shiwei Zi · Colpitts (Swizz Beatz) attended the click conference and said:” Monster HUBLOT Hublot is a great associate so proud This collaboration proved once afresh that the sorcery sound forever pursue the maximum standards. sky is the limit vision want be farther! “
sophisticated technology and equipment, top-level audio
Fusion of the altitude high-tech materials and innovative technologies sound” inspiration TM Hublot “phone first headsets of its kind. With precision parts and high-tech production process, “Inspiration TM Hublot”wizardry sound headset combines cutting-edge audio headphones promote technology, dual-channel all-digital chart and best sound amplification exceptional noise performance, unparalleled emotional experience of music,every an showing the genuine sounds of dulcet instruments issued. With exquisite Hublot accurate the same, “inspiration TM Hublot” headphones purest carbon fiber material, a reproduction of melody perfect sound and intonation of the best materials. Design elements among an elegant brushed aluminum, high-grade natural rubber headband, classic leather headband, specially designed carbon fiber ear, “Inspiration TM Hublot” headphones called comfort, sound, taste the ultimate alternative HUBLOT Hublot global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe (Ricardo Guadalupe) at a newspaper conference,Chopard Imperiale Watches, said:” HUBLOT represented not impartial watch, More often represents our cherished duration and lifestyle. Hublot cooperation with the sorcery sound natural,not only for the hero Xiangxi,equitable favor ahead we launched Hublot skis, skis and bicycles, as a limited edition inspiration TM Hublot sorcery sound headphones in sensual and emotional redefined the craft of fusion! “
It namely particularly worth mentioning is that the” inspiration TM Hublot “headphones using the most advanced clamor diminution technology, which consists of two separate microphones, a process continuous clamor (such as a hum aboard the airplane and the other to lessen intermittent clamor (such as clapping or horn). Since never entire are derived from external interference,Rado Watches, the magic sound of the hard drive aboard altitude of the metal siteline with the softness of pure leather material earphone housings, extraordinary comfort and dress fixed seal so that you are fully immersed among the melody intoxicating world.
Like entire the sorcery sound headphones,Longines Heritage Collection Watches,like Inspiration TM Hublot “Headset by Monster uses the same founder adult Beats along Dr. Dre ® Headphones sound engineer Mr. Li Meisheng specially formulated pure wizardry sound quality (Pure Monster Sound ™). Pure wizardry sound quality using the sorcery sound of the latest patented sonic technology and innovation, bringing its territory amid person as the fans like the soundtrack within the current Clear,contract high-definition circle feel favor being on stage apt hear to the master movement To enhance compatibility,” inspiration TM Hublot “headset support ControlTalk Universal ™ functionality and Monster ® Pro link cable as easy connection apt use with any device users .