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Ebel was born in the kingdom of the legendary history of the Swiss watch Shadrach town square (La-Chaux-de-Founds). Here is located the heart of Switzerland , is the world ‘s top watchmakers gathering place, known as the watches are in the world. In 1911, Eugene and Alice Blom

Ebel was born in the kingdom of the legendary history of watches – Swiss Shadrach town square (La-Chaux-de-Founds). Here is located the heart of Switzerland , is the world ‘s top watchmakers gathering place , known as ” watches ” in the world . In 1911, Eugene and Alice Blom • The couple founded here Ebel (Ebel) watch factory . In just three years later ,Replica Richard Mille Watches, Ebel watch factory which ,Replica Roger Dubuis watches, with its superior watchmaking technology and perfect design, in the 20th century,patek phillipe 5539g – 001 price, the Swiss Watch Fair in the first national gold medal . replica watches

brand name in English : Ebel (Ebel)

brand history : 99 years

Founder: Eugene Blom couple
< br /> owner: Charles Bloom

brand origin : Switzerland

into China time: 2008 Joined

: 1911

brand grade : International brand

sales regions: the international market

Website : replica watches

Longines announcer Mr. Aaron Kwok according dad plus son a afresh reelected

congratulations Longines spokesman Mr. Aaron Kwok along”father plus son” a afresh reelected Taiwan actor Father plus son “Hongkong premiere was held in November 27th Hongkong Times Square within Tongluowan City,replica richard mille rafael nadal rm 035 watch,and along theMiss Ouyang Chuying

generation Longin bring gold horse to the actor Sir Aaron Kwok grace shop sale

plus Longin entirely sponsored by Hongkong. In extra to won the best actor congratulations Longin announcer Mr. Aaron Kwok onward”dad plus son” a afresh reelected Taiwan performer Father plus son “Hongkong premiere was held amid November 27th within Hongkong Tongluowan times square. “A dad plus son likewise won two Golden Horse Awards – Best Drama plus best supporting performer In dad and son” premiere ceremony,general layout of the grand festival attracted numerous medium plus passers-by onlookers,Replica JACOB & CO WATCHES, the position namely quite busy A adviser Mr. Tan Jiaming plus Longin BelleA RTI is committed to the pursuance of pure art sponsor Longin awarded a current BelleA RTI watch apt Mr. Tan Jiaming. In order apt congratulate the winning play either Aaron Kwok plus Wu Jingtao, Longin delivers the fine gold nag That night the stars plus celebrities attended the premiere, a city anecdote elegance mart sale

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Aaron Kwok with performer gift see quite happy; wearing the Longin BelleA RTI watch

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The main performer and coach

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The Hongkong region

Longin vice chancellor of sales plus marketing Ouyang Chuying miss,bring BelleA RTI watch to Director Mr. Tan Jiaming

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10 strokes to copycat table

      senior watch real, never back to the buyers leave any regrets, from the appearance of the each work movement is exquisite, have to be moved. There are really false, at the same time, this is not fake also slowly filled with huge market. True or false? We help you the way, may let you quickly see through the copycat table. 1 see movement       movement detection based on the true table model and core marking very familiar. For example, hollowing watch, to carefully observe the movement of words, really beautiful and clear surface carving,Van Cleef & Arpels watches, false statement is rough. Finally, to understand the performance of movement, such as chain and movement when the sound, will help you points in recognition. 2 see appearance details       observe carefully watch the appearance, such as the appearance of grinding, polishing it form delicate, exquisite craft, and false form far from. In addition, the technology of Chancheng table rescue, such as screw shape, grinding and engraving pattern table at the end, some brands have their own special mark and symbol in the process details. 3 see tag mark and number       truth table in strap, buckle, the bottom of the table, table ears Department has its own pattern and digital signature. Usually watch watch bottom labels have a digital ID LOGO brand and models of watches, some watch the table at the end of the label will be laser anti-counterfeit, such as Rolex, it has magic effect,PANERAI LUMINOR Watches, false statement is a green paper. Usually the false table label printing played relatively shallow, code size is not regular, give a person the crooked feeling, numbers do not even meet the coding rule of the watch, or thick line digital bits long situation. 4 see table glass       horizontal production currently watch glass are relatively high, are made of sapphire crystal glass. In the identification, there are still some ingenious method. Some brands of watches will be labeled on the glass, such as Rolex watches a tiny ROLEX English letters at the six o’clock position. There is a more simple method to distinguish, tapping on the glass surface gently with finger, voice mirror will issue a clear sapphire table real. 5 see dial       disk technology senior watches are commonly used enamel surface, guilloche process,replica richard mille 050 tourbillion, metal surface, such as shell surface radiation, some watches have their own unique technology, such as computer disc, Cartire Rolex Gold Silver Carved panels. Fake watch dial will never use of precious metal or embedded real gems, with stones, artificial zircon, some even use natural diamonds inlaid, but rough, uneven size, diameter or large or small, have broken the phenomenon. 6 see function       most false table will not work on the function, this is the best way to distinguish between true and false. Many false table function is decoration, such as the moon, calendar, tourbillon, actually.