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        commercial society to bring the most afraid is a surprise — of course there is shock to us. In the business planning guidance,Hublot Watches, promote behind enormous interests, originally we wouldn’t want to things such as

Rolex and LG cooperative mobile phone is high-end luxury market. Although the specific pricing and sale strategy has not yet been published, no doubt. But I am afraid that the vast majority of consumers still with the mobile phone no and I expect this mobile phone is only one – at least not like Prada to dive speed down. The latest development of PConlin mobile phone network will continue to focus on the mobile phone and the industry for everyone.

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in front of a huge profit, commercial society brings me most is afraid is a surprise – and of course there are scared. Under the guidance of the business plan. I wouldn’t want to do now is or has become a reality. Such as Rolex (Rolex except watch outside also started the production of mobile phone. With 100 years of accumulation, Rolex is already one of the world’s most famous brand watches,richard mille rm027 replica watch, but also the people most familiar with the brand. Early Hongkong films, Rolex gold watch as the string field props appear many times. Now Rolex mobile phone launch will also obtain the results as such in the watch industry? luxury watches

but has not yet been announced, Rolex’s launch of the mobile phone is a co production with LG reported prototype has been completed. So today I have to use the same picture as the illustrations of speculation. According to industry reports, the biggest characteristic is the Rolex mobile phone appearance design. The local except with the Rolex logo,hublot oceanographic 1000 replica, also used in Rolex watches on the delicate leather and materials. Rolex will also strive to make the mobile phone has to watch the same exquisite workmanship and good temperament. luxury watches

luxury watches

Rolex and LG to launch mobile phone? Co brand ethos growing luxury watches