Vacheron Constantin watches price

        not only the traditional jingshizhizuo Athens table FREAK: Tourbillon watch, this is different from the traditional concept of watches watches, opened in the past a century of watchmaking technology, in the design and Mechanical

is not a panel and the crown is the only watch the biggest characteristic, time, minute hand. Through the movement of the operation to display time. Two clamping movement along the central axis rotation to display, divided. Innovation of Athens double escapement device at the top of the deck, one revolution per hour, at the same time as the minute hand use, below the splint is every 12 hours to a circle, with clockwise function. A Freak seven chain tourbillon,Vacheron Constantin watches, another outstanding feature is the core center axis, the appearance of crystal glass directly through the movement, is an unprecedented and unrepeatable bold design, also proved once again that the creative tabulation technology R & D team of athens. A Freak is different from the general Tourbillon wrist

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is not a traditional jingshizhizuo

this is different from the concept of radical clock watch, Athens table FREA K fantasy tourbillon watch. A is different from the past century watchmaking technology, design and the mechanical structure is overturned thoroughly people to watch expectations. FREA K: Tourbillon from Athens table soul Ludwig oechslin hand, Ludwig oechslin and Athens table President Rolf Schnyder in early 1980 to meet, Dr. Ou Kleene proficient in philosophy, physics and astronomy, the creative genius will realize one by one in Athens table, such as the trilogy of time, GMT calendar, FREA ± K fantasy tourbillon. Each stunning altar table works, ushered in a new era in the history of clocks and watches.

Freak 28800V/h a tourbillon watch

core Cal.UN-200 manually on the chain,       material 18K rose gold. Display, divided, device card Russell tourbillon, silicon crystal double escapement wheel, storage seven power, sapphire crystal mirror, table size is 44.5mm,us rado wach in herat com, the bottom cover transparent.


28800 frequency Freak