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What tools are required for


< p > watches maintenance tools including watches the anvil, Chong anvil and hammer anvil and impact anvil for pad on the parts and die pad, watches oilstone and file, sandpaper (1) stone can be divided for two types of coarse and fine, used for grinding plane parts and repair tools, alcohol lamp and torch (Figure 1-26) alcohol lamp generally used to heat treatment of parts of watches.

watch repair maintenance needs what tools

< p > 1, file drilling and watch the anvil, anvil and hammer anvil and impact anvil pad on the parts and die pad for and on top of it with different diameter inner hole, to adapt to the needs of the various parts, such as shown in Figure 1-22. Hammer for knocking watch case. Watch a punch and punch and punch pad pad at many different types, its shape can be selected according to requirements. Generally, Kong Pingchong, with a solid balance, Chong Chong,
sleep tops, semi-circular dome shaped V impulse, it matched with a blunt pad. The impact pad has a flat punch,
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Sexy Lingerie, as shown in Figure 1-23. When in use, the thrust pad on the anvil in the hole. Condition good, as shown in figure 1-24.