Rolex Green Milgauss Photo Essay and 1st thoughts

This Green Mil Gauss is a surprising watch.

I remember my thoughts when I saw it first in pics, last year during the Basel Fair…

I found it strange, a bit freakie with all these colors, and not that appealing…

Till my AD gave me a call to ask me to pay him a visit, with a surprise ….

It was the surprise.

Not that I find it very appealing nor beautiful.

But the Mil Gauss has something,Replica Dior – Dior VIII Baguette 33 mm Automatic CD1235F4C001 Women watch, especially in this version…

This is in fact a funny watch, which makes it interesting…

you have a bit the feeling to wear a traffic light on the wrist, with all these colors, well,hublot ferrari replica watches, at the first contact…

Than you begin to change a bit your mind, and to have a look at the case, which proportions are very well balanced.

The Bracelet is obviously very well finished, even if I’m not a big fan of the mix Polish/ brushed links…

Then, you begin to love it, as it is, a funny, weird watch, due to this blend of colors, and to this special lightening second hand…

As for the older models ( 6541 and 1019, in fact, a blend of these 2 references …), you have different indexes at 3 / 6 / and 9, a matt dial, and you begin to appreciate this presentation…and to discover its charm.

Even this very …green sapphire has some appeal, finally.

And here,ZENITH CLASS WATCHES, doesn’it it look spectacular?

Let’s not forget that the Mil Gauss is now of the most efficent watches in terms of amagnetism,PANERAI Contemporary Luminor Watches, which may be useful, more than I / we thought…

You should go to your AD, and test the magnetism of your watches, you will be surprised…

Well, I changed my mind on this watch,tag carrera Car2a11 finest replica, and I decided to go on it, not because of its rarity, as only God knows what rolex will do with it, and we should think that they will do the same than they did with the Kermit sub…

But because this is a so strange and special watch that I began to fall in love with…

Hope you will enjoy,Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CHRONOGRAPH Watches

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