Dior Dior Grand Soir CD133564A001 Watch

The legend says that the Daytona fever started in Italy in 1985, when a magazine published on its cover the photo of G. Agnelli on his boat, wearing a classic 6263 with silver dial. A simple photo that would breathe new life into a model that for 22 years had never really found its public (M. Pisani).


&nbsp,Dior Dior Grand Soir CD133564A001 Watch;

The production of the Rolex Cosmograph began in 1963 with the reference 6239, initially powered by the Valjoux 72B of the previous models (ref. 6238).


Rolex ref. 6238 (Photo: PremiumWatch)


The watch is characterized by a round case (again similar to the 6238), a tachometric scale engraved onto the bezel and counters in a different colour than the dial (black on light coloured dials, silver on black dials). This colour contrast fulfilled the need to check time more easily in bad visibility, for example during motor races. The twinlock 6mm crown, pump pushers ref. 24-p3 and tropic 21 plexi are the same as on the 6238.


Cosmograph ref. 6239 with black dial (Photo WorldofTime)


Cosmograph ref,TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage CAS2110.BA0730 Watch. 6239 with silver dial (Photo: A. Shear)


Cal. 72B (Photo: A. Shear)


The oldest examples have a bezel for speed measurement with graduations of up to 300 units per hour; which was replaced by a 200 units per hour bezel in the mid 1960’s.


The inscription DAYTONA on the dial – initially aimed only at the North American market – appeared on a Rolex advert in 1964, when the production began. Rolex was sponsoring an automobile competition on this famous circuit and the legend says that an example in stainless steel was given to all the participants and a gold version to the winner of the race.


1960’s North American Rolex ad


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