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Leisurely elegant top watch brand and golf watch watch watch little knowledge of fashion watch Pacif

Elegant and brand golf leisureRolex Phil · Mikkelsen is the choice of Rolex (Rolex) Cellini Slim (Cellini). No amplification of the calendar mirror, thin second hand, no luminous green ghost standard, there is no automatic winding, but there is no sign of oyster shell type and waterproof to a depth of. Phil Mickelson’s this slim […]

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"day and night" and "pointer type" mechanical

day and night region

24 when this table shows the same way as the basic principle of the pointer type is the same, but they are more simple and intuitive to set up a day and night display function,, so as to achieve the purpose of 24 hours. They are all from the Kalachakra output power to drive the 24 Kalachakra, just center adjustable

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On the watch Run string problem _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s net

, about running string problem < p > string running in the watch assembly and repair, the main purpose is to check, axle is reliable in axis eye, the gear alignment and meshing condition, axial lubrication, the gear face beating, axial and radial clearance gear, axle wheel tip concentricity, gear transmission, sensitivity degree. All […]

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Most Boucheron Wrist Watch Jewelry [map] stereo owl _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific wome

called the wrist watch jewelry Boucheron stereo owl

< p > Boucheron (Boucheron) stereo owl jewelry watches and a matching purple crystal,, diamonds in 18k white gold, as well as the blue and purple sapphire, another paragraph, with 18K Rose Gold mix pink tourmaline,, powder, diamond and pink sapphire.

< p > Boucheron Boucheron

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Hour marked with large scale effect of watch [map] _ watch timepiece significance _ watch knowledge

in a sense, when the subject constitutes a time to observe the time, to look at the main visual end of the watch. Facial features, like a watch, is the time scale, a wide range of diverse design, as a matter of fact, when no new demand change,, as long as the a style perfectly […]

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RMB eighty thousand of Rolex is a good watch Probably how many

        about the number of assets of talent will bring their own this table? The ten thousand blocks of one? Is it right? A lot worse? Do not understand the ~ ~ ~ know that under this version does not support Chinese English translation function, if necessary, Replica IWC watches, please buy […]

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I’m looking for gold Rolex watch, please provide pictures 500 yuan

        500 yuan this version does not support Chinese English translation function, Replica watches, if necessary, tag heuer watches, please buy the paid version this price you buy imitation? Photos would not provide direct to the market to buy some fake table went to watch the buy ~ 500 yuan this version […]

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Excuse me, as you said, Casio is also the native smuggled goods quality

        hello! I have to see about buying a Casio in the Taobao problems with others on your back, I want to buy, luxury swiss, so,, want to ask you for advice!! Not so simple is listed prices in different regions is different China may have been sold in Hongkong or […]

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The shopping center to buy 240000 fake Rolex, 12 years after the claim 672000

        shopping center to buy 240000 fake Rolex, 12 years after the claim 672000 watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,tag heuer watch, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches in normal bazaar to spend 240000 yuan to buy a Rolex watch was not the original production. Therefore, Mr. Wang will […]

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Machinery manufacturing quality exceptional IWC and nations

        machinery manufacturing quality exceptional IWC Wanguo watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch       IWC IWC was founded in 1868, has 130 years of history of watchmaking. Liye place called Summer Buddha Hauser, local history of watches and clocks can be […]

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