Perceptual soul art machinery

        the count sound up Van Cleef & Arpels butterfly world MontBlanc magic star count impromptu dance Van Cleef & Arpels Vacheron Constantin elegant lacquer painting TIPS: what is the maki-e (maki-e)? All sorts of strange, delicate, exquisite artistic guidance and creative thinking on differ completely

The Earl of

— sound up

Van Cleef & Arpels

— butterfly world

MontBlanc — magic star

The Earl of

— www,tag heuer

impromptu dance

&nbsp,TAG HEUER;

Van Cleef & Arpels: Cherry coloured drawing or pattern

Vacheron Constantin

— elegant lacquer

TIPS: what is the maki-e (maki-e)?

Art direction and creative thinking

all sorts of strange, subtle and delicate rely on different clock technology in inch between being combined,, and with visual conversion show art beyond time value. From flashing in containing CLS in SIHH, we saw the watch designer and maker of walk in the time in the world of imagination, see understanding and interpretation of their time space for more diversified, more see re germination and encouraging creativity and passion of joy.

Count de

– sound up

watch to wear black clothes, black diamond, spinel and agate appear alternately, interwoven into a complete sequence of notes as a piano keyboard. It shared a secret with you,, cover up like a precious bracelet, people lost in the pursuit of journey in time.

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$1240000! The Patek Philippe auction record

        $1240000,! The Patek Philippe auction record name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,TAG HEUER, quartz watches, sapphire watches Antiquorum summer auction will be held at the New York Timezone in June 14th, the auction for $8586583. The total turnover of the auction of 85%, clinch a deal amount higher than the expected 20%, and participate in the auction bidders from all over the world, including Italy, Malta, Singapore and Holland. It is understood, in addition to the many site, telephone and written commissioned bidders, and 368 bidders bid by the network instant,tag heuer watches, 289 highly collectible value provided to the auction clock a fierce competition.     the focus of this auction is a lot 289th, a Patek Philippe Ref.5002 sold for $1240400, a record USA watch auction record. Of course, Audemars Pigeut watches and Rolex table also have achieved remarkable results: lot 107th, a royal oak series watch sold for $232400; lot 175th,, known as the "Rolex, Panerai" sold for $82600.

Diamond maze diamond studded table 5C standard

        watch brand 5C standard diamond maze diamond table, the Swiss watch brand,Finest watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch pure diamond, emit dazzling light. Embedded in the diamond watch, not only is the classification of 4C standard, also must follow the most important part of 5C standard — Creative (creative), in order to reveal the wearer’s distinguished identity, watchmaker who built a diamond in the dial on the maze. Diamond maze brand position (out of 10 points): three brands of 10 points, 9 Earl of Chopin, rich family 6 this period involved in the evaluation: the count (Piaget), Chopin (Chopard),TAG HEUER, rich family (Sarcar), are in manufacturing watches started, and has a special liking for jewelry expression. Earl and Chopin also was born in nineteenth Century sixty or seventy years, are the earliest Jura family workshops in the valley, and then out of the village, settled in Geneva. The count is a forge ahead of the enterprise, long-term take "top watchmaking technology and senior jewelry" work along both lines strategy, creative design which also proved that emerge in an endless stream. Said one sows and another reaps, jewelry table in more than half a century, the count acted as the role of trees, it was, it still is today. Wear the count table not only because of its movement or appearance, and its brand value. Chopin in the international jewelry watches on the market position, huge success thanks to the happy diamond series. Happy Diamond series is a classic double-edged sword, it made Chopin, at the same time bound Chopin designers creative inspiration. So Chopin brand position next to the count. If the count trees, rich family is a successful shade person. It is the founder of Italy origin of the Brazilian Sarzano· Carlo, 1948 before the rich family was established in Geneva, he worked in a number of world famous enterprise. He thought that wearing jewelry table is not on time, but in order to attract the attention of others, if so, should the world’s most expensive and most attractive gemstone — diamonds create watches. His idea is to cater to the part of the consumer,, such as the royal family of Thailand and the Middle East nobles, after all these people’s purse is too big, do not have to buy Steel sheet. But the rich family in Chinese market power co.. Count Magic Hour, Chopin happy diamonds, rich family Solitaire overall description: (out of 10) count 15 points, Chopin 14 points, rich family 12 price: (out of 10) count 10 points, 9 points, Chopin rich family 5 we see the Earl Magic Hour rose gold version, obtained the eighth Geneva haute Horlogerie awards best paper award. It and the seventh and sixth to receive this award Cartire blue balloon, and the Patek Philippe Ref.4981 has the similar characteristics, first, at first glance, feel very beautiful, harmonious, and have their own unique design and distinctive.