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        CAMPANOLA series concentrated 75 years CITIZEN craftsmanship and design philosophy, the pursuit of the ultimate beauty, is the perfect fusion of technology and fashion, deeply enjoy successful time love. At present, the introduction of Chinese 2007 Basel International Watch Fair, recently. CITIZEN launched the CA MPA NOLA, this table is hand […]

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The best salespeople — from CITIZEN to China Japanese style of relations

        Yazaki Takashio’s story sounds is a typical Japanese style: his first watch is CITIZEN, his first job at CITIZEN, and CITIZEN in the first year of his work is — wearing uniforms at work [1]&nbsp,Longines evidenza Watches; [2]  [3]    the next page of first job at CITIZEN,   […]

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SEIKO (Seiko) Spring Drive Spacewalk (Space Odyssey

        in 2008 October, RichardGarriott (Richard Garriot), a famous video game designers and adventurer, will become the sixth private space explorers. Richard will be in the "international space station" [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]    the next page of Richard Garriott Richard? Garriot) the famous video game designers and adventurer,Vacheron Constantin […]

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audemars piguet perpetual calendar dragon sale

CASIO HS-30W (the 10 sets of memories waterproof stopwatchThe original CASIO HS-30W waterproof stopwatch stopwatch,audemars piguet perpetual calendar dragon, HS30W,Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle watches, HS70W elegance mart bargain CASIO HS-30W luxury mart sale (the 10 sets of memories waterproof stopwatch luxury mart sale features: the ingredient of measurement is the 1/100, the longest measuring phase […]

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SEIKO Sportura SND857J1 jewelry turntable set with eight diamonds

current SEIKO (Seiko) Sportura series created a new combination of action function plus amenable vitality see SEIKO look catena This wrist see within SEIKO durable tradition, with women present SEIKO (Seiko) Sportura catena created a present combination of movement function plus amenable vitality see SEIKO look catena This wrist penetrate in SEIKO durable tradition, injected […]

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Vacheron Constantin watches

    &nbsp,Vacheron Constantin watches;   Sesier cecill brand watches from the family, is dedicated to create, for white-collar workers and young tide cargo in the brand personality, inherited the traditional Asian culture, absorbing the essence of European fashion elements, integrated into the one and only the brand culture, because of personality Sesier cecill brand […]

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Vacheron Constantin watches online

Since its inception in 1999 , has been a highly complex table design center, a one-off this year published three Tourbillon can definitely Piaget Polo flywheel Relatif and Breguet double tourbillon , the same is the most Since its inception in 1999 , has been a highly complex table design center,Vacheron Constantin watches, a one-off […]

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Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile watches luxury

  1, the best place to put the watch placed desiccant, but avoid using mothballs, pest control agent and other chemicals. 2,Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile watches, leather watch should avoid contact with water, so as not to strap hardens, smelly, which led to the results of the fracture.When 3, if there is abnormal watch, […]

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Leather strap maintenance method

      in addition to the metal belt, belt is most has the touch of personal beauty, so let the table fans envy!       leather strap is not only elegant more fashionable, variety of colors to match clothing more show beauty,Patek Philippe Watches, header itself, with appropriate band will make the wearer […]

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Vacheron Constantin Watches new year

Chinese watches industry network provides the world watches, Swiss watches plus additional diversity of discern mark official website of the latest information plus the latest watches watches attempt information,is the vocational reports Swiss watches, gold penetrate Swiss gold see Rolex watches, OMEGA watches, Longines watches, a hundred Diversification of material: stainless steel chromium alloy watch […]

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