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        beautiful island "Faure Mo Ssha" (FORMASA) has become a synonym for Taiwan, but few people know the word FORMASA,replica watches van cleef, in fact, is a portuguese. To the first sea powers to commemorate the opening of modern civilization, day

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but few people know FORMA the word SA,       beautiful island "Faure Mo Ssha" (FORMA SA has become a synonym for Taiwan. Is portuguese. To the first sea powers to commemorate the opening of modern civilization, Tissot recently introduced Portuguez Portuguese world time zone dial engraved with the table of limits, the inner Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Del Garda Hong, Lisbon, Rwanda, Ma Puden, Goa, Dammam, the island, Macao and the interest of 11 Portuguese colony and the Portuguese village the name, after the end of He and carve the map of the world, and indicate the location of the city. This table was only limit the sale of Portuguese language countries, but because the Taiwan "Faure Mo Ssha" comes from the Portuguese, and received an unexpected 35 quota. Chanel watches

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first modern sea powers Portugal,       Tissot deputy general manager of Taiwan branch Li Qian said. Open the East, Western trade, development and through the East,tag heuer mikropendulums replica, Western trade channel, is closely linked with the rise of modern civilization. Tissot selection in 150 anniversary memorial watches, issuance of Portuguese world time zone watch, a symbol of Tissot loyal to the history, but also respect the spirit of the pioneers. Tissot Portuguez Portuguese world time zone table of limits, the ETA 2893-3 automatic mixing machine, stainless steel material, the inner rotary dial time zone display, leather belt, global limited edition of 2003 only, Taiwan quota only 35,watch price, is expected in 2003 10 early market. Chanel watches

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influence until today

Portuguese and related language countries does not belong to the mainstream, the world might       although. But if you talk about finding the East Indies Magellan, we all feel for having heard it many times, but Magellan is a portuguese. Recently in Taiwan, have a fever, "Faure Mo Ssha" the word Formosa, in fact is the Portuguese seaman after Taiwan at the whim of a title, especially the "Macao", the colonial era language situation, the Portuguese left still in use of the "Macau" geographical name. Even five times won the World Cup Soccer Finals