The capital of only this one Jaeger Le Coulter air clock

        Beijing only this one Jaeger Le Coulter air clock table name brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Jaeger Le Coulter watch was founded in 1833, it has been the "precision" and "innovation" symbol. The small world of mechanical watch movements — 101 movement made in 1929, is still the world’s most micro mechanical watch movement, the world’s first fully automatic meter core and the small quartz watch core,, made outstanding contributions for the development of the watch industry.           Atmos air bell is a Jaeger Le Coulter watch factory in 1928,, the invention of a clock driven by air temperature, temperature 1 DEG C power supply 48 hours, without the use of batteries,, do not have to be wound, and each Atmos in the situation without air pollution can walk 600 years before a mechanical loss. Over the years the Swiss government to represent the Swiss watch spirit of the works as the official gift, of which Atmos air bell is the most famous Jaeger Le Coulter. The air bell in Beijing with only one, sometimes placed in the Jaeger Le Coulter store, sometimes placed in the Hendry watch shop.