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Montblanc Nicholas Kay S series memories of carefully crafted time (under) watch watch watch little

, Nicholas: the memory of the time (next) timing process of the cradle from the Swiss watch city of Geneva drove 3 hours to arrive,, hidden in the valley town of villele watch. In this quiet town, is located in a factory called the United States and China’s resistance to china. Resistance beauty of […]

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Watch [map] _ minute difference coordination watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s n

time division pin coordination

The reason for the difference between the

time division is as follows:

1,, the surface of the plate with the installation of the poor (usually mosaic or printed)

2, the scale of the dial to have a printing error

< p > 3, dial the center hole and the movement, and the second hand shaft hole do not coincide, pan claw and movement between also exis

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Follow the hunting… Like people, some watches are very special: they are not only rare models,, but have a history that make them unique,, an aura that definitely makes the difference for a collector who likes the concept of “toolwatch”. 

In late 2010, I was lucky enough to buy a Submariner 5514 from the original owner. Being able to meet the fir

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Last weekend.. it was time for one of the nicest events again. The meeting of total Comex Nutcakes!!!! Guy’s madly in love with the subject,… digging deep and get soo excited… talking caseback engraving(styles) for hours LOOL! Freaks as i said before. LOOL, but of course not freaks without taste,…. so we met at a […]

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