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Nicholas: the memory of the time (next)

timing process of the cradle

from the Swiss watch city of Geneva drove 3 hours to arrive,, hidden in the valley town of villele watch. In this quiet town, is located in a factory called the United States and China’s resistance to china. Resistance beauty of China is wilier town only a watchmaking factory, its former neighbor propack table factory already relocated to the Jura Mountains on the other side.

MontBlanc Nicholas series: the memory of the hard time (down)

2007,, is the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the MontBlanc table. This year, MontBlanc announced the acquisition of Meinai Huabiao factory, because China is Meinai Swiss chronograph technology museum. Meinai table factory was founded in 1858, has a history of over 150 years. In Swiss watch altar, only a few of the watchmaker to fully grasp the traditional watch manufacturing process, the United States resistant Hua is the one. Us resistant Chinese homemade high inertia big code wheel, gossamer and chronograph movement components, all tabulation by the master personally produced adjustment. Until today, in the United States – China is still operating within the 1.5 century as before in order. In order to inherit the traditional Swiss watchmaking this historical heritage,, Montblanc in 2007 with the United States Anti China Alliance, enable us to bear the Chinese transformation as "the United States resistant Hua senior tabulation technology research", namely Montblanc… Watch factory. The Institute will focus on the ancient watchmaking and complex function generation, training young craftsman tabulation.

Watch [map] _ minute difference coordination watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s n

time division pin coordination

The reason for the difference between the

time division is as follows:

1,, the surface of the plate with the installation of the poor (usually mosaic or printed)

2, the scale of the dial to have a printing error

< p > 3, dial the center hole and the movement, and the second hand shaft hole do not coincide, pan claw and movement between also exist radial clearance),,

,, 4 minute when the assembly installation error of

watch minute poor coordination of

< p > on watch, poor coordination, in the industry standard "mechanical watches, QB/T1249-2004 is such a requirement: when the needle with the character center superposition, minute deviation" 12 "when character center angle should be in conformity with the provisions of this. 1, excellent products of —18~18 (angle); 2, grade —24~24 (angle); 3, qualified —30~30 degrees (angle). Check up, every 6 degrees for a lattice, that is to say, up to the minute hand of poor coordination of not more than 5 lattice. When the minute installation error is generated when the minute hand assembly, poor coordination of the main reason. , coordinated the examination method in the industry standard is such a requirement: "clockwise respectively with" 3 "and" 6 "and" 9 "," 12 "character coincident with the center and check the minute hand of the deviation angle of" 12 "conform to the center of the", should be in accordance with the above requirements, this check is watches use reliability.

Follow the hunting… Like people, some watches are very special: they are not only rare models,, but have a history that make them unique,, an aura that definitely makes the difference for a collector who likes the concept of “toolwatch”. 

In late 2010, I was lucky enough to buy a Submariner 5514 from the original owner. Being able to meet the first owner of such a watch,, to discuss with him during several hours and getting full documentation is really a rare experience for someone who is interested in the history of Rolex and in the extreme use of their vintage sports models.

To read the full story follow this link.

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