Brand history Audemars Pigeut table — innate excellence

        brand history: Audemars Pigeut table — innate excellence brand watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Audemars Pigeut watch from birth until now, always retained the tradition of watchmaking technology and excellent enterprise spirit, is the world’s few so far still watch factory founded by one of the family in charge of the. Historical inheritance brilliant in 1875,, two young talent masters Jules LouisAudemars and Edward AugustePiguet determined to join the development of precision watch career in the Swiss watch resort Jura Valley, officially founded Audemars Pigeut watch watch factory; and the establishment of "Audemars in LeBrassus in December 17, 1881, PiguetCie company. AP is the first letter "two people named A" and "P" composition. Trained two people in the Jura Valley to become professional polish divisions, and developing the most sophisticated part of watch manufacturing. Watch factory was established at the beginning of two, look far ahead from a high plane Audemars Pigeut founder has decided to no longer be watch factory parts suppliers, to take the lead in developing a complete clock; in 1882 to create the first gold bag watch equipped with calendar device, reflect their enterprising spirit and wit. With the entrepreneurial spirit itself, they focus on manufacturing Audemars Pigeut complex tables, and a series of strategic marketing, the love he table to become the world’s largest complex tables invention records brand. In 1889 tenth session of Paris world watch exhibition, the exhibition of works of GrandeComplication Audemars Pigeut watches Tourbillon table, equipped with table asked, double needle timer and perpetual calendar function, design of precision, reverberated in the watch industry. This success, the love he table fame quickly in the altar table establish leadership. In addition to the original in London and Paris agents,, new agents are also set up in Berlin, New York and Buenos Aires etc.. With the expansion of business, in 1907, "Audemars,, PiguetCie" companies to purchase new property in the original adjacent buildings, now Audemars Pigeut watch museum. Audemars Pigeut watch manufacturing centre also never away from the site, each watch from the watch making birthplace — the Swiss ValleedeJoux watch factory, and engraved with the watchmaker’s name and individual number, precious. Audemars Pigeut table can be immortal in the distinguished Swiss watchmaking tradition, all because of its two founding family always table for the Audemars Pigeut commitment and later master tabulation loyalty. Since 1882, the Audemars and Piguet members of the family have served as the main duties of company, while Audemars and Piguet are respectively in charge of the company within two business areas; Audemars is responsible for the technical part, Piguet is more involved in commercial activities. Management method of this combined by family members are still in use, long lasting. In 1917, JulesLouisAudemars retired and by his son PaulLouisAudemar.

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        provide OMEGA watches offer website brand and price information watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

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wear OMEGA watches, on behalf of achievement and perfection, this OMEGA watch industry and advertising industry have known the name is derived from the Greek alphabet (omega), began in 1848, by the taste of people loved. OMEGA in sailing, track and field, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsored by the European golf, won the Olympic Games designated timer is up to thirty-one times more. OMEGA also invited some celebrities as image ambassadors, as we are familiar with the formula one champion Schumacher,, figure skating champion Chen Lu, Switzerland’s number one tennis player Sindis, sailing Racer Peter · sir Blake, golfer Ernie · Ace, peel stage · Bresnan, Cindy · Crawford, Simon Yam, Qiqi and other sectors top people.

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欧米茄(OMEGA)星座典雅女士腕表    &nbsp,; &nbsp,;     会员价:¥1080.00
欧米茄(OMEGA)星座典雅休闲腕表            会员价:¥2280.00
欧米茄(OMEGA)碟飞新款水晶背透自动机械表  会员价:¥380.00
欧米茄(OMEGA)超霸直剑彩贝奥运自动机械表  会员价:¥380.00
欧米茄(OMEGA)星座奥运包18K自动机械表   &nbsp,; 会员价:¥2980.00

Wan Guobiao (IWC) Chengdu open cabinet.

        Wanguo table (IWC) Chengdu cabinet brand watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches specializes in the manufacture of men’s table,, is praised as the "Excellence Engineer clocks" Wan Guobiao (IWC) has been recently in Chengdu Renhe Spring Dong Dian opened the first store in Sichuan. Since 1868, des Nations table has been the industry technology development and high precision complex model watch production of formulate, shrewd and excellent design,, with the eternal classic style,, set a variety of precision design, still easy to use, the lofty status makes Wan Guobiao stand table altar. The Portuguese, the pilot Pilot’s watch, marine chronograph watch are exemplary and extraordinary technology and exquisite craft of.

No one can do many things at once with Patek Philippe ‘new and old management mode

        no one can have a Patek Philippe ‘old and new management model name do many things at once, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch precision technology, expensive materials, unique propaganda is Patek Philippe to keep watch in the "Rolls-Royce" Title   a mystery; adherence to the traditional family management of a watch brand, can come to dominate in the field, after a hundred years of wind and rain still stand proudly? Recently landed Shanghai Bund, Patek Philippe gives up its first country, the world’s third boutique their answers. On the history in the kingdom of watches and clocks, built in 1837, the Patek Philippe ratio of Blancpain (1735), VacheronConstanin (1755) and Perrelet (1777) was much younger; on sales,, Patek Philippe not enemy Timex and Seiko; on the publicity, Patek Philippe than Rolex low profile, such as time in the Bund No. 18, Patek Philippe does not have any put up a pageantry of publicity even LOGO, rarely appeared in the dial. But for a long time, it was known as the world’s top ten lists of the first, for the "Rolls-Royce".   Patek Philippe how to do all of this? When it comes to China this emerging market,, and what strategy is worth studying? Combined with the   business minded and precision technology; Patek Philippe’s AntoniPatek is the first person to do sth. the people of Poland, he is intelligent and very artistic talent. Because of the turmoil in Poland, Switzerland AntoniPatek fled to Geneva to study painting. Later, he keenly felt the broad prospects of the watch industry, they buy good quality watch movement self-assembled sale, soon in the business field budding.   at the age of 19, AntoniPatek started an independent venture. In 1844, Patek took their products to participate in the Paris Watch Fair,, and made fair gold medal winner, no key chain technology inventor AdrienPhilippe. After one year of two people created Patek& PhilippeCo (Patek Philippe company).   business minded and AdrienPhilippe AntoniPatek innovation consciousness, consummate craft produce early Patek Philippe. AdrienPhilippe I believe in "the manufacture of precision machinery" concept, heavy weight, slow is the production of firm principle of Patek Philippe, its main purpose is only one — the pursuit of precision. An ordinary Patek Philippe watches from the design to the factory needs at least 9 months.   the choice of materials, Patek Philippe regardless of cost. Early Patek Philippe case, made of sterling silver and 18K gold; since twentieth Century,, most of the selection of 18K gold even platinum. In the watch technology, Patek Philippe has been in a leading position, has a number of patents, only 1.

The emperor true table Patek Philippe

        Emperor true table: Patek Philippe watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "no one can have a Patek Philippe, but for the next generation custody." — the classic Patek Philippe ad language in the pursuit of excellence performance at the same time, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) into the emotional element soft to technology atmosphere seriously, give the timepiece admire and respect,, enlightenment and proud feelings. In advertising as a carrier, it successfully expressed "for the next generation" thoughts, hopes to become the communication between father and son, mother and daughter emotional bridge. Really good table, close in phase with the skin instantly, can feel. This is a kind of invisible, silent emotion exchange, only exists between the table and the master, as if is keeping a heart home, listen to the silent time flowing in private in. Life comes to an end, time still ahead. The meaning of life by the offspring blood legend; and the table to the next generation, continue with the next generation watch time. Patek Philippe Patek Philippe — Switzerland remaining independent tabulation is confident — produced such legendary works, declared: "no one can have a Patek Philippe table, but for the next generation custody." In its client list, a total of 100 kings, 54 queen, but no such as Einstein, Curie, Charlotte, mrs.. Blount, Tchaikovsky and other prominent figures. The world’s most expensive a table, Henry Graves pocket watch is from the 1930’s Patek Philippe watch factory, the auction price is $11000000, a price myth completely achievement. Swiss watches the Kingdom, starlight, and Patek Philippe is the brightest one. It combines advanced technology, product aesthetics, personalized thousands of pet, is revered as a table of the king of kings. However, on a long, built in 1837 Patek Philippe completely inferior to Blancpain (1735), Vacheron Constanin (1755) and Perrelet (1777); on sales, darling Timex and Seiko Patek Philippe lost to fashion; on publicity, Patek Philippe is more than Rolex, the brand logo it rarely appears in the dial on the. So Patek Philippe distinguished exactly where? Such a seemingly lack of brand advantage, how can one way unmatched clock stand erect in the world, the king, a hundred years undefeated? To fully appreciate the entrepreneurial origins Patek Philippe charm, back to the mid sixteenth Century switzerland. At that time,, the watch industry began to sprout. Just a few decades, become scale, known for excellent quality. Early watchmaker is not only a process of division, and with an almost fanatical passion, the pursuit of the perfect shape and performance,, condensed into a perfect tabulation spirit, from generation to generation. And it is in precipitation technology and culture three hundred years of above to be born in Yun, Patek Philippe. In 1838, initial name Patek, Cazpek& C.

The world’s top ten lists

        the world’s ten largest brand watches watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Patek Philippe (Patek    Philippe): logo. Patek Philippe was founded in 1839. Table the average retail price of $13000 to $20000. The company is one of the truly independent watchmakers of Switzerland only, are beginning to the end of their production, training a PATEK  PHILIPPE (Patek Philippe) table division takes 10 years time. Who will accompany you 24 hours, noble, mark watch is a noble lovers have a Patek Philippe table, noble art realm and expensive materials shaping Patek Philippe Jingjiubushuai the brand effect. Not long ago, Patek Philippe once again refresh the antique table world auction record, a 1933 America a banker customized watches, the transaction price as high as 1100  million. This table has 24 kinds of features, design time spent 3 years,, and 5 years to make. Production of a table for 8 years, this is how the consciousness of fine. With such a strong consciousness,, in its company was founded more than a century and a half since so far, only about 600000 of total output. Commendable is that Patek Philippe is not because the market made a star and overcharging. The factory has a secret workshop, more than 100 years maintained a tradition that every year only create a handmade products, the price at around 30000000 yuan, who will receive this watch, at least to have the patience to wait for 8 to 10 years. Ask, such products will decline? Audemars Pigeut (Audemars  Pigeut): stick to a hundred years of tradition, in 1875, two young people JulesLouis  Audemars and EdwardAuguste  piguet  birthplace in watch making art of the Swiss watch manufacturing, hand in hand to create brilliant career, officially registered in 1881 "Audemars  Biguet  &   Cie" Audemars Pigeut watch factory, since then, launched a classic legend in the international table altar.   Audemars Pigeut watch founder Audemars Piguet and has been broken in the art of watchmaking with infinite creativity and unique vision, development of ultra-thin mechanical parts focus, such as ringing timer, Sun Moon Star profit, timing stopwatch and time display,, temperature measurement device and a compass, a producing sophisticated mechanical watch, award-winning. In 1889 at the tenth session of the Paris World Watch Fair, Audemars Pigeut table exhibiting at Grand  Complication Tourbillon table, have asked table, double needle timer and perpetual calendar function, exquisite design lead to great repercussions, famous international reputation,, for Audemars Pigeut set a lofty position in the table altar. Today, Audemars Pigeut table in the Audemars and Piguet family of fourth generations. is sevenfriday watch replica

        Shanghai world champion Hatton was robbed of Rolex watches watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the apple daily comprehensive foreign reports, world champion, to the kind of meat, a very good play, dare not approached. Nicknamed "occupation killer" (The Hitman),, British world champion Hatton (Ricky Hatton), recent travel to Shanghai,, but a local gang of thieves to entertain an angel unawares, want to rob him. Hatton certainly has the response, but not behoove East, West, kick boxing again hook, hit the thief a servant of a bunk, he chose not to punch, white white let bandits robbed his wrist Rolex watches. The world champion this time is really the cat burning must be. The 27 year old British boxer Hatton (Ricky Hatton) is the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight champion, has won more than 40 games, "occupation killer" (The Hitman) said, one is the nickname known his fist Kung Fu multi texture. In Shanghai alone watched football matches, returns to the hotel accident apart is the boxer, Hatton is also love to watch football, is the England Super League club Manchester City fans,, Manchester City to Shanghai earlier this month Chinese pre-season as a fan, he wouldn’t miss, and went to Shanghai on holiday with friends and watch, but he never expected to himself to become the Shanghai bandits target. Hatton was with his friend after drinking alcohol, encounter a group of Manchester City fans, so stop and talk, after talking about the day, only to find themselves and friends lost, alone had to return to the hotel. The loss of 60000 yuan of Rolex, "he did not fight back" but to return to the hotel on the way, a gang of Shanghai bandits onto him, he will be surrounded by, and his hand over hand on the value of 4000 pounds (about $58871) of Rolex watches and bracelets, with fists to him or. Hatton a friend the day before yesterday (Wednesday) said: "those robbers apparently not they rob is the world champion,, Hatton also suddenly someone robbed him there was a bit of a shock, but he did not fight back, because he did not know that they have to take weapons. "Hatton’s agent (Paul Speak) he also said:" Hatton was very surprised, but he did not fight with the thief is very wise. He has this thing also feel very embarrassed, because he knew that he should go with friends, should not be walking alone in the street. "In fact, Hatton this is the thief snatched the expensive Rolex watch, like is doomed, he said:" every whenever, whenever he (Hatton) to go abroad, he wear are cheap city plastic watches, but this time he forgot to wear. "Hatton has returned to the UK on Wednesday. This is the last few months Hatton met for the second time the attack. Prior to his three months at a time in New York with a lawyer counterparts, a man suddenly come to lash out at the lawyer, the lawyer of the nasal bone break, but compared to Shanghai this event luckily, Hatton didn’t attack. Nicknamed the occupation killer, who won 41 games Hatton nickname "occupation killer".

Tag Heuer classic cast domineering man

        Tag Heuer classic cast domineering man watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch classic chronograph Monaco Formula One Grand Prix renowned sports industry has been long, unique track gives the driver be in ecstasies over driving pleasure. TAG Heuer gain inspiration from,, in 1969 launched the Monaco series, the one and only once in the square waterproof case shocked the altar table,, and watch for the history to write a new page. Chronomatic core Monaco watch is equipped with the world’s first device of miniature pendulum, complete production technologies of automatic winding movement. Steve McQueen (· Steve McQueen) in the 1970 Film Classic Racing film "Le Mans", the choice is Monaco watch. Today, this watch is still seem so incomparably superior, show the tag heuer to subvert the traditional, avant-garde and innovative spirit. The legendary Chronograph "Pan American highway car" was founded in 1950 years, as the Formula One racing elite match. Five champion racing ace Juan Manuel Fangio, the famous Argentina in 1953 won the championship title, write down an unforgettable heroic exploits. TAG Heuer to commemorate this period of history, especially in the 1964 launch of the Carrera chronograph, combine the spirit of sports excellence and distinguished and elegant aesthetic, get unlimited appreciation altar table immediately. Now Carrera chronograph with a completely new look comes out, a new session spokesman Brad Pitt also reproduce the "perfect gentleman" era. Combined with the Link series since 1999 spirit and elegant temperament, has been the one and only in the aesthetic, a perfect blend of sports spirit of excellence with the noble and elegant temperament. Comparison of fluent line and strong, to bring out the beauty and power of the stainless steel material. Strap representative of exquisite, not only accord with human body engineering, flexible and comfortable wearing, full of transitional significance the streamlined design. TAG Heuer in 2003 launched a new series of Link, not only is more modern,, more streamlined elegance. Exercise the full spirit of the combination of rare elegance, most incisive show this watch consummate style. New TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch two won the F1 World Championship McLaren driver Fernando · Alonso was involved in the design of this new chronograph, the dissemination of sports and leisure image. The new tag heuer Formula 1 series by pure lines and unprecedented details of the design for the re interpretation of the used for sports watch, but also become a durable sports watch model.

Tag heuer watches official website

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OMEGA dive table PLOPROF copy

        OMEGA PLOPROF replica watches brand diving watch, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watches watches giant OMEGA recently launched a classic diving table ploprof copy. The OMEGA classic diving table ploprof is launched in 1970, and this year launched 2009 classic remake, and the 100 anniversary of the birth of Jacques Cousteau French expert divers famous. OMEGA dive table ploprof remake       ploprof in French means "professional diving",, while OMEGA diving table ploprof remake will promote 600m diving performance in 1970 the original to a more professional diving performance 1200m. OMEGA dive table ploprof remake built new OMEGA 8500 coaxial movement, sapphire surface, bidirectional rotating outer ring, at the two o’clock position has an outer ring locking safety button. While in the nine o’clock position for helium discharge valve. OMEGA dive table ploprof remake       OMEGA diving table ploprof remake table engraved OMEGA hippocampus logo, and the unique water pattern. OMEGA dive table ploprof remake will provide three strap options,, including black or orange rubber strap, strip can also choose mesh steel chain.       OMEGA diving table ploprof remake the official price of about 8000 Swiss francs, equivalent to 47550 yuan, but the domestic price will be slightly higher.