Gucci Gucci watch rivet two luxury beauty

        gucci Gucci watch rivet two luxury watch brand beauty, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   Chiodo series, is Gucci’s latest film. The design inspiration of this series, is derived from the classic 1960’s Gucci square rivet. Over the years, gold or silver rivets decoration, are visible in the best-selling single parts products. Gucci (GUCCI) Chiodo Stainless Steel Watch Stainless Steel Bracelet / horseshoe nails, white mother of Pearl panel mosaic 3 diamond Chiodo series, is GUCCI’s latest film. The design inspiration of this series, is derived from the classic 1960’s GUCCI square rivet. Over the years,, gold or silver rivets decoration, are visible in the best-selling single parts products. Chiodo modeling and Maxianshan chain like, are drawn from the equestrian world praises, originated from the cone fixed to the horseshoe horseshoe nails on the (Chiodo is the Italian "nails" means), as casting.   Gucci (GUCCI) Chiodo 18K gold watch /18k yellow gold bracelet, horseshoe nails white mother of Pearl panel Chiodo series with a square, round two elegant case shape, eye-catching mother of pearl surface, together with the elegance of flinqué decoration, more noble. Square table a prominent lines and contours, delicate case and gives the watch chain, such as jewelry as elegant appearance. In addition, the watch manufacturing in precious materials (preparation of 18K gold and Sterling Silver available) and luxurious feeling full decoration. Sterling Silver is not commonly used in watch making, this is found in the Chiodo series, is a combination of innovation and tradition. As for the fashion circle watches, is made of stainless steel,, surface,, watchcase, chain end rivet, inlaid diamonds choice. The design has a keen sense of touch and talented creative director Frida Giannini, always the focus GUCCI classic elements of interpretation to fashion, unique style of the Chiodo series, it is again. Chiodo watch has a total of 3 Series (stainless steel basic models, series, 18K Gold Silver Series) a variety of styles.

Chopin Chopard Mille Miglia 2007 new listing

        Chopin Chopard Mille Miglia 2007 brand new listing watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   words antique racing industry event Mille Miglia antique car competition, from the edge of the extraordinary events in 1927. When the Italian outstanding drivers four passion for motorsport decided to organize a not just the top riders can participate in racing events,, but also can attract all motoring enthusiasts participate in; the conditions of entry is by the famous carmakers and unmodified cars. Mille Miglia racing was born from then on. The 1600 km road race in Italy, attracting the best drivers drove the No. top sports car race. But in 1957 a serious accident, make the event closed and a stop is twenty years. The "Earth’s most outstanding event" until the 1977 reissued. Later, as the 80 anniversary of "Mille Miglia" event, the general regulations for those vehicles party had participated in the 1927 to the 1957 event of the same type are eligible to be entered the competition, and became the start which line 370 team in a team. Since the beginning of 1988,, Chopin form is the major sponsor Mille Miglia vintage car contest. Traditionally, the Chopin table also every year to launch a new Mille Miglia style watch, love by the table fan. As practice, Xiao Bangbiao introduced this year Mille Miglia watch the same extraordinary unique, dedicated to noble,, unique and fashionable men. Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2007 Chopin to celebrate this anniversary and the launch of Mille Miglia 80 "Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2007", mix integrated button, with exclusive, unique and fashionable trait, is combined with the representative of cutting-edge technology and exquisite aesthetic as. This in order to lead the Mille Miglia racing car designed by the timer,, automatic movement machinery, won the Swiss Observatory (COSC) certification. Grey blue dial people immediately reminded of participating sports car ride in "Mille Miglia" highway in the car race in the history of the amazing feeling. Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2007 / stainless steel case / automatic movement / storage 46 hours / COSC certification / waterproof 100 meters / Global Limited Edition of 2007 / reference price of NT$206000. This table for the first time in the sapphire crystal mirror on display in Arabia digital large 6 and 12 when the design of aero dynamics, with the button, show the characteristics of dynamic. Large size of 44 cm in diameter, watchcase waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, watchcase imprint on the back "Mill;

Tony Leung Louis Cartire wrist watch

        Tony Leung Louis Cartire wrist watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> circular hall of Shanghai Pudong science and Technology Museum,, "Louis · Cartire round watch" published here. Circular elements with "here at the moment". Fine display, in order to perfect the circular design elements of the Cartire antique watch,, each section has long historical background. And next to the antique table display area of the photography gallery, then let the guests to further understand the Cartire design new Ronde· Louis· CARTIER "Louis · Cartire round watch" in mind: the circle symbolises the universe go round and begin again, life and growth in nature of the eternal law, circle represents good beautiful, happy auspicious wishes. Eight pieces of special photographic works, Triumphal Arch, Tiantan, the sun and moon and stars, conch ripples, architectural history or the nature of typical "circle", to express the image of deductive wonderful circle, and its relationship with the new round watch. All of these, let the guests the latest masterpiece of inheritance and have a good hundred years of classical implication — "Louis · Cartire round watch" full of expectation. Special guest star Tony Leung smiles appeared on the scene, 360° projection screen also will he wear "Louis · Cartire round watch" figure perfectly projection to each guest. Tony Leung’s charm is admirable,, when Tony Leung on the stage in the misty smoke appeared, the media reporters first boiling, used to see beauty, and good tart questions reporters in Tony Leung shy face and a pair of eye, have become extremely complex. This is the "Louis · the first station Cartire round watch China Tour", the tour began in Shanghai, passing through the 20 main city, finally will end successfully in Beijing, Cartire Greater China CEO Mr. Lu Huiquan said "this is a perfect ’round’ Cartire painting in China’s territory representing Cartire, for Chinese deep blessing." Since then, Cartire tanks, SANTOS classic square watch us, one more reason to follow Cartire.

From the Tudor tudor

        from the Tudor "Tudor" watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> Tudor,, meaning Tudor england. In 1485, "the war of the roses" end, Henry · the throne, as the beginning of the Tudor dynasty. In 1603, the last monarch queen Elizabeth Tudor died, Tudor end. One hundred years of Tudor times but the British history of the golden age. The heyday of the Tudor Dynasty legacy except "Marie rose" wreckage, then this world famous altar table "Tudor". The name comes from the famous since the Tudor Dynasty,, so, each series table name of Tudor royal. A prince, Princess series, the series and the new series composed of the "prosperity when the imperial family". 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> the prince and princess series is an evergreen tree in the Tudor family. Some senior collectors are aware, even in six, seventy in the "Prince" and "Princess", its quality also with top name brand with a high and low, so the important position of the two series. The two series of table to use automatic mechanical movement, and has remained popular shape and style, give a person a kind of fresh feeling. In this series of time table for the Prince series brings a new look. The first generation of Prince Chronograph in all aspects are not new, but the supple chain, surface design and color bold application, will leave a deep impression on him. 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> Tudor diving table is for those who are full of curiosity, to explore the ocean and have the courage to dive in the sea, to find that the mysterious underwater world design and professional people. In their deep stealth process,, an important partner of indispensable is the steel manufacturing Hydronaut series of Tudor table. In addition to Submariner,, Mini-Sub and Lady-Sub. Some professional watch collectors in appreciation of Hydronaut, found that its design is very professional: chain at joints is very smooth, have the feeling of make smooth reading, worn on the wrist would not have made sense. The rotary minute outer ring design is a must. The outer ring is out of the ordinary, the table and the table;

Looking back 07 ten watch spokesperson

        looking back 07 ten watch for watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Jiang Peifang   daily economic news         in fact, the watch is not just a display time clock, but also reflects the an attitude of life the wearer. So in order to allow consumers to further define their attitude, the watch brand manufacturers have invited celebrities (including international sports stars, the stars and star etc.), at the same time to consolidate his "status of the political arena". In fact, as long as everyone for having heard it many times with a certain popularity and in line with the brand temperament star, there may be a brand invited to his, do the image ambassador, through their own market appeal advertising for watches; at the same time, the stars will gain both fame and wealth. Such a win-win thing, what is there against it?!         in the period of "watch weekly", we work together to review the list of star spokesman in 2007. No.1, Michelle Yeoh Audemars Pigeut Michelle Yeoh takes up the post of the Audemars Pigeut brand spokesperson’s first Chinese artist in Hongkong, also known as the international superstar in Asia, is matched with the brand.         it is said that Michelle Yeoh had not a series of Audemars Pigeut,, since as the spokesperson of Audemars Pigeut two years,, has a collection of at least 8 Audemars Pigeut watches, recently the collectors is a value of about 8000000 Tourbillon element of the JulesAudemars series, with well drilling Chronograph; the next, she also want to collection of the most can show top watches the three question form process. No.2, Jacky Cheung’s famous celebrities table invited Jacky Cheung as its spokesperson, is obviously a very wise. Jacky Cheung is make known to every family music person in the Chinese and throughout Asia, full of wit and at the same time, was a real gentleman, with elegant demeanor, which is equipped with a famous table temperament.         in 2005, Jacky Cheung served as celebrity table spokesmen. When it comes to brand endorsements why he rarely choose scholar Rivera series, Jacky Cheung humorously said, because he loved this table, so as long as the spokesperson, the organizers will be the product gave him. No.3, NBA star Parke endorsement of the 2007 NBA champion Toni of the Sanantonio spurs · Parke NBA history after Kobe · Bryant, second win three titles in 25 year old.         Parke said, design and technique of Wan Guobiao is sit up and take notice; at the same time,, he as France the Make-A-Wish Foundation, be happy in doing good, for those enterprises always deeply grateful, and watches Laurence sponsored sports foundation, to help the global poor youth, made him feel. No.

Evonne Hsu radar drill table

        Evonne Hsu radar drill table watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch radar table -RADO19 published three spring "Star" drill table,, by when the singer Evonne Hsu said, three watches are white, black and ceramic powder of silver jewelry table. The three silver jewelry table material are using radar table proud proud of high-tech ceramics,, abrasion resistance and durability with perfect, and there are large, small two sizes available. Among them, white,, black silver diamond watches have diamonds, white gold and high-tech ceramic bracelet can choose ceramic powder, watches with diamond, Pink Sapphire and high-tech ceramics chain choose. In accordance with different styles, the most decorated with 150 top diamond, a radar table spring the Leucaena drill table, regardless of color, can highlight the distinctive, out of the ordinary sense of fashion. The price from 112000 yuan to 272000 yuan. 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0>

Open the Bugatti Veyron car was the Veyron table

        open the Bugatti Veyron car to wear the Veyron table watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch Bugatti Veyron car that we are no longer strange,, because of its high price. Similarly, the watch is also because of the high price people can only far view. Remember our top 10 classic car watch series Parmigiani Fleurier (Jonny Palmer) issued by the original Bugatti Type 370? Known as the "golden finger" soul watchmaker Michel Palma Jonny, but also to bring you the latest Veyron Fbg par Hermes series. The world only limited production of 20 pieces of Faubourg, the platinum material collocation Coffee color dial and strap (also provides the gold with light brown dial and strap) color design to bring the original car. The concept of luxury will no doubt this watch with the one and only embodied most incisive. In addition to praise her perfect,, we can only feel it will be a just can not be too Xiewan collections.

Expression of folklore meaning holding on

        expression meaning of Customs watch brand shopping,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch       leisurely watch all fresh creative Swiss watch brand SWATCH in the autumn and winter of 2002 the number of watches, close to the trend of artery, the tassel leather, totem, folk elements into completely blurring, watches and accessories.       National hot is hot this season trend, retrieve the material is quite extensive,, SWATCH from the tone, material, pattern start,, for example with auspicious meaning "flower Primula watches, will have the Baroque flavor totem in embroidery strap, or by the rich autumn color for the background, clusters of poppy flowers embroidered on graphics (POPPY FIELD); and filled with oriental flavor of Libellule, is a small dragonfly with dancing do decorated; suede leather fringed strap directly to Squaw, it is the season of popular products, decorative effect of the strongest. In addition to atmosphere of folk watches that hot, graffiti, comic, hand-painted signs is outstanding, the pattern is nifty and lovely, one group can be used as a table for couples, colorful profusion, the will and modern style interpretation to the most incisive.

Automatic chain box piano paint Watch

        can transfer 4 Watch + before discharge 6 watch the appearance material: high quality black / Piano wood paint, bright as a mirror, gorgeous and noble quality: the material inside the black leather, easy to take care of the electronic device: low power integrated circuit, the static sound import motor, suitable

can turn 4 Watch + before discharge 6 watch

‚óŹ appearance material: high quality black / Piano wood paint, bright as a mirror, gorgeous and I am SB

the internal material: noble quality black leather, easy to take care of I am SB

the electronic device: low power integrated circuit, imported quiet motor, suitable for long time operation of the I am SB

"net&quot,; about 6KG "gross" about 8KG I am SB

5 operation modes for the user to choose, single switch operation state and operating mode; I am SB

mode: stop, I am SB

mode: two to 2 minutes, stop 6 minutes, loop; I am SB

mode three: reverse 2 minutes, stop 6 minutes, loop;

I am SB

mode four: rotate 2 minutes 6 minute stop, reverse 2 minutes 6 minutes, loop;

I am SB

mode: five to 5 minutes, reverse 5 minutes for 3 hours, stop 9 hours,, loop; I am SB

power supply configuration: CE certification standard adapters (110V-220V), with the goods delivery. I am SB

two head table box can or single head through two capacity strong alkaline rechargeable battery 5 (such as Duracell) operation, the actual test, the list box to fifth modes,, single head table box through the battery operation lasted nearly thirty days, two head table box through the battery operation lasted nearly twenty day, the battery quality of different difference. I am SB

Swatch watch repair Guangzhou watch weight: the use of

in 300g within the watch

I am SB

power supply: 3V. 110V-220V adaptor with DC input reverse connection. The built-in battery: AA batteries X2. I am SB

cleaning method: a > is luxury4usale upated

        inspiration machinery U disk to to watch design is available, U disk watch design published pictures from we can clearly see the internal USB, the mechanical design, and transparent design inspiration,, such as for some watch the appearance.U

disk design inspiration to watch out, mechanical U disk available

fine4uwatch is watchonlysale


watches from the design we can clearly see the internal USB, the mechanical design, and transparent, such as design inspiration to design some watches. Manufacturer Artype said USB this 16GB capacity is a completely handmade works of art,, it is inlaid with 26 ruby,, when you will USB plug to the interface, will see the green from below upward spread, let a person feel very retro. Of course, this model of product prices are high, the products have been booked,, at $165 (about iPhone (mobile phone) 3G $199). fine4uwatch is watchonlysale