No one can do many things at once with Patek Philippe ‘new and old management mode

        no one can have a Patek Philippe ‘old and new management model name do many things at once, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch precision technology, expensive materials, unique propaganda is Patek Philippe to keep watch in the "Rolls-Royce" Title   a mystery; adherence to the traditional family management of a watch brand, can come to dominate in the field, after a hundred years of wind and rain still stand proudly? Recently landed Shanghai Bund, Patek Philippe gives up its first country, the world’s third boutique their answers. On the history in the kingdom of watches and clocks, built in 1837, the Patek Philippe ratio of Blancpain (1735), VacheronConstanin (1755) and Perrelet (1777) was much younger; on sales,, Patek Philippe not enemy Timex and Seiko; on the publicity, Patek Philippe than Rolex low profile, such as time in the Bund No. 18, Patek Philippe does not have any put up a pageantry of publicity even LOGO, rarely appeared in the dial. But for a long time, it was known as the world’s top ten lists of the first, for the "Rolls-Royce".   Patek Philippe how to do all of this? When it comes to China this emerging market,, and what strategy is worth studying? Combined with the   business minded and precision technology; Patek Philippe’s AntoniPatek is the first person to do sth. the people of Poland, he is intelligent and very artistic talent. Because of the turmoil in Poland, Switzerland AntoniPatek fled to Geneva to study painting. Later, he keenly felt the broad prospects of the watch industry, they buy good quality watch movement self-assembled sale, soon in the business field budding.   at the age of 19, AntoniPatek started an independent venture. In 1844, Patek took their products to participate in the Paris Watch Fair,, and made fair gold medal winner, no key chain technology inventor AdrienPhilippe. After one year of two people created Patek& PhilippeCo (Patek Philippe company).   business minded and AdrienPhilippe AntoniPatek innovation consciousness, consummate craft produce early Patek Philippe. AdrienPhilippe I believe in "the manufacture of precision machinery" concept, heavy weight, slow is the production of firm principle of Patek Philippe, its main purpose is only one — the pursuit of precision. An ordinary Patek Philippe watches from the design to the factory needs at least 9 months.   the choice of materials, Patek Philippe regardless of cost. Early Patek Philippe case, made of sterling silver and 18K gold; since twentieth Century,, most of the selection of 18K gold even platinum. In the watch technology, Patek Philippe has been in a leading position, has a number of patents, only 1.

Jaeger Le Coulter Watch watches the first

        Jaeger Le Coulter watches: the first watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches

recently,, USA Luxury Association survey America rich people in the eyes of the luxury watch brand, respondents based on stable excellent quality, unique style,, promote social status criteria for scoring, the results, Jaeger Le Coulter (jaeger-Le-Coultre) to obtain the high score of 78 points,, is recognized as the first to win other watches, shake the 27 brands in the world, and we are familiar with the Rolex only behind.

Domestic watch brand — Chinese watches Seagull China first table

        domestic watch brand — China watches "Seagull" Chinese "first" table rises again watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

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53 years ago, Chinese first mechanical watch was born in Tianjin Seagull group’s predecessor, Tianjin watch factory.
the past half a century, from shortage economy the darling of the era,, to "break out of an encirclement surplus era", and then to the era of globalization towards the international market Pathfinder, in 38 state-owned watches all fallen in manufacturing enterprises, seagulls are the only stand up.
after wind and rain, fight to win or die.
now, Tianjin Seagull group became the first, the third largest in the world China core manufacturing base.
with China core seagull began to fly to the world…… sevenfriday watch replica

China watch Tianjin Seagull watch sevenfriday watch replica

Seagull table in favor of

until now, the 60 year old Wang Deming mentioned that the lawsuit is still very excited, "who said that China cannot independently developed the world’s most high-end classic watch? Is to let the Swiss people look, the Chinese watch industry is the strength."
in 2008 April,, held in Switzerland "Basel world watch and Jewellery Fair" period, the body as the defendant as the seagull group general manager Wang Deming.
a Swiss brand table to the establishment of the General Assembly will be a Seagull "court of arbitration committee",, "they put forward to the Seagull" double Tourbillon ‘question, think the key parts’ differential mechanism’ copied from its brand and patent design, requirements of seagull table provides’ not plagiarism ‘evidence, or face’ immediately cleared. Next year not exhibitors’ punishment……"
the other’s attitude is very firm, but Wang Deming is not worried, "after all" double Tourbillon ‘is the top technology international watch industry, they do not believe that China can develop it, let them personally confirmed!" sevenfriday watch replica
tourbillon, table asked, moon phase calendar is the world watch industry the three classical techniques, "double Tourbillon" is the technical structure in which more complex, seagull table Tourbillon frame weight only 0.37 grams, the equivalent of a swan feather weight, in addition, Tourbillon is composed of 72 fine parts composition, but most of them handmade.
Basel "the court of arbitration committee" of experts after analysis Seagull "double Tourbillon" movement, carefully observe the key internal parts of a Swiss brand, repeated mutatis mutandis to provide patent certificate, and ultimately identified that: SEA-GULL seagull table no infringement.
a exciting news!
confirmed, has caused a sensation throughout the exhibition, the exhibitors on behalf of China are to rouse. < >

Grace to conquer all the Longines Watch

        grace to conquer all the Longines watch watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches from the initial choice of positioning, to win support among the people of today "elegant", with a history of 176 years, Longines table so far conquered the world many people love table heart. Longines table interpretation of "elegance" is what? For women, elegance is a kind of temperament, a kind of inner cultivation; to a man it is elegant, more focused on the internal,, such as experience, wisdom, conversation etc.. In the Basel World2008 exhibition, we had favour to interview Longines global CEO Hokeno (Walter  Von, Kaenel) is not only a glimpse of 2008 listed the new style, the more chance to thoroughly understand Longines table after a hundred years after precipitation of brand essence. The watch is an endowed with special souvenir LIFE STYLE: do you think the end is a watch what baby? Hokeno (hereinafter referred to as Huo): watch just read time tool, it is one is endowed with a special souvenir. Watch timer function in slowly fading by watch and remember the next moment in history or historical event is gradually enlarged. For example, in 1912 the Longines table to create a historic moment in the world games; for the flight home even pull (Lindbergh) first solo across the Atlantic to calculate flight time, followed by more in accordance with design even pull manufacturing Hour angle navigation watch; in 1979, Longines cooperation with other brands of watches and clocks, developed a "Feuille D" Or "watch, to become the world’s most thin quartz watch; the 1984 launch of the famous Conquest watches, equipped with a highly accurate movement,, all of this can explain the watch is not only read time tool, it’s more a matter of were given a special souvenir. Another example of this year launched Longines table even pull commemorative edition engraved table, not only the function of full replication, and the table cover can be opened, with a pocket watch nature, if you have a special feeling to the flight table, it must be your rare treasures. Longines advocating mainstream fashion LIFE STYLE: what do you think is the Longines table can move most Chinese consumers? Huo: of course is the mainstream". Classic is a fashion, but is always the fashion. And what is the classic, that is "the mainstream". "If you want to display a noble,, you can choose to have the Royal origin watches; if you want to fashion, there are a lot of Fanshio table available…… But if you want the most elegant of the mainstream, it should buy Longines watches!" Standing business perspective, only under market segmentation. So, in the beginning we decided to focus Longines table eventually locked for "elegant", and the location of the target group expanded to young gens. We have also introduced a fashionable sport watch in 2008, to join the black gray ceramic materials, not only the continuation of the elegant, also let watch wear. is sevenfriday watch replica

        Shanghai world champion Hatton was robbed of Rolex watches watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the apple daily comprehensive foreign reports, world champion, to the kind of meat, a very good play, dare not approached. Nicknamed "occupation killer" (The Hitman),, British world champion Hatton (Ricky Hatton), recent travel to Shanghai,, but a local gang of thieves to entertain an angel unawares, want to rob him. Hatton certainly has the response, but not behoove East, West, kick boxing again hook, hit the thief a servant of a bunk, he chose not to punch, white white let bandits robbed his wrist Rolex watches. The world champion this time is really the cat burning must be. The 27 year old British boxer Hatton (Ricky Hatton) is the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight champion, has won more than 40 games, "occupation killer" (The Hitman) said, one is the nickname known his fist Kung Fu multi texture. In Shanghai alone watched football matches, returns to the hotel accident apart is the boxer, Hatton is also love to watch football, is the England Super League club Manchester City fans,, Manchester City to Shanghai earlier this month Chinese pre-season as a fan, he wouldn’t miss, and went to Shanghai on holiday with friends and watch, but he never expected to himself to become the Shanghai bandits target. Hatton was with his friend after drinking alcohol, encounter a group of Manchester City fans, so stop and talk, after talking about the day, only to find themselves and friends lost, alone had to return to the hotel. The loss of 60000 yuan of Rolex, "he did not fight back" but to return to the hotel on the way, a gang of Shanghai bandits onto him, he will be surrounded by, and his hand over hand on the value of 4000 pounds (about $58871) of Rolex watches and bracelets, with fists to him or. Hatton a friend the day before yesterday (Wednesday) said: "those robbers apparently not they rob is the world champion,, Hatton also suddenly someone robbed him there was a bit of a shock, but he did not fight back, because he did not know that they have to take weapons. "Hatton’s agent (Paul Speak) he also said:" Hatton was very surprised, but he did not fight with the thief is very wise. He has this thing also feel very embarrassed, because he knew that he should go with friends, should not be walking alone in the street. "In fact, Hatton this is the thief snatched the expensive Rolex watch, like is doomed, he said:" every whenever, whenever he (Hatton) to go abroad, he wear are cheap city plastic watches, but this time he forgot to wear. "Hatton has returned to the UK on Wednesday. This is the last few months Hatton met for the second time the attack. Prior to his three months at a time in New York with a lawyer counterparts, a man suddenly come to lash out at the lawyer, the lawyer of the nasal bone break, but compared to Shanghai this event luckily, Hatton didn’t attack. Nicknamed the occupation killer, who won 41 games Hatton nickname "occupation killer".

Maintenance of machinery list

        maintenance of the watch brand mechanical watches, mechanical watches, Swiss watch brand, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches mechanical watches repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and collision. Mechanical watch unless marked with waterproof function, otherwise must avoid watchcase of water, because water will cause mechanical corrosion, very destructive. Seawater is untouchable. Even indicate the water table, also can have a waterproof guarantee a year,, because the table waterproof ring after a full year loss, external factors plus sweat, dust and various inevitable, will be tired, so after a year of new waterproof ring must be replaced, otherwise not have waterproof function. Waterproof, more to prevent collision. In the scope of economic capabilities permit, may wish to have two or three tables in daily life to replace: mechanical watch wearing static activities, engaged in sports is wearing a sports watch, so use suit one’s measures to local conditions, can prolong the using life table. Mechanical table by the mechanical gear and driven to rotate winding operation, will inevitably produce friction, so long must refueling, lubrication, to reduce wear parts. Otherwise,, wait until the trouble to repair, often the problem is very serious. Mechanical watch the best every year to return home, have a look have without inspection or improper use case of water. In particular, the hot and humid climate of Taiwan, sweat, rain and dirty air, etc. for many years accumulation, caused by chronic erosion of the machinery,, the frequency and extent of damage than Europe and the United States,, Japan high many, so check very important; then every three years to make a thorough cleaning, maintenance. Maintenance and repair of the most insurance, give the agency shop processing orthodox safer. Internal cleaning must be handed over to a professional chef, cleaning work and external mechanical table, the Lord might do it yourself; with a soft brush with cleaning liquid scrub strap, finally rinse with water. Clean up the case with water-proof function can also be used this way; not have waterproof function watchcase don’t scrub. Daily cleaning of the external work is very important, because the sweat, dust and even subtle undetectable, actually still continue to accumulate, not be clean, strap will rust, decay or embrittlement. So the best master Qijia cleaning. Pay attention to the waterproof watch waterproof, anti water function 1: thin sheet, art table, table, jewelry table lady of many of the recommendations, less close to water vapor, collection when placed in a dry, non tidal place. Watch 2 water resistance device 30M; ordinary waterproof, the general function of rear lid with anti moisture for pressure mode of invasion, but not to the immersion and swimming, because the only device against water. More than 3 of the watch waterproof device 100M, rear lid lock tooth way, soaking but not for swimming and diving. More than 4 scuba diving watch 200M; diving and usually all should pay attention to adjust the time certainly locking each waterproof head.

Extreme charm Diamond Watch

        diamond extreme charm watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   10 years ago, "stars watch" is a buzz word,, although the time is very difficult in people’s wrist to see a piece of genuine. Now, diamond watch become fashionable tide, however, mention "stars" outdated, popular now is "Bling-bling". Screen.width-250) {this.width = screen.width-250}; " border=0 dypop=" click to open the picture of " > diamond watch charm         no doubt,, diamond studded table expensive. Women love jewelry as unalterable principles,, but watch the diamond patent is not a woman, when he raised his hand to foot lift and casual wrist refined and cultured on a piece of shiny, not sour to think that this is the display of wealth, in fact it is self-confidence, is a pursuit of perfection, high-profile life attitude. Screen.width-250) {this.width = screen.width-250}; " border=0> diamond turned       luxury game;     diamond turned   luxury game;   according to legend, diamond has a mysterious power, represents the courage, victory and fortune, mythology Cupid’s arrow is diamond studded. Watch the diamond is mostly small diamond pieces,, but under the designers and the tabulation master MicroHand, they are in a different role to participate in this lavish games.   diamond shiny jewelry watch + =   the entry-level diamond decoration, simple and direct: on the scale of the ornament, dial ring drill, drill or group "stars", no not in order to pursue the wrist on the bright moments.   multi function watch + Diamond = gourmet   combination of diamond and multi function is the mainstream of mens diamond watch, "multifunctional" represents the mechanical technology, precision is expensive, especially the tourbillon, perpetual calendar watch, if combined with diamonds, is worth double, called the table for.         diamond watch + = art with aesthetic design and exquisite craft table section is the best carrier of diamond, subversion of traditional design and diamond dazzling trait perfect combination, beautiful appearance and amazing given the watch. Screen.width-250) {this.width = screen.width-250}; " border=0> Watch Diamond       &n expensive rational.

Vacheron Constantin deduction three elegant ladies watch

        Vacheron Constantin deduction three elegant ladies watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch Mother’s Day approaching, in order to express the best mother in the world have sincere respect, the world’s top watch brand Vacheron Constantin launched Vacheron  Constantin Egé RIE, 1972  Grand  Curved  Model and Malte  – paragraph three ladies watch, its excellent design, exquisite technology to the modern women’s outstanding show grace dripping make,, perfect combination of unique personality and elegant beauty is Vacheron  Constantin Vacheron Constantin for a nice warm heart gift for mother’s day.   the three paragraph appears to coincide to watch a great response zone. Using 1972 series of original irregular watchcase design, the new style 1972  Grand  Curved  Model, more than the other models,, the same series of more brilliant. The new Egé RIE is used with precious bracelet and case, jewel encrusted Malte ladies watch, is already very distinct personality watch add more dazzling rays of light. Each design is designed for the praise of contemporary women’s masterpiece, set the brand in 250 years the superb tabulation process and design of the essence, so no matter in the aspect of design and personality, three wristwatches are "elegant" a word to bring new standard. In the bending and dynamic original case, with a shining bright diamond,, the more prominent the streamline form design and beautiful body dial beauty –     fully demonstrate the extraordinary process Vacheron  Vacheron Constantin Constantin watchmaker emerge in an endless stream.  

OMEGA’s new NZL series of New Zealand in hippocampus

        OMEGA new series of New Zealand in hippocampus NZL watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, OMEGA and America sapphire watches back soon cup competition, mainly through the late New Zealand captain Peter. Sir Blake (Sir Peter Blake),, funded in 1995 and the specified to provide new zealand sailing team wear OMEGA hippocampus chronograph watch. So OMEGA followed in 2000 and 2003 as the major world sailing event America Cup Sailing Competition official chronograph. OMEGA continues to support the continuing after the retirement of Peter. Sir Blake’s environmental navigation plan. So far OMEGA continues to sponsor the New Zealand team (Emirates Team New Zealand), OMEGA is the team watch wearing match specified. This year in its thirty-second session of the American cup, 17 New Zealand team members wearing OMEGA new hippocampal NZL-32 chronograph watch a match. The table section is mainly for the team to participate in the regatta and design, and in New Zealand team to participate in the America cup thirty-second tournament named NZL-32. Taiwan Swatch Swiss Watch Company Limited General Manager Huang Kongxiang said, in particular, the hippocampus NZL-32 chronograph watch except for New Zealand to name names, more by the New Zealand team captain, that is, the OMEGA ambassador – Dean Burke to participate in the design. Dean Burke is an aspiring and full of passion and vitality of the athletes, was invited to be the New Zealand team vessels at the helm in 2000 American Cup Sailing Competition, have since become a member of the team loyalty, and in 2003 joined the rank of captain. More… "New Zealand NZL-32 chronograph watch hippocampus main performance" is designed for sailing cup competition, Regatta countdown timer. Master the yacht race start time is an important task for the captain, because he must be responsible for adjusting the sailing position, let the boat in the 10 minutes after the first shots as soon as possible by the starting line (early more lines are found guilty by the starting line), said the games started. Therefore,, this watch with special emphasis on the captain and crew in the sailing competition before an important demand – 10 minute "Regatta countdown" performance. This performance by 5 circle calibration point on the dial to the official before the start of the last 10 minutes, a calibration point represents 1 minutes. When you press the timer button, the 5 scale will with the passage of time from black to blue, after 5 minutes from blue to red, to remind the contestant, really grasp the sailing time to seize the initiative. In addition, this section in addition to performance design for the regatta countdown,, also have to be accurate to 1/8 seconds of time measurement. To be precise timing, of course, must have excellent movement, OMEGA Cup Racing hippocampal America chronograph with high accuracy of the OMEGA 3602 automatic movement smelting, power storage of 40 hours, case diameter 42.2 mm. Mix and match the polishing and fog face stainless steel case, with arc type anti reflective, anti attrition sapphire crystal glass surface, by screwing in bottom Gai, can ensure the waterproof deep buckle

Light energy and its development

        optical kinetic energy and its development course watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches what is "Eco-Drive" light energy light energy "of the international registration of trademarks as Eco-Drive, English full text is Ecology- Drive, means to promote and protect the ecological environment. Optical kinetic energy watches are CITIZEN, dedication to the community of green environmental protection product. With the development of society and economy, all kinds of electronic products and communications equipment in large numbers, and the renewal speed continues to accelerate, cell number and variety so that people use in the daily life of the sharp increase in. Common battery of mercury, cadmium, nickel, lead and other heavy metals and acid, alkali electrolyte solution, there are a lot of harm to human health and ecological environment. Watch the effective use of any visible light energy as driving,, whether in China, Japan, America,, or Europe and other countries, "the light of kinetic energy watches have been certified as" green environmental protection product. CITIZEN company is the first enterprises to obtain certification of environmental protection in the watch industry. Light energy power generation principle the principle that light energy is in the watch panel, a device to receive light source to power "solar panel. The solar panel manufacturing electrical energy stored in batteries,, "two", the power source for driving the watch operation. Receiving the light source, electrical energy storage; in the absence of light, two times the battery automatically provides operating power! The light in the transparent glass mirror, across the surface of the panel, the spotlight in the solar panel and absorption, and finally stored in the two battery; energy and power, a flash. As long as the surface receiving light source can continue running? Basically yes; in general environmental lighting, so long as the surface panel receives bright light source, the watch will remain in a state of charge, and light energy excess will continuously converted into electrical energy stored in batteries, two; such as after full charge, even if no longer receives the light, according to hand the function table, also more than 2 months. The correct charging method of light energy of light energy is converted into kinetic energy is the advanced high-tech electrical energy, such as light source in everyday life to power generation, because of the type of light source (light), the charging time will follow different. (effective illuminance shall reach 500lx)   sun sunny day,, good day is charging, fully charged, please will surface panel is placed in direct sunlight, let the surface actually receives the light.   if the watch does not wear, please put on the desktop, the transparent box or a bright place, even the sun coming in place, there is no need to worry about the watch will stop running. The second warning light energy light energy to the second hand as the function of warning indication, if there is any second hand does not operate normally, that you need to make some adjustments, let your watch back to normal state. If the second to 2 seconds, 2 seconds to beat, "said insufficient charge", please let the watch face, your exposure to the sun, charging. Your watch has stopped because of lack of power, in the fully charged.