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3999 Wyler limited edition Chronograph niche models table watch back _ watch _ auction _ fashion

< p > 2009 business,, stainless steel case, titanium and carbon fiber elements, the limited number 1584/3999, automatic winding 2894-2 movement, case size 53× 43 mm. forecast price: 27000 – 18000 Hong Kong dollars including commission price: 18750 Hong Kong dollars < p > and a watch industry veteran eat when speaking of a […]

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And integrating watch watch auction used fashion watch the Pacific women’s network the two top brand

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch The mechanical process of extraordinary as if done by the spirits, joint table to stand up and have a future thinking of the brand of traditional ideas for inspiration. In order to achieve the pursuit of perfection and precision technology, performance and style […]

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Watch School the charm of the moment the clock inverse jump calendar display watch watch watch littl

, Basic characteristics and composition of inverse jump Basic characteristics and composition of inverse jump < p > inverse jump function, also known as call back, return, it meant (retrograde) is retrograde, it plainly is go backwards. For timing tool, inverse jump is very worth pondering a function, because time is not retrograde, when […]

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