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The movie box office two days delayed deformation of 3 played – Life News Network 5.26 Galle

        recently,, there was news that the Hollywood Transformers 3, originally scheduled for release in July 8th, will be postponed until July 21st. This paramount said inconvenient to respond, and in the aspect that knowledge. Reporters after verification, insiders said recently, there is news that, originally scheduled for July 8th release […]

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        earlier featurette, Johnny · Depp has simply introduced the "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" elements,, including zombies, mermaids, and Penelope, · Cruz, madness and very lively, and in the film the big, in addition to earlier featurette, Johnny · Depp has simply introduced the "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" elements, […]

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        Wu Mengchao in the office reading correspondent Zhang Peng photo on a specially crafted small wooden bench,, late 9 years the president of Second Military Medical University, academician of Academy of Oriental Hospital Department of hepatobiliary surgery Chinese Wu Meng Chao, with exquisite technology,, with 15 minutes, clean for […]

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News 310 thousand progressive bank counter 10 thousand yuan

        Washington (reporter Duan Xiaoning) with a huge cash company, small Gong progressive bank counter staff Xiao tan points after confirmation is 310 thousand yuan. In the small Gong business not finishing, Xiao Tan received 200 thousand yuan another depositors handed in, the number to the number, newspaper news (reporter Duan Xiaoning) […]

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        yesterday, "Kung Fu Panda 2" by 2D, 3D and IMAX parallel mode, and regional synchronous spread release, the first day of strong containment "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" momentum is expected to set a new record in the Chinese film at the box office the first day. For the previous film […]

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