OMEGA Basel 2008 new watches debut

        OMEGA Basel 2008 new watches watches brand debut, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches the OMEGA lunar surface a new member of the family, super 44.25mm enamel Table 1 Summary: Moon features black enamel dial 2.6 position when the calendar window are still being people indulge in elaborating on is: OMEGA Speedmaster professional moonwatch (OMEGA) (Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch) is the history of mankind,, only one section on the moon by astronaut wearing the watch. OMEGA launched a new super enamel lunar table, inherited the legendary design aesthetics history’s first lunar surface, and into the characteristics of innovation on the traditional classic, unique personality charm.   the moon Speedmaster enamel table watchcase diameter of 44.25 mm, in line with the current trend of the big dial watch. The built-in OMEGA 3313 automatic movement,, the coaxial escapement device and free sprung balance guarantee watch long run precision and reliability. The moon Speedmaster enamel table after the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification, has high precision vertical wheel timing device and free sprung balance. The moon Speedmaster enamel table dial on black enamel, showing a unique aesthetic distinguished dazzling, is the whole wristwatches outstanding appearance of the soul. Is in the 6 position the calendar window is this section of the moon surface and significantly different from the moon Speedmaster professional table. The moon is super enamel table — two wristwatches is committed to design almost identical to the super professional moonwatch tribute. However, enamel lunar table exquisite enamel dial and coaxial escapement device mounting is declared to the world: even without the Speedmaster professional moonwatch aura,, it can also achieve success. In professional sports time history, OMEGA has a brilliant achievements There is nothing comparable to this. The 1932 Losangeles Olympic Games, OMEGA became the first ever was appointed as the designated Olympic timing company, provides 30 pieces of stopwatch to contest, OMEGA precision timing for the event held successfully made a remarkable contribution, also from the Olympic Games and the indissoluble bound. OMEGA once successively 22 times for the Olympic Games as the designated time, and will be in the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games again undertake timing task, this achievement of the other watch manufacturers approach somebody’s greatness. At the same time, OMEGA in the sports timing and data management technology achievement has also been widely recognized.

How to pay attention to waterproof watches

        how to pay attention to waterproof watches? Swiss watch brand, brand watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches Q: how to pay attention to waterproof watches? Answer: 1 non waterproof, anti water function: ultra-thin table, table, table, lady art jewelry watches many of the recommendations,, less close to water vapor, collection when placed in a dry, non tidal place. Watch / 2 anti water device 30m: ordinary waterproof, the general function of rear lid with anti moisture for pressure mode of invasion,, but not to the immersion and swimming, because the only device against water. The above watch / 3 waterproof device: 100M rear lid lock tooth way,, soaking but not for swimming and diving. More than 4 scuba diving watch / 200m: diving and usually all should pay attention to adjust the time certainly locking each waterproof head.

Tag heuer watches official website

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OMEGA limited edition watches for the Beijing Olympic Games again in Beijing Olympic Games

        OMEGA limited edition watches for the Beijing Olympic Games again Beijing Olympic brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches OMEGA vice president Ke Ruisen Chinese district (right two), Jingge Department Store Group Chairman Zhao Jianzhong (middle), Olympic champion Zhuang Yong (left) Wang Junxia (left two), and star Lu Yi (right)               youth sports network 02 month 20 days: "8" in the traditional culture of Chinese Yu enthusiasm Wang and auspicious,, and China Jieyuan 113 years top Swiss watch brand OMEGA, specially selected in the February 2nd Olympic Games countdown 188 days to spring city Kunming, opened 2008 "OMEGA Exhibition Tour: prelude to the Olympic moment of glory", and released a third "Beijing Olympic Series" — hippocampal Aqua Terra limited time table to the world, to be held in Beijing twenty-ninth Olympic Games salute.               since 1932, OMEGA has 22 times the shoulder designated Olympic timing task, to record the moment of glory has created countless struggle is more high, the athletes of the world in pursuit of faster, stronger in. Today, OMEGA invited to the vice president of OMEGA China Qu Ke Ruisen sir (Carlos Cá rdenas), once in the speed of refresh China Olympic history athletes Zhuang Yong and Wang Junxia and star Lu Yi attended the grand commemorative activity.               vice president of OMEGA China Qu Ke Ruisen in "Mr. OMEGA said: exhibition tour of Olympic glorious moment" to start the ceremony: "innovation OMEGA is committed to sports timing technology, support the athletes challenge limit. OMEGA and the Olympic movement has ideas and aspirations of common, this consensus has brought great confidence to the human and the Olympic host country, join hands with each other to promote sports."               third "Beijing Olympic Series", perfect and precise collection of an               to celebrate the Beijing Olympic Games countdown 188 days, OMEGA in February 2 to the global official release is waiting the third "Beijing Olympic series"! 2008 is the OMEGA by people praise the sport watch — hippocampal series was born 60 anniversary,, therefore, OMEGA special third "Beijing Olympic Series" design into motion charm and elegance into a hippocampal Aqua Terra limited edition chronograph,, OMEGA shows the perfect and accurate brand concept.      .

Chanel watch launched the first GMT Watch

        Chanel watch launched the first "GMT" brand watches watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   once upon a time,, the Egyptians believed that the earth was flat. From the furthest from the earth, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, Venus, mercury, the sun to the moon, preface arranged and change in charge of people in a day. Look up at the starry sky, they formulate 24 hours. Now,, we know that the earth is round, also familiar with hours of characterization and recording life. At the same time to benefit from the convenient traffic, we can short time shuttle between nations. Chanel J12 GMT, to offer to the frequent contacts between the two places of business people and travelers have accurate local time, and on the home caring greetings.           in 2007, Chanel launched J12 GMT "GMT" watch, not only is the second J12 Superleggera, re launched in men’s fashion watch, is Chanel J12 series table section for frequently between two businessmen and international travelers to build, properties of aggregation Chanel J12 watches fashion taste and two time GMT. The contrast between the black center dial composed with white pointer, to 12 clearly indicate the location time. The outer ring dial carved in 24 hours and the red pointer fine display the original time and day and night, always appear your captures two perfect moment, achieve the task, also can transfer greetings to relatives and friends at the right time. The rudder sailing in the 24 hour dial as competition, fine and accurate navigation between the two places of business professionals, sailing in the workplace and family. J12 series is Chanel first Unisex Sport watch. 2000 launched the first black watches gather black and white contrast, high-tech ceramic tip material, exquisite Swiss tabulation process and 12 feet of sea contest adventure travel spirit. The 2005 J12 Tourbillon watches, it is proved that J12 watches have long been among the elite tabulation forest again. That same year, Jack · (Jacques Helleu); Hailu to Cheng Chi in 1950’s ultra light roadster concept, the promotion of J12 Superleggera men’s watch, show the movement style top racing, sports car fluent lines and chic together with the Mercedes Benz in the 48 gold links black strap on. The name is derived from the international sailing history award-winning sailing J12,, its spiritual heritage in 1910, Ms. Chanel launched the summer sports clothing series,, with fashion encouraged women riding and running. Since Chanel J12 GMT watches, we can once again witness combining fashion and sports, design has already melted in the Chanel. The new J12 GMT series table section since November 7th, in Chanel boutique (Pacific SOGO department store Renaissance hall 1F) first sale. Appendix: J12 GMT "GMT" watch specs – by Chanel in Rui 0

Chongqing beauty Yu Na wearing a watch for marriage

        beauty Yu Na of Chongqing wore watches for marriage watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch by Swiss ogival invitation, beauty Yu Na of Chongqing recently back to Chongqing, as "miss Chongqing" finals judges. In the interview,, the straightforward Chongqing Meier said, himself in the new version of "journey to the west" in my jade rat fell in love with Tang Seng. In the play, she said if I get married, have a family oriented, fade out the entertainment.       in the earlier this year took the Zhejiang version of the television series "journey to the west", Yu Na plays the devil Jin Mao Yu mouse, and emotional drama with Tang Seng. This is different from the original bold adaptations,, caused controversy. Yu Na said jade rat is a "simple kind of monster", she fell in love with Tang Seng, want to people’s life, but she is a monster, love for Tang Seng is not the end result.       in recent years, see the actress married,, Yu Na has touched. This time, she wore a fish pattern watch, she explained, the fish also represents love, the "fish" worn on the hand, is the hope can bring you good luck, meet their Right. Yu Na said,, if which day meet may entrust the life-long person, she will get married, fade out the entertainment circle, because in her opinion, the entertainment circle work hours are not fixed, is an influence on the feelings of.       Yu Na said yesterday, this year will also cooperate with Zhao Baogang an urban love theme drama, she also starred in a model.

Jaeger Le Coulter website (Jaeger Website)

        Jaeger Le Coulter website (Jaeger Website) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch Keywords: Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger official website Jaeger Le Coulter watches the picture Jaeger Le Coulter watches Jaeger Le Coulter models of Jaeger Le Coulter     Jaeger Jaeger Le Coulter all styles and prices please click on the web site.: (Jaeger Websit) if you find the above information to help you,, please recommend brilliant watches network to your friends,, thank you.

The 5 paragraph potential shares watch the value of investment

        5 "potential shares" watch the value of investment watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   a limited number, unique design, brand value and especially given commemorative significance, these are the typical characteristic limited edition. And some limited edition merchandise, more is reflected in its commemorative value. For example, the limited edition watch style is very rich, noble diamond watch, gentle business watch and handsome movement table, which gives the brand connotation of limited edition watches profound and monument to commemorate the history, some for design reasons, some are named after famous, some for a souvenir the big event and in particular the introduction of. But the most special is,, each a limited edition watch back will be engraved on the one and only number, and attach a copy of identification is sufficient to prove the identity of the limited edition watch.                         BLACNCPAIN (Bao Po)                 Lady "Lotus"             nbsp;   dedicated to the design and issuance of the Asian market, the Global Limited lady "Bao Po 138 lotus table" to break the traditional custom, designed for women. This section has the design table edge very bold and avant-garde,, with a twist cable edging mother of pearl dial, natural and beautiful. Mother of pearl dial irregular original design with striking Arabia digital, to make it more scintillating, guilloche graphics is icing on the cake. The white dial inlaid Ruby bezel with red silk belt,, wearing more comfortable more highlight the noble temperament.                 limit: 138                         BVLGARI (Bvlgari)               and nbsp     ASSIOMA;             the top of the Italy jewelry brand Bvlgari launched in 2006 the BASEL jewelry watches exhibition by mechanical movement of Bvlgari’s internal development and production of ASSIOMA watch. And in 2007 BASEL watch and Jewellery Show, was released this beautiful complex watch only

Evonne Hsu radar drill table

        Evonne Hsu radar drill table watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch radar table -RADO19 published three spring "Star" drill table,, by when the singer Evonne Hsu said, three watches are white, black and ceramic powder of silver jewelry table. The three silver jewelry table material are using radar table proud proud of high-tech ceramics,, abrasion resistance and durability with perfect, and there are large, small two sizes available. Among them, white,, black silver diamond watches have diamonds, white gold and high-tech ceramic bracelet can choose ceramic powder, watches with diamond, Pink Sapphire and high-tech ceramics chain choose. In accordance with different styles, the most decorated with 150 top diamond, a radar table spring the Leucaena drill table, regardless of color, can highlight the distinctive, out of the ordinary sense of fashion. The price from 112000 yuan to 272000 yuan. 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0>

Looking for love best domestic July 7th Tourism

        find the best domestic August 26th is the husband and wife reunion "July 7th" section, called the Chinese Valentine’s day. In fact, this story is not the perfect love template — have a look these two men, from love to marriage by gods and men blocking, although there are sweet but with painful ending, finally get separated, one year can only see, have to bribe the magpie…… So many hardships, we don’t, people in love is sweet love, lovers should get married, so the legend of love to make this festival — that’s our story. July 7th day, and loved her / him, looking for the perfect love. 4 destination we provide is travel of the horn, each have each fan! Lijiang – Lugu Lake   love like flowers if not love and have been to Lijiang, you must make up the lesson, although excessive commercial development, when people do not much, where the temperament or worthy of nostalgia, classical charm and connotation of love can wipe out the perfect fire flowers. Love movie this line was the birthplace of romantic, Old Town of Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,, Lugu Lake, the holiness of soft beauty, of course the best love legend or Mosuo people take marriage customs, although have been "two Yang" elder sister have no mystery, but the beautiful scenery and leisurely air or worthy of lovers to experience look at the right season. Lijiang is a built on water romantic town Lijiang also move also quiet town of soft and comfortable once let countless people Beckoning,, but this kind of temperament has been commercial taste masking, except in the morning and midnight. Not customary lovers must grasp the two time. Lijiang "wake up" very late, at eight o’clock in the morning, all of the streets are quiet, few visitors, but a lot of the Naxi people fresh goods back; the stone road was wet, the gurgling sound of water and the sound of a bird looks like a wonderland. With her hands to walk freely in the alley, can see the club full of flowers and Hezekiah antique door window, full of life, and this quiet everything until ten o’clock in the morning. After ten p.m., in the near Dashiqiao square, Lijiang to become lovely, every night Carnival crowd gradually dispersed, leaving only the young people, who plays the guitar, people singing and dancing, everybody do not ask the source,, happiness is the only destination, Carnival general into the night until the end, everyone can fun. To lovers, what better than to have a happy "July 7th" more important? The happy couple of Lugu Lake couples, an hour away from Lijiang’s Lugu Lake is also worth a look, here is the beautiful scenery, a landscape of lakes and mountains, in August to just would catch the sunflowers bloom. In Lugu Lake, don’t Miss Jia Mu mountain and "the islands", here is not only natural scenery amazing,, is an excellent way to understand the Mosuo villages. Mosuo houses and way of life is here most incisive. Of course, although the "walking marriage" still exists, but it is the Mosuo people’s patent.