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The rose flower blooming in the wrist watch jewelry talk time [figure] _ watch _ famous shopping gui

The rose flower blooming in the wrist watch jewelry talk time19:06 PClady source: 2013-04-16 Author: Antelope editor: lijieling introduction: in everywhere colorful garden,, rose is undoubtedly the most outstanding of that one. In the watch world, rose is It is often seen. elements. But to the rose a perfect blend of elements in the watch,, […]

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Han Geng white black handsome appearance a week [figure] _ inventory star watch watch _ famous shopp

Han Geng: white black a young spark 14, "the thirteenth music billboard" held in Shenzhen, Han Geng dressed in a white shirt to take a blue tie appeared in the awards ceremony. Accustomed to looking at the actors dressed formally dressed,, Han Geng the fresh styling suddenly let a person shine at the moment, the […]

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Elegant and brand golf leisureRolex Phil · Mikkelsen is the choice of Rolex (Rolex) Cellini Slim (Cellini). No amplification of the calendar mirror, thin second hand,, no luminous green ghost standard, there is no automatic winding, but there is no sign of oyster shell type and waterproof to a depth of. Phil Mickelson’s this slim […]

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Shanghai, a number of substandard digital products involving CASIO

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; recently,, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry of the six TV direct sales, Internet sales of enterprise sales of digital products (digital cameras, cameras, mobile phones), textiles (bedding, underwear, watches and other goods were quality monitoring. After testing, 23 batches< p > recently, the […]

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Golden years come again

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reporter Xu Jinghui over the past few years, the old brand popular "Phoenix Nirvana", "gorgeous", those early exit center stage of old Shanghai brand, once again become the focus of everyone’s attention, has a Seagull camera hero pens Shanghai brand watches, Warrior shoes to wear, eat reporter […]

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The first sixth chapters of the factory impression and other

       ; Zhang Wu and Zhang Xiaohua are now going on the job. Say ten o’clock in the morning to factory gate to line up, at eight o’clock, they set out, two people take note to see the again and again, Lian Tang Cun Lian Chi Road on the 13th, Fenghe garment factory […]

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Ai Qi watch Ai Qi to Ai Qishou’s official website to watch

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; A3453-I1Q4646 "IKey watch how" [eyki] Co., Ltd. Flag brand – "IKey watch website -" IKey watches price watch, Eyki w8481g "U-shaped U-shaped [eyki]. Since the introduction of [eyki], rely on the quality of the strict control of goods and very much< p > A3453-I1Q4646 "IKey watches how" […]

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