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       ; Zhang Wu and Zhang Xiaohua are now going on the job. Say ten o’clock in the morning to factory gate to line up, at eight o’clock, they set out, two people take note to see the again and again, Lian Tang Cun Lian Chi Road on the 13th, Fenghe garment factory […]

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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; service demolition company sales supervisor Li Hua sun is that at first sight it is easy to be called "metrosexual" Li Hua sun, a large clothing company’s marketing of the prison, put the clothing industry for more than ten years, he will continue to body force walking […]

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SUUNTO X-LANDER in the Sunto licensed version of black arrived purchase as soon as possible

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;] [the market price: RMB 4190 yuan 2010 Price native licensed warranty two years genuine + warranty card + English manual [product performance: Dial diameter approximately 5cm, dial thickness of approximately 1.3cm,, weight: 55g. Altimeter: measurement function / different start from zero, navigation[ ] the market price: […]

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The first day of the holidays – Zukai swimming fun,

       ; February 10, 2010; third grade class six. And February 12th is the Baby Bells birthday, so we will celebrate together ahead of time and let’s sing ~ K straight barbecue. We haven’t got together for a long time, and finally have the chance to take a picture. February 10, 2010, but […]

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