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, 2010,, Vacheron Constantin to 1003 models of the movement for the prototype to launch a more optimized movement design, thickness 1.64 mm, 21.10 mm in diameter. At the same time, the movement more decorative plywood and the main plate magnificent; ornate; fascinating, placed in 18K made of gold. began in 1980s,L. Leroy Watches, […]

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The time of color interpretation of wrist watch enamel craft _ _ watch small knowledge _ fa

, an interpretation of enamel table Jaeger Le Coulter enamel table 1, what is the enamel table? is a simple language, or a watch dial is in the cover and back, watch inlaid with enamel craft. Investigate the enamel materials, slightly on the material science knowledge of people all know, attached to these basic ingredients […]

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Jaeger Le Coulter Deep Sea metal ceramic chronograph watch [figure] _ _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pa

Deep Sea metal ceramic chronograph < p > Jijia deep sea series of retro time lines of the watch design continues the brand’s consistent style, highlight the outstanding prototype watch movement style. The case diameter is 40.5 mm,, with all that each function of the lovers palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. Its […]

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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; -,:: ====== [watch] for most people, the watch just for looking at the time only, "genuine Rado watches price" radar couple watches price and quartz watch is not only extremely accurate and stable quality,, reasonable price,, no wonder< p > – >:: ======> & gt; […]

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       ; Zhang Wu and Zhang Xiaohua are now going on the job. Say ten o’clock in the morning to factory gate to line up, at eight o’clock, they set out, two people take note to see the again and again, Lian Tang Cun Lian Chi Road on the 13th, Fenghe garment factory […]

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How much money Eyki Eyki watch brand watches franchise stores Longines watches prices

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; it < (- ^ -) > a oOrcqrczeyki brand watches franchise stores Longines watches price as a watch brand, for more than a century, Rolex has been is superior performance and distinguished symbol. The company is headquartered in Rolex, with 28 branch offices in the world< p […]

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What is this watch

        guzun form is a new brand, is not known, not in the world watch list, its quality remains to be seen, now rarely seen for objective evaluation. The brand is in Switzerland, but the origin is not in Switzerland, China was authorized to manufacture guzun form. Therefore, I table guzun quality […]

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I want to buy a Casio in Taobao on EF.316D.1A’s watch,

        I want genuine, not fake,, please give users a minimum price, thank you and a good store, search,, Casio EF-316D-1A in Taobao, then according to the sales ranking, the first 200 dollars, do not consider the possibility of false, too. Second Taobao famous I want genuine, not fake, please […]

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How to adjust Rolex calendar I freed only when the transfer

        I freed you can only transfer time calendar cannot transfer to how do ah this version does not support Chinese English translation function, if necessary, please buy the paid version in pull one can adjust the calendar,, ha ha. I freed you can only transfer time calendar cannot transfer to […]

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I have a Rolex watch, please help to identify true and false. Golden

        gold, double calendar, table 10 diamonds, 12 points on both sides of the two diamond don’t other. The table on the back of the lower left corner of the moment 18K,, buckle engraved with 7508385, GENEVE,, SwissMade with the words below 18K. I ask how to distinguish between true […]

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