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        thirdly, Zen is a home. Country although character is good, as early as home. Zen enlightenment, just as the decoy home. Zen to the modern people under a warm home,, bringing us back to the "before" is not the origin of the subject and object. They use a variety of language, […]

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                in West Lake met the LVMH watch and jewelry department general manager Weng Bingxian China District, one of her sentence is impressive, "in fact, buy watches the most can see a city consumption ability and fashion."         tag heuer 150 anniversary PARTY, Weng Bing […]

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        all the price I give is the price, is also a very good shot price. We should not be 6 wire pendulum high prices. If less than the price of 20% stalls, things will probably be seconds. Please pay attention to many things no one, is often the price without the […]

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        two, the Jianggan red ribbon and 4 stolen underwear love housemaid is message courtship Shenzhen a 20 year old female underwear has been stole. She was considered to be a woman stole in, who knows she was yesterday theft days was to write without a mobile phone number,, two, the Jianggan […]

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        introduction] "2" Twilight today comprehensive measure, from the previous game testing differences that manufacturers play lights is paid closed, I do not know will not bring you different play style, let’s rub one’s eyes and wait the world’s first film "Twilight magic net shopping 2" will introduction] "demon" in 2 comprehensive […]

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        foreign attaches stationed in Estonia chideng million not long ago, the domestic has not been hit TV series "mobile phone" without a story — two angles are expressions of frustration when talking about most want to go the place, fee ink answer is: Estonia, a water country. At the end of […]

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The value of 4380000 yuan Rolex watches Disha in China mainland only three block

        report from our correspondent (reporter Chen 泥图 / article / Wang Xieyun) at present, Xiamen is the most expensive watch is what appearance? Today, a price of RMB 4380000 yuan Rolex watches are Xiamen Paragon brand core position. The table is inlaid with no 2393,, 25 carat diamond deposition,The report from […]

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        new Longines Beja watch series [map] watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch new Longines Beja watch series is the designer of the female charm and the unique interpretation of the elegant, but also on the twentieth Century creative time to salute. On […]

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Longines gold watch how much Longines tried to ingratiate China consumer demand

        [Abstract] as one in Chinese reputation high watchmaking brand, Longines has been aware of Chinese customer needs, and to work. Hokeno: just watch,, the classic Longines flag series sell best, one of them only in 2010 China City [Abstract] as one in Chinese reputation high watchmaking brand, Longines has been aware […]

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        men preferred to 士金 table / easy, diamond gold / easy and watch Yi Shijin Watch: easy to 士真 drilling relief Limited gold table 1,, it is 2500 Greece relief! The classic 2, it has gold sparkle, lofty! Style 3, it has 72 bright diamond cutting fire! 4 luxury, it men […]

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