Complete energy-saving Mandarin version of the 5 mirror l8o Jiu Yi.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; time network news recently, we reported the matt & middot; Damon is expected to launch its director, the name is the father of time: armed robbery and Eskimo kiss legend "FatherDaughterTime:ATaleofArmedRobberyandEskimoKisses. Maybe this is a good guy.< br / > network time not long ago, we reported the matt & middot; Damon is expected to launch its director, the name was the father of time: armed robbery and Eskimo kiss legend "FatherDaughterTime:ATaleofArmedRobberyandEskimoKisses. Maybe this is a good friend of the · Affleck’s influence? Brown sugar film motor current fancy playing cute funny man John & middot in the U.S. version of "the office"; card Radzinsky himself appeared in the film’s director, actor.< p > glass diamond led 5 consultative Jiu Yi mirror l8o. "Father Time" by the Hollywood cutting-edge editor Matthew & middot; Aldrich (MatthewAldrich) penned, to many companies, including paramount and fox have expressed the script hobby, but in the end by Warner brothers won. The story of the protagonist is a fugitive man, he and his daughter across three states,,. Author Aldrich described the film "the cost is not high, short, very personal,, but very fun to the public film". It looks like the "paper moon" or "male and female thief" style of the film,

"martial arts" poster< p > directed by Peter Chan, Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tang Wei, Wang Yu, Kara Hui,
Longines, Li Xiaoran, Jiang Wu, starring annual action blockbuster "martial arts" will on July 4, in theaters throughout the country. Before 20 o’clock last night, director Peter Chan, starring Donnie Yen, and producer, stellar group chairman Qin Wang, on one side of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, held grand lighting ceremony — a picture of 35.91 square metres of "knight errant" posters by Aurora building wall, on both sides of the river, and the size of this poster has broken the Guinness Book of World Records – 2698 square metres of Michael & middot; Jackson Album Cover posters.

< p > to step aside "party Albert" schedule, to evade the Transformers 3 ",
dior watch, this year’s Summer video files,
hublot mp 05 ferrari," shift "has become the key word. As of yesterday, the reporter was informed that many movie schedule settled: "Transformers 3", "Harry & middot Potter and death (Holy)" the two Hollywood confirmed delayed release. Tang Wei starred in the "martial arts" in advance to the July 4th release, "the shoulder butterfly"

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perhaps you have been married for many years, and are not like young men and women often give each other gifts. But in this romantic spring, do you also want to send a gift to the beloved TA to commemorate your love for a long time? These luxurious and elegant with the table can provide you with a lot of gifts to choose.

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Altiplano and 40mm 34mm rose gold diamond watch

< p > table diameter of 40mm rose gold case inlaid with 72 round diamonds, the dial is clean: only the pointer,
click here, time scale, located 10 o’clock direction eccentric small seconds disc and is located in the 3 o’clock position count logo,, in addition no other. The new Altiplano40mm rose gold watch can be said to be a fusion of classic and innovative. Eccentric small seconds disc and other altiplano is exactly the same, careful observation, we will find it with the new short rod shaped pointer and standard design, but this for the first time in the altiplano Series in use,

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!< p > count altiplano 34mm table is one of the best-selling ladies watch, watchcase rose gold to table ring inlaid with 72 diamonds and weighs about 0.5 carat. Matte white dial engraved with Roman numerals scale, small second hand sub dial is arranged on the 10 o’clock position and sub dial inlaid 28 diamonds, weighing about 0.1 KT, Earl mark carved at 3 o’clock position. The dial looks clean and beautiful. This classic elegant watch can leave the best memory for your love.

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talking about "seeking girl", I believe we are not unfamiliar. After all, in the film starring Zhang Yimou,luxury swiss watch, the most famous director in China,, has served as the leading lady in the film,, which means a new height of his career. The latest generation of "seeking girl" Ni Ni recently shot a group of magazines. Dressed in pink dress her in the scenic backdrop of dazzling. Coincidentally, Zhang Ziyi,, Dong Jie and Dongyu Zhou also have similar pink dress. Let us take a look at their collocation effect, the evaluation of a good or bad!

Ni Ni

showed bright pink coverThe overall

score: assumes

.< p > the latest generation of seeking girl Ni Ni, in the 2011 movie of the Jinling 13 hairpin successfully played the "Yu Mo" such a righteous, dare love to dare to hate the woman and a new attitude to boldly entered the film industry and by virtue of the film obtained a number of rookie of the year award. On the cover of her to show signs as in the past smile, bright pink dress is also very refreshing. The sparkling diamond watch collocation, you can not for dumping.

collocation recommended:



in the world, most often with exquisite timepiece to create women’s love, people feast their eyes on the vision. Today we recommend the MissProtocole series of G0A25022 watch is no exception. The black strap is delicate and gorgeous, a neatly arranged diamond such as the water drip hits your heart.

< p > if you heart is also ready to make trouble, think for yourself up beautiful spring feeling, then this a diamond Square Watch mix pink chiffon dress is most appropriate. Pink Handbag and black high-heeled play the role of icing on the cake is inevitable, he let you 100% Beckoning.


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Fan Ye will restore ancient ways of exactly how and when small fresh encounter Vintage Leather table

Fan Bingbing model: fresh retro ,

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recently, Fan Bingbing for the week of the cover of the 223rd. The cover photo in the Fan Ye dressed in Vuitton2013 Louis spring and summer series of green long skirt collocation retro style of the full,luxury swiss watch, there is a sense of literary and art. Let Fan Bingbing put his arms around the position without losing the overall look beautiful pleasant demeanor.

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!< p > Edit recommend this watch backing is not small, 1904, this kind of is Brazilian Aviator Santos Dumont gift gift. In the design of small screws has now become a characterization of the representative meaningful modern temperament, elegant simplicity of the geometric modeling, retro feeling full design, bold powerful lines, very suitable for Fan Ye so tough women.

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deep green is a highly saturated color system, it can highlight the female’s mature temperament. Into the metal accessories do collocation, you can leave a retro charm. Coupled with rigid stainless steel watch, from time to time revealing a woman frankness, subversion feminine beauty, let a person feel a new flavor. Cartire wrist watch series Santos as the most beautiful of this elegant painting period.

The colorful rainbow beautiful spring temptation dial [map] _ watch _ famous shopping guide _ fashio

editor: Frank Muller 4 SAISONS DM 4 SAI BAG 42 series CD watch ,

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Double Mystery is the first neither clockwise nor minute watch. Dial is composed of two separately according to different rotating disk,, on the one hand shows the unique to this series of watches the pure beauty, on the other hand can still accurately reading time. Behind this complex functional watch, is a great genius dial device. In the past, only a handful of tabulation has made such an attempt, and they are mostly just from the visual aspects rather than machinery to work.

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‘s Frank Muller watch full of magnificent imagination?. Dial to disk for inspiration, to break the "pointer" often form, make reading fun time. The dazzling color stones around the dial, forming a bright color ring like a rainbow, the mood immediately. Watch the FM 800 automatic movement, power storage for 42 hours, 42mm large dial so watch more fashionable. Watchcase and Dial Diamond flicker strangely beautiful, but does not affect the Cintré e Curvex lines of the harmonious and elegant,, restrained or circular watchcase calm. Hidden in this elegant appearance, is a mysterious complex mechanical function.

Watch how to deal with broken glass _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s

How to deal with the

after the rupture of


glass will lead to serious damage, the watch is not sealed, thus affecting the waterproof function. From the watch glass material, vintage watches that plastic glass will not appear crack, and mineral glass on the table, especially popular now sapphire crystal glass is more prone to breakage. Photos of the Rolex watch is a typical can see it completely burst, and rupture of the damaged surface is inward (toward the table disk), glass debris covered dial. If you encounter this kind of situation must make a prompt decision to take measures immediately, the measures are as follows:

How to deal with the

after the

watch glass

(1) pull out the table to let the watch stop,

(2) can not dial the needle, nor can it be adjusted calendar.

(3) watch flat on flat (best glass),, until the clock repair shop to keep the posture of the wrist watch.

(4) there is no violent vibration and shaking.

(5) told the watch repair shop,, in the demolition and repair, pay attention not to let the glass debris and dial and hands.

Ochs und junior a niche brand creative

ochs und junior: a niche brand creative

Ochs und junior

‘s creative is how to generate

six years ago, Oechslin Ludwig and I put into the research and development of MIH. The MIH table contains a number of lateral thinking design, different from those of the factory’s products. The general clock makers like to add some of the so – called complex functions to their timers, which always contain as many components as possible, and are extremely complex. And Oechslin just the opposite, which is quite rare in the middle of the clock designer. Oechslin has a broad and in-depth knowledge, including mathematics theory, archaeology,, astronomy, there are, for example, for the repair of the Vatican Farnese pendulum. All of these reflect the his achievements. There is no difference in the Renaissance of the Renaissance, Oechslin takes the concept of an indirect way, and does not follow the rules. For the study of mathematics, he learned that the simple things are always more elegant and more appropriate,, of course, if the result is correct. In the face of complex issues related to functional complexity, Oechslin is willing to respond to a simple and satisfactory solution. MIH is the first work to follow this direction.

Ochs und junior

is a natural continuation of the wisdom, and is more than simple. Simplicity and rigor are recognized features of architectural design, industrial design, art, and software programming. Simple solutions that are creative, often in a long period of time. Oechslin have a number of good ideas in the pipeline — they are one after another. Und junior Ochs is the platform he took those creative achievements, and my role is like the staff of the embassy, to ensure that all of this as clearly as possible.

no doubt, Oechslin is a complex type of clock and clock R & D,, so he has his own watch company to produce his ideas, which is reasonable.

what’s your design idea?

design is not independent of und Junio Ochs, which is the process of conceptualization and simplicity. The most obvious external manifestation of this aspect may be that there is no letter or number on the dial. If it’s just a glance, the analog display is more intuitive than the number. Once, this understanding led to the date indicating the window is too large, and the impact of the whole timer is beautiful.


takes a different approach: und junior Ochs uses a series of holes on the dial to show the calendar, in which the dots can be seen in the orange. People don’t spend too much time on this concept, and it is easier to recognize and to be more beautiful. These holes are Ochs >

From the tourbillon to world time high Perot Foose presenting GMT world time watch [map] watch aucti

< p > this extraordinary watch, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey the effort invested in the second time zone display mode, namely GMT (Greenwich mean time) for navigator for historical reference longitude. This is a very practical complex functions, and connoisseurs great evaluation. The second zone is around the world businessmen, often in the outer reaches of the passengers, and those whose family and friends throughout the people all over the world and set. Loyal to the brand concept and the constant pursuit of perfection and innovation, Greubel Forsey has surpassed the conventional second time zone display. GMT watch is in a unusual,, 3D stereo way time: a rotation of the earth provides a most primitive nature of reading the world time. This is a poetic, amazing technology that provides us with a brand new way of reading time in different time zones.

is located in a conspicuous place at 8 o’clock,, "flying" the earth is cleverly fixed at the end of the axis of rotation – "the South Pole" – and let the intricate surfaces provide the most ideal viewing angle, and the earth is made of solid and light titanium. This earth is the same as the earth’s natural rotation direction, every 24 hours to complete,Chopard Watches, the position of the continents and the equator on the scale of 24 hours and the cross reference. The hemisphere of the night, 18:00 to 6:00, is shown in the dark half ring around the earth, and the hemisphere of the day – 6:00 to 18:00 – that is, in the white half ring. From the side of the case of windows can enjoy the earth on the other side, not only light through the transparent window on Earth shows the day, and from the window to see more southern part. is review good web

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; service demolition company sales supervisor Li Hua sun is that at first sight it is easy to be called "metrosexual" Li Hua sun, a large clothing company’s marketing of the prison, put the clothing industry for more than ten years, he will continue to body force walking is a tidal front. He was born in 70.

Sun Lihua services and sales of the company to sell

< p > Li Hua sun is that at first sight it is easy to be called "metrosexual", a large clothing company’s marketing of the prison, put the clothing industry for more than ten years, he will continue to body force walking is a tidal front. Was born in 70 after he should count is Hangzhou’s most senior wave tide male one, to the tidal evolution over the years is also quite free, his skills and spring and summer fashion got a lot for harvest and wanted to be a fashion and I do not know where to start the mature male and lightly cooked men to take own some.


Sun Lihua purchased the Department of spring and summer


mastermindjapan× ninagawa, flowers do iPad shell (online purchasing Japanese version. Japan "Mgirl" 2010-2011 autumn and winter special edition of the gifts, from the inter – Chapter of the leading Japanese Highend brand mastermindJAPAN, take the Japanese modern female photographer Ningawa Mika to do.

tourbillon4uwatch< p > watch quiz chapeau Li Hua sun divide the social of clothing affect the property to take projection: Spring / Summer 2011, Europe is popular bright,, because people also didn’t have no economic crisis Yang haze come out, is very keen with vibrant colors to change the heart of the anxiety. And he himself is a few months before purchase put a bunch of bright: "this season I is very optimistic about the blue, blue lines day blue, dark blue, and a royal blue is very beautiful,, each time around the store to see blue city in the face of a bright, bought a lot of how much blue of a single product. Are davan Energie City Harvest blue shoes and belts are Hangzhou building, third floor of Rapa like Bo ark buy a T-shirt and a windbreaker is no feelings. "


Sun Lihua believes that this year’s hottest tide element can be divided into a number of disciplines from the color, fabric, spirit:


< p > color, high saturation colors,, fluorescent color or bright T-shirt, knee length of 5 minutes of pants, jacket are able to just to be on the safe side knowledge from black and white ash, cowboy color mixed collocation. Bold a little to choose between the same color collocation, if the ability of my color no foot enough determination, it is recommended to use the "touch" thought to guide matching.


mesh fabric is 201>

[micro topic] 2012.4.6 version of the Titanic3D released a super pull watch type

        [1] [] [3D] 2012.4.6! In 1997 a "Titanic" let many people crazy, Jack and rose during the unprecedented, unforgettable love for us shocked, now "Titanic 3D" finally determined the release date

[1] [3D] 2012.4.6!


< p > in 1997 a "Titanic" let many people crazy,, Jack and rose during the unprecedented, unforgettable love for us shocked,, now "Titanic 3D" finally determined the release date!! 2012.4.6 release!


list of reasons: the much anticipated drop is a powerful force, forwarding list third no suspense!


[2] over pull boom watch type to burst


< p > where to sell watches today, creative shop illustrated sent a micro Bo: "super pull the wind watch to shake to know the time and type to burst ah!!!" All the users, amazed.


the pace is fast, a lot of friends asked where to buy, there is a clear understanding of the user replies to: Tiwe……………… Limited………… China’s no sell……………… Not mass production………………………… With the grass to tears ben!!! , more people predict: "it is estimated that soon there will be a copy of the cottage."


list of reasons: pull boom ah,, ah cool, handsome Le ~, fully deserve list fourth forwarding!


[3] I think, we are puffiness!!


< p > today "fashion thin body" of a microblogging picture to all the users feel warm and display picture is in the bathtub two lovely dog take a shower before and after contrast, let people unavoidably laughing, and microblogging with the text that is fueled resonate: "I think we are puffiness!"