In the table Oscar 8 million yuan in paragraph 6 of enduring watch recommendation [map] watch produc


Rolex (Rolex) Greenwich II 116710LN watch

watch series: Greenwich II

movement type: automatic mechanical

case material: stainless steel, rotating Cerachrom black word ring

braceletstuff: stainless steel

case diameter: 40 mm

domestic price: ¥ 64900

< p > a brief review on watch: 80000 yuan certainly consider Rolex big, but personally really don’t want to recommend as Kelpie or green glass that watch,, because even though I recommended you may not be able to buy. Today,, the Greenwich based II has retained all the classic style of the fans who love, I believe that such a table to start with a certain".

Panerai (Luminor) PAM 00386


watch series: Luminor

movement type: automatic mechanical

material: composite material PaneraiComposite

braceletstuff: leather

case diameter: 44 mM

domestic price: ¥ 75000

< p > a brief review on watch: speaking of Panerai, has said it is now very high popularity, both in the male table fan or a female fan circles,
click here, the rise of the wave of Panerai. This brought this special material Panerai, although the price a little expensive, but new materials and stunning strap or ordered him to become a well deserved "Oscar" watch. here have replica watches sale


Several methods of

in the repair of

< p > know watch knowledge rarely, because this watch repaired by fraud thing is not very fresh things, customer complaints are also quite a number. Of course,, the table is broken, in order to achieve a satisfactory repair and reasonable price. How to prevent a sudden introduction below in the table is black cheated several methods:

: a way to examine and repair the Qing overweight,, must repair master table on a good price, then the table and handed it to him.

Several methods to avoid being cheated in the repair of

< p > 2: do not repair, don’t trust what promise "Lidengkequ", due to check Yankan and walked carefully check is an indispensable link in the watch repair, may not not through the study on the reliability of watch lucky, immediately delivered to the customer.

three: try to choose those good credit or table stores in large stores, large stores have a control on the individual’s repair shop.

approach four: be sure not to easily believe that the advertising table shop, check their repair table equipment and table oil,, you can let him take out the table oil to see, not a 4~5 kind of oil above you do not in his.

How to diagnose the common faults [figure] _ automatic mechanical watches watches _ maintenance _ fa

how to diagnose the common faults of automatic machinery

< p > how to diagnose the common faults of automatic mechanical watches prior to the refurbishment of the automatic mechanical watches should be to judge the fault for automatic mechanical watch before the agency, or for automatic mechanical watches itself, especially the motive mechanism and automatic mechanism. In the attached hand mechanism of automatic watch are advised to by hand check motive mechanism is normal,, in positive rotation of a handle,, if observed pawl in the big steel wheel gear jumping and feeling to Ling sunburn is by ring is tightened, it indicates that the motive mechanism is basically normal.

how to diagnose the common faults of automatic mechanical watch

< p > when the spring is tighten all, although in a box spring slide also belong to the normal range,, because automatic watch mainspring is different to common institutions watch spring, it outside the mainspring additional a side wind. Some side winding with hook of the wheel box on the inner wall of the open arc monk.

Follow the hunting… Like people, some watches are very special: they are not only rare models,, but have a history that make them unique,, an aura that definitely makes the difference for a collector who likes the concept of “toolwatch”. 

In late 2010, I was lucky enough to buy a Submariner 5514 from the original owner. Being able to meet the first owner of such a watch,, to discuss with him during several hours and getting full documentation is really a rare experience for someone who is interested in the history of Rolex and in the extreme use of their vintage sports models.

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