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        Gucci Gucci Swiss watch Gucci Gucci official site founder Guccio Gucci Designer::: 1923 -1989, Gucci euro · Gucci in 1989 -1992 years, RichardLam bertson (Richard · LAN said snow), fashion design and creative

due to lack of raw materials in leather and canvas for alternatives. Printed with pairs of letters G logos and eye-catching red and green as the Gucci symbol appears in all kinds of canvas briefcase, handbag, wallet, gucci product. Excellence in the luggage industry has become with France’s LouisVuitton Louis · famous brand Louis Vuitton). At the same time as other manufacturers around the world of plagiarism, imitation object. The following ten or twenty years,www.time2umall.com, after the second world war. As the product range expanded, early Florence based Gucci rise rapidly, for the development of international has branches all over the world group, product popularization of Europe and the United States, asia. Not only popular shoes, bags, boxes, and clothing, perfumes, household products, scarves and other accessories. Can say,http://www.brand-feel.com, to some extent because of expanded development of these varieties, improve the Gucci brand awareness, so that it is no longer confined to the original market areas, and has become a popular brand. Due to the large number of counterfeit products appear, gucci brand had to spend a lot of money, material resources to carry out its struggle to preserve its good corporate image. In fact, the production and management for many years, the Gucci had some signs of classic products,http://www.louisvuitton4usale.com, such as flat and forever gold ornaments is Gucci radical products, it is shallow bottom shoe that Gucci not a lacing, once brought huge profits for the. Leather products Gucci especially in tanning, leather products the most delicate skin characteristics. In 1989 DawnMello · Tang; Melo) was appointed as the deputy general manager and creative guidance, the symbol of yesterday’s luxury glory brand become a "must" fashion. Since 1994, TomFord Tom · Replica watches for sale

) Ford Gucci take on an altogether new aspect

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