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Baige – Tianwang Watch

        will not impact, if say, is not the main factors influencing the travel time error. Judge whether a Casio ladies watch quality should see it travel time stability, and should not be excessive pursuit of zero error. For example, the average one month down every 5 seconds faster card does not […]

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       , GUCCI, MIUMIU, PRADA for having heard it many times, these brands, by many people who love fashion. The economic strength will always have so a few brand-name clothes, do not have the economic strength, although can not afford to buy, but will be attracted, these brand so, have , GUCCI, MIUMIU, […]

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Watches on here

When brides wear strapless wedding dress many people show their indignation as they think brides reveal too much. Yes, many still imagine wedding gowns to be white, of classical cut, a little bit puffed,, and completed with classical wedding veil. But times change, everything changes, and bridal fashion is not the exception. Nowadays most of […]

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Van Cleef & Arpels launched a new Charms Mini series of classic watch &nb

        brand in 1968 the creation of the Alhambra clover Classic Theme Charm, Charms wrist expresses lucky blessing to mini. Full of fashion design ponder elegant and charming lady,lv m51998, with slender wrist. Diameter Poetic Complic’s Charm wrist expresses lucky blessing to mini. Fashion design is full of interesting attractive brand,, created […]

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replica louis vuitton tambour

Valentine’s day duration,buy to bring love Bath skirt alternatively bath towel from the physiological and cerebral demand, since human beings stand hike,longing become the only mammal animal dystocia, and afterwards between the sexes,admire never give up since human beings began walking conscientious Tissot Brand Manager Li Qian said. Pelvic architecture people so different likewise caused […]

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rolex cellini prince

Welcome in the wonderful Pan Am World! The box and the papers are one thing: You are lucky if you got your 6542 or early 1675 in its complete ( or almost ) configuration, like it was sold by the original AD. But even if you have the complete set, when it comes to the […]

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Hello! I had always thought that the Rolex Thunderbird/T.O.G. is a wonderful watch which by some reason has never caught the attention it deserved from collectors and users of fine Rolex watches.   I wish to share with my friends at Purists, some pictures of my own watches (References 6609 y 1625) and a bit of their history. […]

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