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Swiss watch one, wear OMEGA watches,, on behalf of achievement and perfection, this OMEGA watch industry and advertising industry have known the name is derived from the Greek alphabet (omega), began in 1848, by the taste of people loved. OMEGA in sailing, track and field,, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsored by the European golf, won the Olympic Games designated timer is up to thirty-one times more. OMEGA also invited some celebrities as image ambassadors, as we are familiar with the formula one champion Schumacher,, figure skating champion Chen Lu, Switzerland’s number one tennis player Sindis,, sailing Racer Peter · sir Blake, golfer Ernie · Ace, peel stage · Bresnan, Cindy · Crawford, Simon Yam, Qiqi and other sectors top people.                    

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OMEGA watches the official website of the Chinese sales platform: sevenfriday watch replica < >

Domestic watch brand — Chinese watches Seagull China first table

        domestic watch brand — China watches "Seagull" Chinese "first" table rises again watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

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53 years ago, Chinese first mechanical watch was born in Tianjin Seagull group’s predecessor, Tianjin watch factory.
the past half a century, from shortage economy the darling of the era,, to "break out of an encirclement surplus era", and then to the era of globalization towards the international market Pathfinder, in 38 state-owned watches all fallen in manufacturing enterprises, seagulls are the only stand up.
after wind and rain, fight to win or die.
now, Tianjin Seagull group became the first, the third largest in the world China core manufacturing base.
with China core seagull began to fly to the world…… sevenfriday watch replica

China watch Tianjin Seagull watch sevenfriday watch replica

Seagull table in favor of

until now, the 60 year old Wang Deming mentioned that the lawsuit is still very excited, "who said that China cannot independently developed the world’s most high-end classic watch? Is to let the Swiss people look, the Chinese watch industry is the strength."
in 2008 April,, held in Switzerland "Basel world watch and Jewellery Fair" period, the body as the defendant as the seagull group general manager Wang Deming.
a Swiss brand table to the establishment of the General Assembly will be a Seagull "court of arbitration committee",, "they put forward to the Seagull" double Tourbillon ‘question, think the key parts’ differential mechanism’ copied from its brand and patent design, requirements of seagull table provides’ not plagiarism ‘evidence, or face’ immediately cleared. Next year not exhibitors’ punishment……"
the other’s attitude is very firm, but Wang Deming is not worried, "after all" double Tourbillon ‘is the top technology international watch industry, they do not believe that China can develop it, let them personally confirmed!" sevenfriday watch replica
tourbillon, table asked, moon phase calendar is the world watch industry the three classical techniques, "double Tourbillon" is the technical structure in which more complex, seagull table Tourbillon frame weight only 0.37 grams, the equivalent of a swan feather weight, in addition, Tourbillon is composed of 72 fine parts composition, but most of them handmade.
Basel "the court of arbitration committee" of experts after analysis Seagull "double Tourbillon" movement, carefully observe the key internal parts of a Swiss brand, repeated mutatis mutandis to provide patent certificate, and ultimately identified that: SEA-GULL seagull table no infringement.
a exciting news!
confirmed, has caused a sensation throughout the exhibition, the exhibitors on behalf of China are to rouse. < >

Tiananmen diamond watch yesterday unveiled

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is manufactured by Beijing watch factory in Cheonan (4.5, -0.10,, -2.17%) door diamond watch in September 17th unveiled in Beijing. The watch is a collection of "Republic of China Golden · part of the glorious" witness. sevenfriday watch replica

The count of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store opening

        the Earl of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store brand new opening watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watchesEarl

Shanghai Plaza store opening of

, the world’s top watch and jewelry brand to count in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store carefully reforming,, recently re opened grandly, became Earl brand in mainland China first direct stores. The new opening of the Earl of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store through the global synchronization of brand new and distinguished refined personalized service, demonstrated its unique brand of charm to the pursuit of quality of life of the high-end.

store design, elegant luxury

new opening of the Earl of Hang Lung Plaza store covers an area of 127 square meters, the whole environment store permeability, stick out a mile,, the guests into the shop can fully feel the store of the elegant environment. To expand the store area, using very large counter gives guests a better browsing space, so that each a jewelry and watches have been fully show. Store music light, subtle fragrance flows, let guests like in Gong Dianzhong.

display area, exquisite luxury

entered the store, crystal display cabinets and showing Jewelry & watches boutique like nature itself — highest quality, beautiful very feel excited. Store the extraordinary design is embodied in every detail. The back cabinet enhance the original height, and the cabinet by the original superficial veneer into deep veneer, so by comparing the cabinet in the strong light irradiation, the more prominent the count watch and jewelry luxurious; booth light soft and transparent, be strict in one’s demands to express every cut faceted gemstone flawless; rational use of the sales area height field landmarks, creating a more independent,, private communication environment, let the guests to bring in this secluded corner of exclusive count treasures pleasure and private distinguished service.

classic treasures, full debut

new opening stores, more the count’s classic series table section and elegant jewelry series. One symbol of the brand legendary classic Piaget polo, use the original appearance of the classic dial, automatic movement 800p,, restrained in showing different elegant style of movement; exquisite miss Protocole series show ever shining personality traits, will be just perfect female charming Sexy Soul into the unique innovation, favored by women; jewelry series, possession as Piaget jewelry star series, >

OMEGA flagship store opened in Guangzhou star Qi support

        OMEGA flagship store opened in Guangzhou star Qi support watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch in October 22, 2007, Guangzhou OMEGA flagship store opening press conference was held in The Garden Hotel. OMEGA is "OMEGA Mission Hills Golf World Cup" Twelve consecutive Olympic sponsors. As the world famous brand watches, OMEGA entered the China market has a history of one hundred years. As the twelve consecutive years in China · Shenzhen · Mission Hills Golf Club held the world cup of golf, OMEGA as best supporting actor for this major golf tournament.   OMEGA flagship store in Guangzhou at the The Garden Hotel there. On the day of the conference held in the lobby of The Garden Hotel, is next to the Guangzhou OMEGA flagship store. The conference mainly invited is Guangzhou TV and fashion magazines and other media. From Shenzhen the past only we < classic golf magazine a media.   displayed in the windows of the OMEGA watches,, fine, expensive and fashionable one.   OMEGA China ambassador Richie Ren also attended the event,, over forty years if Richie looked over twenty. The first time such a short distance contact star, in addition to a little bit of happy, the mood is no more strange.   China Golf chief player Zhang Lianwei speech at the conference, "brother" the verbal humor is that I had not seen before.     Richie Ren, vice president Zhang Lianwei and OMEGA Chinese District Cardenas · Carlos (CarlosCá rdenas) together for the public display of OMEGA watches mr..   an ambassador and a brother OMEGA signature.   three people transform action, just to better publicize OMEGA.

Why can’t the mechanical watch is adjusted to no error

        why can’t the mechanical watch is adjusted to no error? Swiss watch brand, brand watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch           mechanical watch accuracy depends mainly on the balance wheel hairspring produces frequency stability degree to ensure. Due to internal and external table machine in use process many factors, resulting in the balance wheel hairspring harmonic vibration, so watch errors,, carefully adjusting also can make the error decreases relatively, but can not be completely ruled out, so,, watch as long as consistent with the table when the precision index,, namely qualified table.

OMEGA hippocampus James

        hippocampus James watch brand OMEGA, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches James Bond with new faces again. Uphold the OMEGA James Bond in traditional watches, OMEGA to launch a new all steel limited edition is a full of super agent temperament professional diving watches. James Bond fans to recognize one case of the spiral gun rifling, this pattern from 007 the beginning of the movie when the picture. Of course,, set on the second end of the small 007 words will also make fans happy. The first section is equipped with advanced coaxial escapement James Bond watches a limited sale of 10007, than any earlier model are more James Bond features. It has inherited the classic design — out of the ordinary case shape, curved lugs and smooth and forging surface treatment to form a strong contrast in series, with James Bond watches unique blue bezel and case. Watch not only the appearance of strong colors, but also the use of high accurate and reliable movement, this is James Bond watch the traditional style,, highlight is James Bond itself. James Bond limited edition series can achieve professional diving table, also made the COSC Observatory certification, is 100% accurate Observatory chronograph. As a professional diving watches, it can resist the pressure of water depth of 300 meters, in 10 position with professional row helium valve, the decompression, discharge helium shell residue. This function is particularly important in divers diving bell, it avoids the helium atom fine penetrate the shell in the process of pressure reduction caused by the explosion, watch. Screw in crown, spiral bottom cover, a luminous dots unidirectional rotating bezel on the table, and super pointer to read, display its professional status. Hollow out the hour and minute hands coated with luminous coating, the second tip with red trim. 007 mark second hand back non-stop across the blue spiral gun rifling dial, fully demonstrate the hippocampal watch James Bond. Embossment hour scale and 3 position of the date window, ensure the heroic queen the agent can perform the task on time. Arc arch anti abrasion and anti reflective sapphire crystal mirror after processing, highly legible. 41mm diameter steel table assembly 2500 automatic winding movement, with the 48 hours of power storage. For the first time using OMEGA’s proprietary coaxial escapement in sports watch, mechanical components to reduce friction between,, to provide more long-term reliability and accuracy. No card degree hairspring balance wheel in the movement, can be fine tuned to further improve the performance, watch. Each watch limited edition numbered only engraved with spiral bottom cover, also relief a 007 gun shaped marking. In addition, Hay Ma James Bond limited edition watch equipped with steel strap surface and the forging surface processing, and engraved with the 007 mark in the safe. All steel case with steel strap price: $27000 OMEGA hippocampus James Bondti;

Louis Weedon LV group in Beijing a watch price 1700000

        Louis Weedon LV group in Beijing to a price of 1700000 watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "in China shop can certainly profit." As the chief brand global luxury goods industry leader LVMH group under the trader, global general manager Louis Weedon Serge of Beijing’s high-end consumption ability is no doubt, he said, just could not find more suitable for the top consumer group environment.   last Friday, in order to give Louis Weedon (Louis  Vuitton) in Beijing flagship store opening support,, many major suit star — Liu Xiang, Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei, Zhang Yimou and others gathered in China World Trade Center, wearing this brand of clothing,, leather shoes at. Although the most expensive in the shop a watch price is as high as 1700000 yuan, but the top luxury brand to attract customers star is this kind of high-end, so at the ceremony, Serge said confidently,   the Beijing store opened a profitable, this is without a doubt. "China is LV’s largest market, second only to Japan,," global general manager Louis Weedon told reporters, in Paris Asian customers, Chinese accounted for nearly half of the current sales situation, "Chinese market is very good, even beyond the like to all of us. But Chinese consumers in foreign purchases compared,, domestic sales accounted for only half. This only shows that we in the China sales network has not fully developed." 50000 yuan 1000000 yuan necklace, purse, 1700000 yuan can be for people to watch the replacement material…… Such a high price can be accepted by consumers in Beijing? Serge said, Beijing has numerous celebrities, business celebrities and high grade of consumers, it should soon be able to enter the profit condition.

The world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables published supreme

        the world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables published supreme watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   time carrying dream, diamond Memorial forever. To welcome the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, the glorious moment eternal memorial in August 8, 2008 the global attention, won the "best of China Humanistic Olympic Memorial Award" of the world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables shocked appearance. The world s first Olympic diamond lovers watches, with Swiss watchmaking technology to create a common tip, dominating the global South African diamonds, rubies and gold in Burma 999 four big rich elements, dial is bedecked with jewels, golden, CO 999 pure gold inlaid 2.5 grams, Ruby 2, diamond 82, There was no parallel in history. to large quantities of gold and silver jewelry, gathered in one body, the supreme value immeasurable. The dial inlaid top 999 gold "bird’s nest", below the target of Beijing Olympic Games host city and the opening date of each watch; 12 bit with rubies, other points and dial inlaid around the diamond. In addition, the table back cover also enchase gold Chinese Humanistic Olympics logo and engraving print collection number. Both show dripping wet material noble and magnificent, and fully express the theme of the Beijing Olympic Games, will be the world’s first diamond couple tables value connotation and modern collection of watches and clocks, the perfect combination of elegance and hobbies, to commemorate the great collection value! The first Olympic diamond couple tables,, with 2.5 grams of pure gold, Ruby 2, diamond 82, the world only out of print issue 6000 on Olympic diamond couple tables, the history of the peak work collection! From the planning, design, research and development to the issuance of consuming a total of 4 years at home and abroad, the 18 clock master jointly developed by 316L, the high density of stainless steel, imported automatic movement and wear-resistant sapphire glass to casting, surface of the glass can withstand a nail, drill and other hard objects scratch, seismic pressure proof; in addition, belt 50 meters water depth and calendar display function; the factory will be after 7 days and 7 nights of travel time proofreading,, a slight error instantly destroyed. Federation of Asian jewelry and international collectors union exception co producer,, Beijing City Quality Supervision Bureau 12365 security center provides 24 hour security check, as the world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables of outstanding quality and supreme value escort! More unbelievable is, product unit has to destroy all the set R & D watches technical data, to ensure that the first Olympic diamond couple tables really out of print, never be copied! Olympic diamond couple tables only global issue 6000 of out of print,, including overseas issue 2008 on, now officially in Futian District Shennan Road (Hualian building next to) Shenzhen Book Center lobby "Wande treasures" public offering, a unified national issue price of 18800 yuan / on.

Longines and the new product

        Longines and a new brand of watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch                     the Swiss Longines watches to wing hourglass symbol table,, a popular global a century. The arrival of 2009, new ideas to join, the Longines sport series more boutique. Admiral Admiral and speed GrandeVitesse series of four new products. Admiral added 24 hours (second time zones) and stopwatch ceramic bezel styles, in addition to a combination of the features of these two kinds of styles also listed. 2008 listed the Longines Admiral with its streamlined and determination of design, the perfect interpretation of a Longines watch will be elegant and functional crafts tab talent. GrandeVitesse through a series of commemorative history limit velocity creator style, interpretation of the concept of speed. The smooth lines, aerodynamic perfect radian, and double speed function is bound to attract the love of extreme sports persons eyes. Longines admiral Admiral watch three new released               Longines admiral Admiral watch evokes a supreme realm of movement, it is a kind of to culminate the perfect, accurate, and elegant. It advocates the self-confidence, especially by the Globetrotters, and adventurous person who advocated.               Admiral watch has added three new styles. Admiral24 hours and second time zone watch, with a new design of black or gray ceramic bezel. Stainless steel case very dynamic and very elegant, built-in automatic winding movement, sapphire table mirror was black or grey dial, a distinctive Arabia digital "12" on the dial, this is a design feature Longines sports series of outstanding. The big red 24 hour pointer, and like the bright moon white dial in stark contrast, quickly attract attention. This watch with fine steel chain, chain intermediate elaborately inlaid with black or gray ceramics and ceramic bezel echoes.               Admiral chronograph watch with the same decorative ceramic bezel, only ceramic table engraved with the tachometer ring. This watch also has a screw type solid surface, crown and button more with flank protection. Admiral timer with automatic winding movement. Black or gray dial, 6 position with date display, 3 position 30 minutes tired fabric timing disc, 9 position small seconds disc, and a major landmark "12". And the second time zone watch as 24 hours,, this section.