Vacheron Constantin refused to use the brand spokesman

        Vacheron Constantin refused to use the brand spokesman brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "our product itself is the star" Vacheron Constantin is one of the world’s oldest brand watches. All Handmade Vacheron Constantin annual production of around 15000. Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific managing director Bai Shangwen said in an interview,Hermès Watches, the current Vacheron Constantin Asian market has accounted for half of the global market share, while Hongkong and China mainland market accounted for half of the Asian market. The Vacheron Constantin in Hongkong, about half of consumers from China mainland. Chinese market ranks sixth in the world in the Southern Metropolis Daily (hereinafter referred to as "Nandu"): China mainland market in Vacheron Constantin’s global market place a few,aphublot, how sales growth at present? Bai Shangwen: Chinese market not only for Vacheron Constantin, for other luxury brands, means huge potential. Although China mainland market only listed Vacheron Constantin Asia’s third largest market, behind Hongkong and Taiwan, and its global ranking, in sixth. But the current growth rate, roughly in 15% between 20%. I have been hoping that will Chinese market into the largest market in the world. In the course of development in 250 years, the secret of Vacheron Constantin to survive and expand share, is the careful maintenance, brand of clear goals, and keep a sense of urgency. A concept I like is "Hurryslowly",Rolex watches replica, the "base" of the rapid development of long-term goal, means not for short-term interests extended extravaganza, and routes will not walk fashion. Our brand is the heritage value, long pursuit of growth. The cultivation of potential customers in the public in Nandu: no doubt, Vacheron Constantin is not lower than the $6900 high prices let many Chinese consumers daunting, Vacheron Constantin expects China customers is what kind of person? China consumers and other consumers around the world have what different? Bai Shangwen: and not by the products to customer selection. Because not everyone can afford a Vacheron Constantin watch, choose to become an automatic process. In fact, Vacheron Constantin customers throughout various professional and area. Importantly, the rich are not stupid, they will not simply because of the high price and the purchase of a commodity. They are a group of people confident grade and, before the purchase can do their own homework, including the history, quality and service, will take into account the investment is worth it. Until it reaches the 100% confidence, will start to buy. In fact, they are generally not only a watch, but there are many block. More importantly, the Chinese consumer is "know". At the moment they come to buy Vacheron Constantin watches, have mastered the information needed. From this perspective, China’s consumers and global consumers in other places there is no different, they get the same information, make the same choice. After all, we now have the globalization of markets, in China to see the products,, in the rest of the world.

[watch] watch repair graphic structure and part name (lower) [map]

        graphic of each part of the proper name and location,Replica hublot watches, above is to construct your analytical watch. And the six most one one explanation,, I hope readers can proper nouns of movement parts can have further recognized. In the order are: four, the balance wheel escapement,

diagram of each part of the proper name and location,       above is to construct your analytical watch. And the six most one one explanation, I hope readers can proper nouns of movement parts can have further recognized.


sequence is: four, the balance wheel escapement system,       following the retrospection of the introduced for your watch structure and components of the name of the first three parts (Graphic watch structure and part name [on] this paper will continue to introduce you to the last three parts. Five, on the chain mechanism of gear train, six, power train, the hope can let you stick out a mile.

      four, the balance wheel escapement system:

meter is to master the isochronous movement extremely important system.       the effect is to make the pointer and gear into isochronous progress.

www.biao168,luxury on


      five, on the chain institutions train:


connection rod chain,       chain mechanical structure is a bunch of gear. The drive to make the mainspring screwing spring. On the chain transmission order leading to Ji car, small volume, small cars, large cars iron car, so it can achieve the effect of a wound.


Replace the battery to the table Pay 2000 yuan startup costs!

        [consumers] story two years ago, Miss Yang traveling in Switzerland, spent 4800 yuan to buy my husband a piece of Geneva to produce ultra-thin brand-name quartz watch. Back to Ning,, Miss Yang saw this watch in a Nanjing shopping mall table row, price is as high as 14800

[consumers] for more than two years before the story, Miss Yang traveling in Switzerland, spent 4800 yuan to buy my husband a piece of Geneva to produce ultra-thin brand-name quartz watch. Back to Ning,, Miss Yang saw this watch in a Nanjing shopping mall table row, price is as high as 14800 yuan, Miss Yang so very happy. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of this year, to replace the battery to watch,, she suffered a series of troubles.

she went first to Nanjing sell the brand watch table, table line staff told her, this watch agents in Shanghai, so we must return to Shanghai, and then by agents sent to Taiwan or Hongkong repair point detection, confirm the battery after the replacement battery. In addition, because the watch has more than the warranty period,, so the mailing costs and testing costs must be borne by the way miss yang, send watch if there is damage, also have to bear the consequences. Also, the accurate time and send it back to repair point cannot be determined, it may be a month, maybe half a year or even longer.

for fear of trouble, Miss Yang couple decided to find a table row, change the battery in Nanjing. She went to Nanjing many watch repair, refuse. The reason is not seen such a phenotype, does not have the ability to detect and repair technology imported from Swiss watches, so can’t open table.

after the day, finally watch with a large store repair line would help Miss Yang watches battery, but the premise is, must pay 2000 yuan first open table fees Miss Yang, to sign a "voluntary open table, the consequences" of the agreement, and is not guaranteed to change to the electricity pool for the table model. "For two times the battery I can buy a new watch!" Miss Yang said. She rejected the merchant.

[sound] businesses a senior watch repair division: and Miss Yang suffered a similar examples. Many Swiss import table, phenotype does not see more in the market of our country, the maintenance division is afraid of open table damage to the watch shell or internal parts and consumer disputes, so do not want to open the table. There are some repairs for fear even to open hand form, but is not related to maintenance of equipment, is still unable to repair.

How to maintenance of mechanical watch

        should be avoided and sharp sharp material rubbing, 5 watch watch glass hardness. Avoid corrosion under high pressure and heat and chemical reagent, so as not to rub the hair or injury. If the row has a slight trace, the toothpaste besmear cloth, table glass above the rub,, can eliminate

should be avoided and sharp sharp material rubbing,       5 watches watch glass hardness. Avoid corrosion under high pressure and heat and chemical reagent, so as not to rub the hair or injury. If the row has a slight trace, the toothpaste besmear cloth, table glass above the rub, you can eliminate the trace drawn. Remember do not use alcohol, to prevent the watch glass and alcohol chemical reaction and fragmentation.


a foot. Wind rotary table speed should be appropriate,       1 best every day at a fixed time to wind. Don’t too much. Tight clockwork easily clockwork box oil stick. When the clockwork relaxed, because the elastic is too large it is easy to be broken.


or hand hammer something,       2 watch most avoid shook violently. It’s best to take down. The watch also afraid of water leaching. Therefore, washing clothes, washing or do other work when in contact with the water,, the best to watch off. Watch glass on the table if there is fog or water, should be timely maintenance, wipe the fog water, the movement of drying. But if only some of the fog, to the dry climate, will disappear.

lest dust fall in; more not disorderly dialing,,       3 don’t open the table cover. Bad to timely send table shop to repair.

don’t will watch on a radio,       4 watches don’t wear. To avoid being speaker magnets magnetized, affect the travel time. Watch more unfavorable and camphor put together, because camphor is a very volatile substances, easy to make oil solidification, loss of lubrication, so that damage the clock accuracy.

Simon Yam interpretation of the new OMEGA wrist watch

        Simon Yam interpretation of the new OMEGA watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches OMEGA Shanghai Yongan department store flagship store grand opening Simon Yam play 007 perfect interpretation of "James bond" of new watches in Shanghai in October 22, 2006, worldwide famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA in Shanghai Yongan department store held its Fifth stores in Shanghai flagship store opening ceremony. OMEGA Hong Kong and mainland market director Ms. Zheng Meiling, Chinese District Sales Manager Mr. Yang Hua and has just won the Hongkong Film Golden Bauhinia Award "winner" the laurel of celebrity OMEGA ambassador, Asian famous film star Simon Yam Mr. attended the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting ceremony, together witness OMEGA in the vigorous development of China Market another exciting moment. OMEGA China District Sales Manager Mr. Yang Hua said in his opening remarks: "this year in June,, OMEGA held a ‘goddess of the rainbow’ watch limited edition of the world’s ceremony in Shanghai, and invited a celebrity OMEGA Ambassador — Nicole? Kidman first visited Chinese, become OMEGA into the China market 111 anniversary of the most eye-catching landmark event. Time changes of more than a century, created a brand watches the immortal legend, has also witnessed the brilliant achievements made in the Chinese OMEGA on the market. So far, we have established 28 flagship stores in Chinese. Today the grand opening of the OMEGA Shanghai fifth flagship store again proved that OMEGA China constant commitment to consumers!" Shanghai Yongan department store was founded in 1918, as "a typical building of Chinese commercial first street" Nanjing Road,, has gone through nearly 90 years of ups and downs. In the new century,, new Yongan department store attracted in many world famous high-end brand, its sense of history and modern sense will thaw in one of the operating style of a perfect fit OMEGA classic and fashion brand spirit add radiance and beauty to each other. OMEGA Shanghai Yongan department store flagship store will provide OMEGA’s full range of products for the distinguished customers, including constellation, hippocampus,, GP and Ville watch, as well as the flagship store exclusive products. The shop has a professional repair service center to provide a high level of professional service to OMEGA customers. Meanwhile, OMEGA’s luxury jewelry series will also shine in the flagship store. The opening ceremony of the emergence of a mysterious character, has the cool appearance of "him", he circulated among all the extraordinary momentum, impressive. This is used in each of the 007 films in the OMEGA watch. After the opening ceremony, Mr. Simon Yam unexpectedly to 007 costume, opened a 007 film series OMEGA watch retrospective veil to the distinguished guests. OMEGA and the 007 film first cooperation is 1995 shooting of "golden eye", in the subsequent "tomorrow never dies" (1997), "identity crisis" (1999), "see you tomorrow" (2002) and in November of this year will be a grand release of "Casino Royale", the two sides have maintained good relations of cooperation. James bond in the film?.

The shopping center to buy 240000 fake Rolex, 12 years after the claim 672000

        shopping center to buy 240000 fake Rolex, 12 years after the claim 672000 watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches in normal bazaar to spend 240000 yuan to buy a Rolex watch was not the original production. Therefore, Mr. Wang will be shopping malls to court, claims 671000 yuan. It is reported, Chaoyang Court has accepted the case, the trial date will be. Mr. Wang said the prosecution,, in 1995 November,, he spent 240000 yuan to buy a piece of Swiss Rolex watches to Beichen shopping center, the inspection report issued by the corresponding invoice and Swiss certificate of origin and quality inspection department to verify the authenticity of a (copy). Last year, Mr. Wang found table go fast and slow, so get the Rolex special repair point, did not expect the repair staff refused to repair, the reason is "the table of non original products". Subsequently, Mr. Wang took the watch to China Commercial Federation Watch glasses product quality supervision and Inspection Center for identification, identification results for "the Rolex watches as the country of production of the ominous imitation Rolex watches". So, Mr. Wang will Beichen shopping center sued to the court, demand the other party to return the paid 240000 yuan, and 240000 yuan compensation, and the payment of interest 197000 yuan. According to the introduction, this watch is only movement for Rolex movement, strap,, bracelet, ring, precious stones and dial, packing box, guarantee is not Rolex’s original products,, also without Rolex, permitted or authorized to use. Mr Wang thinks, oneself buy Rolex watches with the original Rolex watch in the performance, quality and value have significant differences, constitute fraud, therefore, according to the relevant laws to the court. It is reported, the plaintiff Mr agents is the famous "dummy" Wang Hai. At present, the case is pending further

OMEGA hippocampus James

        hippocampus James watch brand OMEGA, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches James Bond with new faces again. Uphold the OMEGA James Bond in traditional watches, OMEGA to launch a new all steel limited edition is a full of super agent temperament professional diving watches. James Bond fans to recognize one case of the spiral gun rifling, this pattern from 007 the beginning of the movie when the picture. Of course, set on the second end of the small 007 words will also make fans happy. The first section is equipped with advanced coaxial escapement James Bond watches a limited sale of 10007, than any earlier model are more James Bond features. It has inherited the classic design — out of the ordinary case shape, curved lugs and smooth and forging surface treatment to form a strong contrast in series, with James Bond watches unique blue bezel and case. Watch not only the appearance of strong colors, but also the use of high accurate and reliable movement, this is James Bond watch the traditional style, highlight is James Bond itself. James Bond limited edition series can achieve professional diving table, also made the COSC Observatory certification, is 100% accurate Observatory chronograph. As a professional diving watches, it can resist the pressure of water depth of 300 meters, in 10 position with professional row helium valve, the decompression,, discharge helium shell residue. This function is particularly important in divers diving bell, it avoids the helium atom fine penetrate the shell in the process of pressure reduction caused by the explosion, watch. Screw in crown, spiral bottom cover, a luminous dots unidirectional rotating bezel on the table, and super pointer to read, display its professional status. Hollow out the hour and minute hands coated with luminous coating, the second tip with red trim. 007 mark second hand back non-stop across the blue spiral gun rifling dial, fully demonstrate the hippocampal watch James Bond. Embossment hour scale and 3 position of the date window, ensure the heroic queen the agent can perform the task on time. Arc arch anti abrasion and anti reflective sapphire crystal mirror after processing, highly legible. 41mm diameter steel table assembly 2500 automatic winding movement, with the 48 hours of power storage. For the first time using OMEGA’s proprietary coaxial escapement in sports watch, mechanical components to reduce friction between, to provide more long-term reliability and accuracy. No card degree hairspring balance wheel in the movement, can be fine tuned to further improve the performance, watch. Each watch limited edition numbered only engraved with spiral bottom cover, also relief a 007 gun shaped marking. In addition, Hay Ma James Bond limited edition watch equipped with steel strap surface and the forging surface processing,, and engraved with the 007 mark in the safe. All steel case with steel strap price: $27000 OMEGA hippocampus James Bondti;

Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (Figure)

        Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch this series from the arched Gondolo watchcase,, table ring with stepped. The table body with diamonds,, with smooth steel surface mixing, connected with engraved Calatrava Kahler Zhuo Hua star cross folding buckle. The strap of each link in the arc design, by minor school, hand type suitable for any size. Especially fine is inlaid with two rows of 18 stars and 1.5 mm in diameter of the top Wesselton net drilling (0.45 kcal). Ultrathin Calibre E.15 is the latest generation of Patek Philippe design quartz movement, quartz and mechanical parts are embedded in the barrel type host core board, and movement within the folder Panchiao and cutting are inscribed on the "Cô tes de Genè VA" pattern, the gold surface carved with floral and Culler Zhuo Hua Star Cross, covering the electronic line version. Like other Patek Philippe mechanical watch, quartz watch every Patek Philippe is allocated a unique core number. Twenty~4 series of design material: stainless steel movement: quartz movement function: Cal. E.15,, display dial: bezel, plate is inlaid diamonds mirror: sapphire crystal table size: 30 x 25mm waterproof: 30 m Twenty~4® after the launch of new style series, have you, also add a different table size for selection. So far, the series from the original steel diamond and 18K rose gold or platinum styles, Haute Joaillerie series to the amazing. Satin strap with Haute Joaillerie series, its unique silk cloth material, soft and comfortable, give valuable watch added indescribable sensual and seductive charm, showed strong feminine taste,, case on the two line of the diamond, the tables are more enjoyable; design of two layer step lateral, deepening the micro geometry of arch rectangular watchcase and feeling, one of the characteristics of art deco.

Wear a watch to radar need not worry about the child lost

        wear a watch to radar need not worry about the child lost watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch any parents would tell you, please take the child to open theme park,, may like to catch those who let people frightened recreational facilities is the same as be very upset.   but the new high-tech watches and tracking device, which can make you feel more like Disney’s theme: "it really is a small world."   Hyland  Hills  visited Colorado state; Water  World; tourists, since the amusement park Memorial in the National Memorial Day launched wireless device, the first try of visitors.   family could each costs $three to rent the watch,, to record each other in the amusement park location.   Dan  ParkWatch supervisor in Mali Lanzhou; Tomlinson said: "every hire the service of tourists, will get a small watch of a transmitter." The company Silicon Valley companies through the WhereNet technology and develop the service.   "this device will put its identification number is transmitted to the antenna is located in the park around, the computer will measure these information transmitted,, to calculate the visitors in the park in the position." The information will be displayed on the electronic map marked on the Hyland. In the sixty-four acre park, a total of six information station layout. The watch can be traced in ten miles within the visitors.   Hyland  Water  Park; because of; not only has many small hill, and the road is very narrow,, so it is a test for the technology reliability and signal a perfect place.   Park spokeswoman Joanne  Dobbs said that so far, the effect of good.   Dobbs points out, "if you tried once, the next time you do not want to do not have the service of the amusement park. It is very popular. The $three investment can let parents through this equipment to obtain peace of mind."   tourists each day about 6% using this service, but they expect the July 4th holiday weekend there will be more people to try.