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Khalil Fong’s marriage and the match Zhang Xinyu waves kiss _ Entertainment

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; all started match zhangxinyu Haitao kiss (photograph: Phoenix), the recent "happy camp" exciting struck, the popularity of the star turns into battle, the scene atmosphere more relaxed and happy. It is reported that this Saturday will be the headquarters of the R& B small king Khalil Fong […]

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Taiwan news and news about the cat and dog

        according to "today’s news network" reported that the entertainment of the news industry, the tendency of the cause of the trend of dissatisfaction. One over the age of 70 years old,, a lifetime television news the grandmother said, some of the main news Dog News, news, news, makeup cat divorce […]

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Personalized recommendation [map] classic moon phase watch _ watch _ famous shopping guide _ fashion

editor: the super complex function time series 5002P watch , PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint, !< p > Patek Philippe in October 2000 on the 5th, the grand launch of the star caliber 2000, as one of the history of the most complex structure of the pocket watch. After less than six months, Patek Philippe […]

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Fashion a sister settled interpretation of Fan Bingbing three Dachang synthetic Dress watch scheming

< p > Fan Bingbing in the fashion industry has been a high-profile work,, low-key man, wearing a gorgeous dress to attend the red carpet more each year to become the required course. Fortunately, Kung Fu an observant and conscientious person, Fan Bingbing in fashion in the international status has been shrunk. The airborne […]

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Good steel used in the blade four all-match [figure] _ watch watch recommended _ famous shopping gui

Master (Master) series 1422421 watch watch review: equipped with 937 automatic movement, can simultaneously display any of the world time. Two kinds of outer ring,, the representative of the day and night show; the date of the number 31 to red, to remind the month of the 31 days of the need for manual adjustment. […]

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Hublot a young luxury brand momentum watch _ _ watch watch small knowledge _ fashion watch _ Paci

Table : a young luxury brand momentum was able to stride into the new media, perhaps with Hublot young enough about. In several high-end watch brands, Yu ship table is age minimum a: the advent of 1848 in Switzerland,, a reincarnation table creation, (zenith) to Bihaoya is five years younger, and Yu ship table in […]

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        in American buy Rolex no certificate,, but the Oriental Plaza work table repair center that is genuine. Why no certificate is also true. Like this kind of thing is not what is true or false. What is the use of the certificate can not print the table of false certificates […]

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Cartire’s table accuracy And Rolex which high

        personal opinion or higher authority in the field of watches by Rolex. So on the accuracy of the single,, or support Rolex. And Cartire’s reputation in the field of jewelry to make it more advantages in the design of the watch. Personally think that is a higher authority in the […]

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Lang Lang in the Rolex ads play music Where there is

        Hello, I have downloaded it, this address is valid, second. The name is: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata third movement, previously heard. Address: Hello, I have downloaded it, Patek Philippe watch, this address is valid, Tag Heuer Watch, second. The name is: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata third movement,, previously heard. Address:

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My Rolex is really the 1 table of the inner ring with ROLEX words, 12 points

    1.表内圈有ROLEX字样,12点位置是皇冠图案,并有F7149832.表背部有绿色贴,有116233数字,并且有镭射字样ROLEX,,这个"O"好像是个实心的黑点.3.表背部上有18K字样,,在18K对角有个看不清楚的椭圆刻字 1.表内圈有ROLEX字样,12点位置是皇冠图案,,并有F714983 2.表背部有绿色贴,有116233数字,并且有镭射字样ROLEX,这个"O"好像是个实心的黑点. 3.表背部上有18K字样,在18K对角有个看不清楚的椭圆刻字. 4.表带上有GENAVA SWISS MADE,STEELINOX CL5 72200,在STEELINOX 下方有个椭圆圈,里面有ROLEXSA字样. 5.表带光滑.该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,请购买收费版假的,问题出在18K, 116233是间金, 全金的才打18K。 Fake also have anti counterfeiting.

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