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        bubble net software channel April 1st network bandwidth is more and more high, but the network game is sometimes very card. Investigate its reason, because the game is more and more high demand for computer configuration, the requirements of the network is getting higher and higher, there are many large online game players

bubble network software channel April 1st network bandwidth is getting higher and higher, online games can sometimes be very card. Investigate its reason, because the game is more and more high demand for computer configuration, the requirements of the network is getting higher and higher, there are many large online game players are more and more…… A small map,, many people crowded broken head, a small, many people chase play, so they get more and more network game cards up. Players in the game to find third party games to accelerate the demand for software is very urgent. Fast accelerator currently has a lot of fans,, but also to meet the side of the players in the game when the actual demand. Fast swim 2010 this software can make the online game fluency has been greatly improved, so that your game experience more perfect.

fast travel online registration using fast travel accelerator 2010 street basketball play fast speed fast, fast travel 2010 is a professional gaming software, different from the traditional Socks5 agent,, Xun Yu 2010 does not require very complex settings, there is no compatibility problem annoying, it can run in a variety of operating system, and can be used in almost all games (national service,, service station, serving in Europe, the US, hanbok support).

fast travel online registration through the 2010 accelerator fast travel by dynamic adjustment, all operators of node deployment, 24×7 hour national network status and speed and data transfer technology, effectively solve the network encountered in high latency, landing difficult and easy line problem, in addition to support the balance of the 1400 domestic games, online games and support service station US European clothing online accelerated, is the essential tool online game player. In particular, like the StarCraft 2, the use of the network to carry out real-time strategy game, you can also swim fast through the 2010 perfect experience.

first use fast swim 2010 players may worry about this software is not set up complex? In fact, it is not the case, we will take you to take a detailed look at the installation and setup of each step.

first download fast swim 2010 installation package, it is very small, only 5.6M large, ordinary ADSL users only need more than 20 seconds to complete the download, the download is completed, double-click to run the installation package. Simply click the "next" two times, you can easily complete the installation.

        Washington (reporter Chen Zhaoxia) in July 28th, 2010 Chinese international port Culture Festival, China automated scientific research institute and Ningbo people and culture media Co., Ltd. signed on "modern CG model application research and development of high-end video industry strategic cooperation agreement

newspaper news (reporter Chen Zhaoxia) in July 28th, 2010 Chinese international port Culture Festival,, China Academy of Sciences Institute of automation and the people of Ningbo culture media Co., Ltd. signed on "modern high-end video application development CG new industry strategic cooperation agreement", recently, China Bank branch in Ningbo City, and the people and the company signed in the next 5 years a total of 500 million yuan of credit cooperation, support the long-term development of enterprises. "This credit on the support of cultural industries in Ningbo city for the first time in the province is also rare, suggesting that the city’s financial industry began to boost cultural industry, also means that our cultural industry is an emerging industry ushered in the development of a good time." This is the evaluation of the industry.


Chinese Academy of Sciences and the international animation to build China dream factory! 26 sets of TV drama, the bank: optimistic about the development of the cultural industry

culture industry has characteristics of long cycle, high investment, high risk, cultural enterprises and financial institutions of fixed assets limited creative and intangible assets such as intellectual property is difficult to assess the impact of other factors, the past has been more difficult to obtain bank credit support, and the China Bank branch in Ningbo City, can make 500 million yuan of credit intent a set up less than half of the company, for what consideration?

in March 19th this year, the people’s Bank of Chinese, jointly with the Ministry of finance,luxury swiss watch, the Ministry of culture and other 9 departments jointly issued the "guidance" on the financial support of cultural industry promotion and development and prosperity, this is the first comprehensive macro financial policy support for cultural industry development and prosperity of the guidance document of our country, it means that the depth of cooperation between policy support the financial and cultural industries. Deputy governor of the Bank of China Ningbo branch, said: "the historical and cultural city of Ningbo has a rich cultural heritage and cultural resources,, cultural industry has a great development and upgrading of space. The global financial crisis triggered by the economic cold wave, the cultural industry bucked the trend in our city, the promoting growth of the national economy and the transformation of the increasingly prominent role. The rapid development of cultural industries requires financial support, but also for the development of the financial industry has opened up a new field."

26 sets of spring TV reporter learned that the Bank of China branch in Ningbo to support the cultural industry has been steadily increased. Previously, the animated classic "black cat Sheriff" in the movie production and post marketing, facing the mortgage conditions is not sufficient, for a number of financial institutions to support the fruit of the dilemma, the Ningbo branch of Bank of decisive 2 million yuan of loans, the financial institutions in Ningbo area in the first film credit support.