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        the trailer, I send a strange phone number to me,
Cartier watches, I only know that the other name is Jane, this surname good little. I dialed the number in the past, with the accent of the male, with a simple call, I understand, the other is a watch manufacturer, use the publicity in the exhibition

propaganda film, put a strange number of mobile phones to me, only to know each other surname Jane, this surname good little. I dialed the number in the past, with the accent of the male, with a simple call, I understand, the other is a watch manufacturer,, use the publicity in the exposition and factory in Chang Ping Yuan Shan Pui, we agreed tomorrow morning: to talk about his company.

iwc watches< p > ODM watch how much money for customer service, very happy that morning: before departure, I want to in the call to confirm, then dial the phone, a woman’s voice. He told me that his son did not wake up, if you agreed good time, then you will come, I asked her name, she said there is no sign, in Yuan Shan,. Honestly, this feeling for me is not good, small workshops, eat and sleep together, how is the big company. Since you promised, go..

iwc watches

: I went to the designated location, found just a street store, locked gate. Next to some of the machinery, this street is not bustling. This gave me the impression is not good, such customers how do commercials, I dialed the telephone, Jane. He helped me to open the door, lead me on the second floor, Sanshiliangting,, and staff. We’ll have a seat in the general manager.. The student who appears newly graduated is the same as the one who is supposed to exercise here..

iwc watches< p > ODM watch how much money he come straight to the point to ask. As we’re filming work process, and Chinese English dubbing and voice how much money?

iwc watches

I also asked him, what do you do the purpose of the propaganda film is to do?

iwc watches

of course, to the customer to see, do the sale of the well.

iwc watches

good, many guests in order to sell to do propaganda film, but specifically how to do, they are more vacant, as compared to us. You asked me to come to consult do commercials, equivalent, a lawyer for you to engage in a lawsuit, you need to provide more facts better, Agua lawyers in legal point of view, for you. Let me talk about your company first, and then decide how to do propaganda.!

iwc watches< p > we began to further open chat, Cong treasure company, turned out to be Cong Bao is attention to gold watch accessories embryo flushing professional manufacturers. The production of the watch is divided into: the embryo and the casting, the flow of the watch process is different, causing the structural difference. The watch that is cast, easy to be >

Geneva watches awards ceremony senior watches through the crisis

        at the end of the year, all kinds of professional watch magazine’s annual watch selection have been published. Recently,Replica watches for sale, Geneva haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was held in the Geneva grand theater. This year is the ninth degree holding Geneva haute Horlogerie awards, is the Swiss watch industry’s most prestigious tableAt the end of

, all kinds of professional watch magazine’s annual watch selection have been published. Recently, Geneva haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was held in the Geneva grand theater. This year is the ninth degree holding Geneva haute Horlogerie awards, is the Swiss watch industry’s most prestigious honor the altar table, there were 362 entries watch this year, fire scene.

TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer

, the Swiss Watch Industry Association (FH) the latest data show that the impact of the economic downturn, in October the Swiss watch exports fell by 22.7% to 1300000000 Swiss francs over the same period last year, making the past ten month decline remained at 25.5%, it is no wonder that many conservative design classic "tsunami table" came into being at the beginning of this year. But the Swiss watch brand this year with the launch of the new, there are still many challenges the limit the movement style, bold avant-garde design,tag heuer watch, breakthrough technology innovation, and luxury all drilling watches on display eighteen inverse crisis, like Wu Yi, to greet the arrival of 2010 with a positive attitude.

recently, TAG Heuer (Tag Heuer) announced that its most audacious, timing accuracy of one percent seconds of mechanical chronograph Monaco V4 officially listed for sale, priced at 650000 yuan,, the world’s only sold 150 pieces, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the tag heuer. As a concept table, Monaco V4 awards, including Geneva haute Horlogerie Awards Best Design Award, "Wallpaper", "the best watch", "Popular Science" "the best new product". V4 before the birth of modern mechanical watches have any complex function is usually used with "traditional" watch parts, the V4 design team will be those principles aside, they pioneered the use of belt drive device successfully replace the traditional mechanical watches in the small gear and gear shaft. This is the type of belt drive watch industry miracle, entirely by hand crafted, is the mechanical movement dynamics and create a new mode of thinking, whether to be a commercial success, still need time to give the answer.


LANGE ZEITWERK in Geneva Langer’s haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was awarded the "L` Aiguille d`Or" (golden hands award). Full mechanical jump word type in hours and minutes show with the inchworm type >

The Swiss Longines watches (map)

        Longines Swiss watches (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches a climate in which it shows amorous feelings. In 1832 the Swiss Auguste · Agassi began to operate in the clock business in Saint-Imier, and later his nephew Egyptian Nestor · Franci Jung continued to expand the business, and in 1866 in the Swiss LesLongines opened a workshops. In 1867 Franci Jung registered "Longines" company, Longines the official birth of the brand, the same year the first Longines watch movement L20A available. From 1867 onwards,Hublot watches, each wing are carved Longines hourglass sign. In 1880, Longines officially became a registered trademark in Switzerland, it is also in the Swiss watch industry is one of the oldest trademark. In 1885, Longines win the first award in the Antwerp international exhibition. Since then Longines table to obtain a series of international awards, including a record 10 times successively obtained the Prix de Greenwich record. Entered in twentieth Century, gradually replace the watch pocket watch. In 1905, Longines produced the first mechanical watch, launched in 1912 and square watch given a very innovative spirit, the geometry design elegant introduction of watchmaking. Held in Basel in 1912, the Swiss Federal games, Longines to become the world’s first launch of automatic timer watchmaker. In 1920, Longines for the design and manufacturing of clocks and watches products have handy, the new art deco style won market reputably, become elegant in lieu of Longines has geometry design concept. In 1927, aviator Charles · Lin Bai’s first New York to Paris across the Atlantic non-stop flight record, he used the timer is Longines. Later, Lin Bai, especially for Longines designed a timer,, it is the embryonic form of the Longines navigation watch. By the 1930’s, Longines has become a necessary device of some famous explorer. The outbreak of the Second World War, once so that the table Longines business development is blocked, but post-war Longines quickly restored the vitality. In 1945, Longines produced the L22A movement,, declared Automatic Mens movement it is born. In 1956, with the 14.16 core production, Longines automatic women’s parts available. In 1950, Longines launched a series of publicity activities form innovation, emphasizing the combination of science and elegant, noble, elegant and highlight their meticulous style. The 1970’s fashion quartz watch completely changed the whole watchmaking, Swiss designer and craftsman entered a period of adjustment. In order to consolidate the high-end watch market,, they created watch technology and design of extraordinary, Longines table designer also won a watchmaking international awards. Longines uses the vibration characteristics of quartz watch display jump word, made the world’s first use of LCD watch. In 1979, Longines launched the thickness of only 1.98 mm of the world’s thinnest watch, the secret lies in the quartz movement will be embedded in the casing. In 1984, Longines launched Con.

Panerai luxury brand FERRARI push new watch brand

        Panerai luxury brand FERRARI push new watch brand watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,Replica watches price, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1947,Finest watches, when the first FERRARI is produced from MARANELLO in Italy factory, all with PRANCING  HORSE FERRARI the car began to production the. Therefore a on the dial with FERRAI logo watch also need to reflect its unique excellence. For this reason, watch technology and creativity Panerai presents very Italy style to the Ferrari.   now, Panerai is still on behalf of the Italy the essence of traditional FERRARI and be of an identical nature, this brand. FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  PANERAI watch appearance is strongly influenced by the aesthetic idea of FERRARI car influence, in the continuous reference engine and car body watch and details,, finished streamlined watchcase modeling become FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  focus on the exterior design of the PANERAI, especially the table ear design table frame and the bidirectional arcs of the neat. Alternate use of polishing and grinding process of velvet texture more improve the texture of the watch. The crown and the timing button used as FERRARI car dashboard button square nail pattern embossed, further revealing the FERRARI car element is FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  the main source of inspiration for the design of PANERAI.   FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  PANERAI is a high texture and reliable performance is the first creation condition, is a typical representative in the field of top tab. As the high standard Panerai watches the same: case and strap using high technology standard materials, such as AISI  316L stainless steel or titanium alloy. If it is a precious metal,, gold or platinum are used only 18. Closed to ensure the waterproof performance of 100 meters, at the same time table glass adopts sapphire crystal materials manufacturing.   loading movement has the most important function of sports watch required: display from a single calendar to GMT two time zones (Greenwich mean time) function; to more sophisticated split second function from having two timing disk Chronograph (with double longitudinal wheel stopwatch function system to improve the adjustment device the exact performance). Movement more therefore models table has no reliable performance indisputable top tab in the field.

OMEGA has become the strategic partner of Chinese Golf Association

        OMEGA has become Chinese Golf Association strategic partner brand watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,breitling watch, sapphire watches in new network Kunshan on thirty August, the Swiss OMEGA watches here today and China Golf Association was formally signed, the association to become strategic partners. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement for a period of three years. Director, management center of the State General Administration of sports of ball movement China Golf Association executive vice chairman and Secretary General Zhang Xiaoning said, in addition to OMEGA golf tournament title sponsor Chinese occupation, will be in the golf education,, training and other aspects of all-round cooperation Chinese golf association. "OMEGA’s philosophy and the high society concept is very close, the two sides can be fit in easily with. Believe in high society and the OMEGA cooperation will be long. Represents the accurate and standard OMEGA joined the marks to further enhance the high society events organized in the grade of the future, to further improve the management standard, further rigorous." Zhang Xiaoning said. The president of OMEGA Chinese and Hongkong District Lu Keqin said: "sponsored by the title sponsor Chinese Golf Association Chinese tour, OMEGA will be as in the past to promote the development of golf in Chinese." With over 150 years history of OMEGA hopes to "cooperation with the high society can last one hundred years". Signed with OMEGA’s China player Zhang Lianwei in today’s press conference that, fifteen years ago, OMEGA began to support him, today the company with high CO signing to support China golf,, believe Chinese golf will therefore get more rapid development.

Nokia N8 intelligent mobile phone — Rolex _ROLEX mobile phone.

        in April this year the global synchronous release of the first Symbian 3 flagship Nokia N8 intelligent mobile phone,Replica watch, in 2010 as the latest super models have attracted much attention, and all aspects of its superior performance, more worthy of the mobile phone in the Rolex _ROLEX

              in April this year the global synchronous release of the first Symbian 3 flagship Nokia N8 intelligent mobile phone, in 2010 as the latest super models have attracted much attention, and all aspects of its superior performance, more worthy of the mobile phone in the Rolex _ROLEX!!

Replica watches for sale

              mobile phone on the market,, has many types, but Nokia new N8 is positioned in the market for high-end products, its powerful function, 12000000 pixel camera lens and high frequency processor configuration that many users to heart. The Nokia N8 market price does not poor. As the world watches, provide supreme service for high-end personage. Both the hardware configuration and software support, are worthy of the "King" of the title, it deserves to be around for a long time the Nokia launched a masterpiece. Hale appearance is also very good correspondence between the location of the business machine. Replica watches for sale

              source points out, all the desired Nokia N8, will be officially launched in August 24th this year. The detailed features about it, we can be all eagerness to see it!
  Replica watches for sale

map: mobile phone in the Rolex (ROLEX) — Nokia N8 mobile phone

● N8 has powerful video recording capability, can be directly recorded H.264 encoded video, video average bit rate can reach 12Mpbs, at this level the user almost imperceptible influence on the quality of video compression result, to know the common DVD video bit rate is only 6Mbps.

● N8 can record the sampling frequency is 48kHz, 128kbps, ACC format audio bit rate.

● N8 recorded video generally do not need to post denoising,Vacheron Constantin, because N8 can provide very good lighting effects, and the N8 camera can record 4000× 3000,, when the video resolution is reduced to 1280× 720, the user will be difficult to detect noise.The internal

● N8 integrated video processing software, users can add subtitles for video, photo!

LV super custom wristwatch

        LV super custom wristwatch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,TAG HEUER, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches in recent years luxury brands Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton with high attitude into the watch market. LV recently launched a product called tambour mysterieuse watches, the watch can be said to be broken before the advanced machine watch design concept. Movement is suspended in the dial central, magic and mystery. The 8 day 8 hour power reserve for this form promoted senior watches a lot of extra points.           case with platinum, gold or platinum building, 42.55 mm in diameter size,luxury swiss, suitable for both men and women wear. Each tambour mysterieuse basically takes 1 years to make. Pricing by the selected material and,, up to a maximum of 200000 euros…… You’re right. Is this number, almost the price of 2000000 yuan! Be worthy of the name of the absolute haute!

Touch screen to lead the future Tissot grand listed

        touch screen to lead the future grand listed watch brand Tissot, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,Vacheron Constantin watches, sapphire watch Tissot touch screen watch heavy attack, scientific diving watch long re debut, Tissot potential wisdom series of summer listing. In the just concluded Basel international watch and Jewellery Show, a touch of orange Tissot attracted many people’s eyes, it is a new development this year Tissot breakthrough touchscreen diving watch – potential wisdom series. Summer season, potential wisdom watch finally with magical function more magic can come to the front of us. The important function of this series include: water depth measurement speed,IWC, diving, calendar, compass, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, digital and temperature measurement, all functions are controlled by touch screen technology, only a finger click table mirror, you can easily operate. As for the diving personnel development watch, potential Wisdom Series not only has the waterproof performance is enough, more in the underwater display and record the diving data. Back to the shore, the wearer can dive log function playback 60-200 logged dives,, review the diving. Super diving machine diving fans preferred potential Wisdom Series in accordance with the European EN13319 diving products regulations, the underwater brightness, shock resistance, anti magnetic, strap firmness, timing reliability are fully meet and exceed the strict regulations. Divers in the water depth of 200 meters under the pressure, to understand a number of diving information, for example: the water depth, dive speed etc.. At the same time, can also press the under water button, start a number of auxiliary functions, such as the compass, background light or thermometer. Potential wisdom series of data display mode is very user-friendly: when diving into the water 1.4 meters or less, the pointer will point to the nine o’clock position with. Once the divers continue to dive, watch immediately start measuring work: minute hand and clockwise rotate respectively, minute instructions and depth, clockwise indicating diving or floating rate (unit: M / min). High brightness fluorescent materials and backlight display the dial on the clear identification. In addition,breitling watches, the crown and the timing button Tissot potential wisdom series also uses patented technology, the use of rubber protection layer to strengthen waterproof, ensure that the watch can withstand 200 meters of depth of water pressure, and can start the compass, in the water under the background of light or the thermometer function. Wrist charm boutique building marine style submarine is always filled with lots of surprises and charm, deeply attracted the attention of diving. Potential wisdom series, with deep ocean atmosphere, also can bring friends surprises and charm. Steel bracelet, case and bezel with the edges of the powerful guardian of precious touch table movement mirror, complex and other components. The silver, black and orange dial violence activity are in harmony with the silver, white, orange scales, concise, bright and full of personality. With the crown and the timing button rubber protection device is mysterious and out of the ordinary. Imagine, wearing the watch, can display sports charm you infinite, but in playing touch function, especially your dive log presentation, how admirable. Vibrant orange exclusive charm vibrant orange has become the potential wisdom 0

Advanced customization unbelievable ultimate temptation

        advanced customization unbelievable ultimate temptation watch brand,Breitling, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches senior watch in the display of status and wealth you also represents your taste. It only for people who know how to appreciate the appreciation. Watch it seems is a symbol of identity and strength,, there must be a luxury watch successful wrist. Now,, all kinds of popular electronic watch, quartz watch has gained popularity. The mobile phone also can conveniently know the time. So watch (watches) represent not only have a timing tool. Closer to something, you display a wealth,, status and taste for luxury.

The world watches series count Piaget

        the world of watches series: Earl Piaget watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watches: founded in 1874 founded in Switzerland place: the Earl of Geneva brand history: since its inception in 1874, the count has always been committed to enhance creativity, modified details and fusion watch and jewelry craft etc., reflecting the high-end brand style. Originally specializing in the development and production of watch movements, later will be further extended to the exquisite art jewelry process, in order to launch the first jewelry watches in 1960 years. In order to prove their abilities of self transcendence, rise above the common herd, the count is especially good at R & D rare, precious and the one and only works. Whether it is the creation of the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement or the most expensive watches, face the new challenge every time,Vacheron Constantin watches, the count to show exquisite craft and jewelry watches manufacturing. "Always do more than demand better" is not only the founder motto, is located in Luoshan District in Middle Jurassic La  Cote-aux-Fé the count movement in the village of ESS manufacturing studio and is located in the Plan-les-Ouates District of Geneva, advanced clock carefully processed gem gold case and bracelet watch makers, this is their purpose. The count accurately grasps the time pulse, never cease to bold attempt to spirit, professional skills and rich imagination, the pursuit of more exquisite artistry. 1874: Georges  Edouard  Piaget is the founder of studio count tabulation. Manufacturing in the Swiss Jura mountain studio dedicated movement count. 1943: the count’s officially registered trademarks and began to promote the advanced precision watch their own production. 1956: Earl introduced the first 9P ultra-thin mechanical movement, the leader of ultra-thin movement. 1959: the count in Geneva opened its first boutique. 1960: 12P movement Earl launch records in the Guinness Book of records in one book,Replica watches, the thickness of only 2.3 mm, automatic winding movement is the world’s thinnest. 1960 years: the count for the development of unique jewelry watches and become the "Swiss flower". Later, the count in Geneva to set up a new studio, will further two watch technology promotion to gold and gems processing. R & D Watch Jewelry has a unique vision, the count to establish standing leadership do not shake in the watch industry. 1964: the count makes the world marvel, for ten consecutive years to launch a series of new type decorative stones to watch dial. 1979: Piaget  Polo sport watch after the launch, was immediately popular well-known star of love. 1980: the count to create the world’s most expensive watches, worth 5000000 Swiss francs. 1990’s: count out the first jewelry series Possession. 2001: the count on;